Ashley Brasier Becomes a Part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners

As Ashley Lightspeed grew up, her main aspiration was to become an architect. She got this inspiration from her father who was also an architect. She would spend a lot of time in the garage at their home together with her father. They would sit together at the drafting table where they would build things and sketch various ideas. Later on, after joining the university, Ashley realized that she had a knack for prototyping ideas about business. After graduating with honors, Ashely began working as a consultant at Bain. See more of Ashley at

About Ashely Lightspeed

After working at Bain for several years, Ashely Brasier yearned for more. She wanted to engage in operational work. Additionally, she wanted to explore the Silicon Valley, the most significant technology hub in the U.S. Eventually, she joined the Thumbtack’s product team where she was working as a Category Manager. She was mainly responsible for handling the growth and customer experience at weddings and other events. She would run simulations together with her clients while working at Thumbtack. Since she was also passionate about prototyping, she would gather feedback and also formulate various ideas that would improve the multiple products that she was dealing with. As per Ashley Lightspeed, prototyping is an essential tool in an entrepreneur’s life. Through prototyping, you can recuperate faster, despite the various failures.

While indulging at a fundraiser at Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier came across the venture capital sector. She was interested in becoming a part of the venture capital industry. After leaving Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier joined the Stanford GSB where she furthered her studies. Afterwards, Ashley Brasier had the honor of becoming a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners. As a part of the Lightspeed consumer investing team, Ashley Brasier was able to propel the growth of various companies since she was knowledgeable about prototyping. She was also obsessed with craftsmanship. According to Ashley Brasier, craftsmanship entails building and creating.


The Organization Of Sussex Healthcare System.

Sussex healthcare System is led by a team of highly skilled and qualified medical experts with years of experience in the healthcare industry and in the business world. The team is co-chaired by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The two have medical expertise in different fields in the health industry as well as years of experience running a business. Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur born in Kenya in 1969. He settled in the United Kingdom and joined the Thomson McLintock & Co, where he worked as an accountant. For over thirty years, Boghani has worked in the hospitality industry in different capacities. He is the chairman and the founding partner of Sojourn, he is active with the Splendid Hospitality Hotels Group which has over 20 hotels and recreational institution under its umbrella. In twenty sixteen, Shiraz Boghani won the Asian Business award hotelier of the year.

Shafik Sachedina is a graduate of the Guy’s Hospital dental school, 1975, at the University of London. He was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After graduating, Shafik Sachedina pursued a career in dental surgery. Like Shiraz Boghani, Mr. Sachedina is an active member of Ismaili community. He is serving as the head of the department of the family institution, Aga Khan. He is also an active member of the Aga Khan development foundation and among many titles, he has served as President of the Ismaili Community Council of London. Another member of Sussex Healthcare lead team is Amanda Morgan. Amanda Morgan-Taylor began her medical career as a mental health nurse in 1985. She joined the institution in 2018 as the Chief Executive Officer. With her experience in the medical industry, she worked through the ranks to where she is right now, Amanda Morgan-Taylor understands what the staff that works for her need and are going through as they serve the Sussex healthcare system.

The Sussex healthcare staff is build up by individuals who are committed to providing the best care for clients. The healthcare systems provide care for older people, specialist adult care, Dementia care, palliative care, respite care, Neurological care, and profound multiple learning disabilities care to a group of patient ranging from elderly to young adults.

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The 13 Individual Products of Sunday Riley

In Refinery29’s article “We Tried Every Product From Sunday Riley – Here’s What We Thought,” all 13 individual products are tested and reviewed. First is Good Sense All-in-one Lactic Acid Treatment. Described as possibly the best-loved of the line, has a formula containing everything the skin needs to become a brighter and younger version of itself despite its sour milk aroma.

Next is Luna Sleeping Night Oil. This retinoid oil is praised for its plumping, fine line-fading properties. Unlike many of its type that may dry out the skin, this one reduces redness, calms irritation, and leaves the skin soothed. Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask goes on bright green and rinses away to reveal smooth skin. Refinery29 mentions it good for sufferers of mild to moderate acne. The review insists individuals with highly reactive skin not use it.

Described as having a buttery rich texture is C.e.o C + E Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturizer. It’s more suited for night treatment. Daytime use is okay, but only for very, very dry skin. Sunday Riley’s U.f.o Ultra- clarifying Face Oil which is fast absorbing. It keeps the skin smooth and hydrated, but is stated has having a spicy scent.

C.e.o Rapid Flash Brightening Serum has a freshly-squeezed O.J. smell. Refinery29 says it has a heavier feel than what they’re accustomed to. It feels rich and nourishing, but too greasy for oily-skinned individuals. Auto Correct Brightening And Depuffing Eye Contour Cream is next. It’s excellent, reviewers say, for brightening up dark circles and eliminate puffiness under eye area.

Juno Hyproactive Cellular Face Oil is reviewed as having a funky smell to it. The oil is packed with cold-pressed seed oil and vitamins. It received high praise for leaving skin bright, giving the appearance of being untouched by environmental effects. Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream helps fade discoloration. It clarifies the skin. Refinery29 states it making the skin feel instantly refreshed.

Martian Mattifying Melting Water-gel Toner minimizes shine. It might be too drying for sensitive skin and Refinery29 notes it smelling like cucumber water. C.e.o. C + E Microdissolve Cleansing Oil dissolves makeup and grime. Its fatty acids nourish the skin. Gentle exfoliation is another benefit of this product.

Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm leaves the face feeling fresh and clean. It helps with makeup removal and is described as giving an almost spa-like experience. Sunday Riley’s last product is Ceramic Slip Cleanser. Reformulated from an original version of the brand to be gentler on sensitive skin, however lacked the same pore-purifying power of its predecessor.

Matt Badiali Made A Critical Shift In His Focus In 2004

It was during the time that he was pursuing his PhD in Geology at the University of North Carolina that Matt Badiali had a conversation with a close friend that would change his life. He had previously earned his Earth Sciences BA from Penn State and his Master of Science in Geology from his studies at Florida Atlantic. Science was a major part of Matt Badiali’s life but it wasn’t until he started working toward his PhD and began speaking with a close friend that he finally discovered the way that he would utilize his scientific background in his professional life. It turns out that he would apply his scientific knowledge in a way he had not previously considered. This is as a natural resources investment expert.

This meeting with a friend occurred in 2004. Matt Badiali had a close friend who worked in the investment industry and he was interested in finding ways to help average investors to put their money successfully into natural resources. Matt Badiali seemed like the perfect person to partner with for this endeavour and so he convinced him to put his knowledge of geology and natural resources to dedicated himself to work in the exciting field of natural resource investment. His argument was quite convincing and soon, the ball was rolling. Since that time, Matt Badiali has been devoted to this field of investment.

A large part of the reason why Matt Badiali is able to be so aware of the current trends in the natural resources investment field is due to the fact that he doesn’t stop at simply reading reports produced by other supposed experts. Matt is known for travelling across the globe in order to go to the sites where the resources are being pulled from the earth. This gives him a much deeper knowledge of the current situation with each particular resource in question. Matt has been taking this knowledge and compiling it into an innovative newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist which is published and then distributed through well respected firm Banyan Hill Publishing. Since 2017, this newsletter has been helping everyday investors to make their own financial goals and dreams become a reality.

Gareth Henry’s Guide To Successful Investment

The tides and trends of real estate investing have never remained constant. Today, though, the business is more different than ever. Its change is the result of our sudden, sporadic advances in technology, which have, in some way, affected every facet of business.

Gareth Henry, investment aficionado, has provided his own personal experiences as a template of ideas and precautions for aspiring investors. He worked in different financial companies in US.

As financial expert, Gareth Henry asserts that one of the most important new trends in real estate investment is repositioning. This refers to the process of changing an aspect of a property. The name is a bit misleading— the term does not necessarily require for any properties at all to be repositioned. According to Gareth Henry, they simply need to be changed, either in quality or purpose. The scale of your repositioning will be entirely dependent upon your vision for the property and your budget. While repositioning may be something as drastic as total deconstruction, it can also account for a simple change in aesthetic.


Before you can even consider beginning this process, however, you must be certain of your intentions, and you must discover which property you need in order to see them through. Besides your own desires for the estate, however, it is vital to determine the economic viability of purchasing property. As it tends to be exceptionally expensive, this is obviously a very important factor to consider to avoid losing money. Prudence is considered by Gareth Henry to be one of the most important traits of a successful investor. While risks are necessary, they should always be educated and likely to succeed.

The market for repositioning in real estate has been booming in recent times. Regardless of how much or little money you have in your possession, Gareth Henry wants the world to know that there is a profit to be made in becoming involved with real estate investment.


Serge Belamant Effect On Block Chain Technology?

He was once acclaimed as the technology guru of South Africa, only comparable to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Serge Belamant doesn’t have a South African descent; he was born in Tulle, France in 1953. He moved to South Africa at age of 14 whereby he attended North High School. Since he was from a French-speaking country, he had to struggle to learn English from high school. He was a sports enthusiast as he played both rugby and chess. After high school, he went to Witwatersrand University. His first course was in engineering but later had other interests in computer science and applied mathematics. However, he suspended his studies after two years and pursued a course in information systems from UNISA. He started working at 22 years since he hadn’t completed his studies. Today Serge Belamant founded Zilch Technology Limited after exiting from Net1 Technologies. The main focus of this firm is on the developments that he did in the banking sector mainly in blockchain technology.

In the article “Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology,” we get to learn his fundamental contributions in the financial sector. He was the first person to implement blockchain technologies which became the backbone for developing many cryptocurrencies that we see today online. He innovatively connected this technology with the banking sector via smart cards and a microcontroller. This meant faster transaction times for a variety of activities like deposits and withdrawals. Serge has served various positions as a technology professional. He started at Matrix, which is a large civil engineering firm. Here, Serge Belamant created applications to assess water levels in dams in South Africa. Belamant worked for different firms until he founded NET 1 Technologies in 1989 after leaving SASWITCH.

His startup, Net 1 Technologies is what catapulted him to where he is today. He struggled to convince banks to utilize his Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) bud dint succeed that much. It was when Visa procured the services of the firm in 1995 that his technology had a breakthrough. The company grew over the years until he exited, being forced to resign in May 2017. Serge is considered as one of the fathers of blockchain technology and hit impact and reputation will be felt for years to come.

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Marc Beer Is Doing Great Work In The Healthcare Field Once Again

Renovia Inc. is one of the most exciting new healthcare startups to come into operation in the last few years. The main focus at Renovia is to solve the issue of pelvic floor disorders in women. In order to combat this condition, the company is getting ready to launch several exciting products that it has been working on. This has all been made possible by the diligent work of the company’s CEO and Chairman Marc Beer who has recently managed to raise $42 million in funds to put toward product development and testing. Marc Beer is also the proud co-founder of Renovia and he has started up the company after a long and successful career of being involved with some of the most innovative healthcare firms out there.


Marc Beer’s Renovia is based out of the Massachusetts city of Boston. Results from Renovia have already been looking great and the firm has produced several therapeutic products as well as products of a diagnostic nature. These outstanding products are targetted at the treatment of a variety of disorders of the pelvic floor in women. The issue of urinary incontinence is one of the major conditions that these revolutionary Renovia products help to treat. Leva is the name of the very first product that Renovia has developed and this exciting product has already been granted approval by the FDA. The great thing about Leva is the fact that it gives women a technology of visualization in terms of helping them to focus target muscles. The product can be utilized through an app and it helps patients to exercise their muscles of the pelvic floor. Learn more:


The Series B funding has really been critical in the efforts of Marc Beer to fund the work being done by Renovia. This round of financing ended up yielding $32 million and the other $10 million of the money generated by Marc Beer was raised through venture debt. Organizations that were involved in this Series B round include Ascension Ventures which is based out of the state of Missouri and the Longwood Fund which is based out of the state of New York. These firms have provided invaluable funds that will go a long way to helping Marc Beer and Renovia to accomplish their mission.


Marc Beer’s long and distinguished career goes back more than twenty-five years in the area of development of pharmaceutical products and biotechnology. His latest project, known as Renovia, was founded during the 2016 calendar year alongside Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias. Marc Beer brings the same passion to Renovia that he has carried with him his entire career. He is looking forward to a bright future that includes helping many women to deal with an issue that has persisted for many years. 


One of the leading and highly expanded group of global investment manager the Fortress Investment Group has assets of $ 42.1 billion approximately. The fortress investment group is among those giants in the competitive market that inaugurated its business in 1998. They manage the assets of many international clients numbered as 1750 approximately. Not just has the company managed to maintain relations with foreign clients but also many private investors around the globe across real estate and credit, capital investments of permanent nature and private equity. Visit

The cornerstone of the fortress investment group is its investment performance. The company strives hard to make substantial returns that are risk adjusted for the investors that wish to stay with the company for the more extended period. The Fortress group had approximately 919 management employees who managed assets and around 200 investment experts in the year 2018 at their New York headquarters.

The company has a core competency of asset management that distinguishes it from other companies around the globe. The best part is that they believe that before investing in any company it is crucial to develop a solid knowledge of that industry. The Fortress Investment group has managed to create a team of experts who are investment professionals with specific expertise and maintains relationships with prominent companies and entities worldwide.

The Fortress Investment Group is one of those leading companies that have gained commanded and have brought improvement to its instruments for evaluating operational, necessary and vital difficulties. These instruments enable the company to participate in and extract an incentive from complex ventures. The Fortress group has claimed that their corporate merged involvement and acquisitions have empowered them to work more efficiently with corporate sectors of chiefs, the board, and different partners to decide ideal organizing and execution of speculation.

Moreover, the thing to highlight is that FIG has remarkable capital markets aptitude. It has managed to gain skill in anchoring ease and low cost, generally safer financing for the investments that it makes by getting to the obligation and value capital markets.


A Collaborative Effort With Alex Hern

Alex HernAlex Hern, the CEO of Tsunami XR, says that he loves the collaborative atmosphere of technology conferences. Whether they are international or national, Hern adds that technology cost reductions are leading to more demands for innovative customer and business technologies. From depth capturing cameras to holographic presentations, everyone around the world is asking technology innovators, what is next? Where are they likely to go from here? That is the breadth of these meetings, and their most important take away says, Alex Hern. What is genuinely next for consumer technology?

Thanks to smart technology, Virtual and Augment technology over the years, has been able to maintain consumer interest gradually. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software, is already being utilized as training simulators. The technology has allowed businesses to minimize their annual costs and long-term expenses. This is in addition to increasing operator competency and alleviating casualties. By using VR/AR technologies in the workplace, employers have testified, that since participating in the program, trainees have increased not only their overall task comprehension, but also reduced the time necessary time needed to train them.

Global businesses are thrilled about the direction that current technologies have taken, in the last decade. Indicating that implementing new technologies into the workplace, has proven to be an enormous asset for staff productivity. It adds personability to any client-business relationship, which has proven to be beneficial when immediate feedback is necessary. Alex Hern says that Tsunami XR Company, has allowed for business to conduct program and software walkthroughs in a virtual environment.

Asia has taken an avid interest in implementing XR, AR, and VR technologies into their business, defense, and commercial sectors. While many Asian entrepreneurs are turning to media and gaming content creation. With the gaming and entertainment industries alone, VR/AR technologies, have been able to establish a stable platform for themselves in the region.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Use Instagram to Showcase Work

Few plastic surgeons have made the impact that Dr. Jennifer Walden has made. A native of Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden is a certified plastic surgeon, media commentator and entrepreneur. Currently she has multiple spas and cosmetic centers in both Austin, Texas and New York. She has built an incredible reputation and he work has been recognized all over the world.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a frequent user of social media. In particular she has made use of Instagram to promote her business and share her views with people around the world. On her Instagram profile you will find Dr. Walden spending time with her eight year old boys along with her friends. Dr. Walden also showcases a number of the services she offers at her facilities. You can find videos of her performing skin tightening, facials, cellulite treatment and anit-wrinkle injections. During her career Dr. Walden has been featured on major networks including VH1, CBS, and ABC. Dr. Walden uses Instagram to showcase many of her travels to such places.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has had her worked recognized many times. She has the honor of being a member of a very unique group. Dr. Walden is a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. This is considered to be the highest honor some in the field of plastic surgery can receive. Walden has also been recognized as one of Texas Super Doctors by Texas Monthly. She also serves as the Commissioner of Communications the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is committed to giving back to the others. She has donated to several causes including Guardian Angel, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Circle of Red. At the age of 47 Dr. Walden has already built an impressive career. She appears set for much more success for years to come.