Carsten Thiel Journey in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Carsten Thiel’s expertise and leadership skills have helped him develop high-end medical products including Prolia, Strensiq, and Neulasta. He is a visionary leader who has spearheaded numerous medical therapies to facilitate quick recovery. Furthermore, Carsten Thiel has helped many patients recover from terrible conditions. He is described by colleagues as caring, and passionate about biotechnology. He believes that we should use our time wisely to improve other people’s lives. Carsten Thiel is unique because he follows medical ethics in everything he does. He is has improved medical protocols, patient care thereby giving patients good services.

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin and was a good student. He studied chemistry in Marburg and later joined the University of Bristol to experience the traditional Anglo-Saxon education system. He specialized in biochemistry. He also attended Max Planck Institute to study Biophysical Chemistry and attained a Ph.D. in the same.

After graduation, he was employed by Hoffman La Roche, a leading biotechnology company. He was the communication manager in the firm and used his skills to advance his status. He employed innovative thinking, scientific knowledge, and interpersonal skills to meet his obligations. It did not take long before the firm noticed his skills and gave him more responsibilities. He joined the scientific marketing team and later established crucial account management.

Carsten Thiel attributes success to hard work and determination. When he joined Hoffman La Roche, he knew what he wanted and focused on attaining it. Despite facing many obstacles, he was resolute and achieved his objectives. He urges young people to persevere and be objective. He flourished within his roles in the field and used his experience to give impeccable customer service. Furthermore, Thiel used his experience to develop medical products to the markets. He is a man of integrity in the pharmaceutical sector.

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