Marc Sparks Tank DFW Selects Round Two Finalists of the Social Innovation Challenge

According to Disqus, Marc Sparks Tank DFW Social Innovation Challenge has ended for Round Two and three lucky finalists were selected to compete for the $5,000 prize award. Mark Sparks was pleased with the turnout of applications received for the competition.

He started the program to empower non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs in the Dallas and Fort Worth regions. His mission is to challenge social entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to display their ideas and strategies before a panel of judges. The program includes three round challenges and a final challenge between the winners of Round One, Two, and Three.

The three finalists to compete for the prize award for Round Two Challenge includes House of Eli, Mommies in Need and Families to Freedom.

House of Eli is an organization that provides housing, training and mentoring to young boys over the age limit in the foster care system. The mission of the non-profit is to prepare them for their independence in an environment with structure and guidance.

Mommies in Need is a program that offers child care services to mothers who are diagnosed with cancer, high risk pregnancy, or have undergone surgeries. Families to Freedom provides protection and safety to abused mothers and children suffering from domestic violence.

The winner of Round Two Social Innovation Challenge will compete against Dogs Matter, winner of the Round One. Dogs Matter provides help to recovering addicts and alcoholics by housing and caring for their pets temporarily.

The social non-profit received a trophy and $5,000 to use for expansion or to create additional services. Dogs Matter will join the winner of Round Two and Round Three in early December to compete for the grand prize award. Round Three Challenge will begin in September with applications due by October 1st.
Mark Sparks Tank DFW Social Innovation Challenge Program was established by Mr. Sparks and Lynne Sipiora. Mr. Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist philanthropist, and author. He is owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP, a Dallas-based equity firm providing capital, banking, office space, equipment, and other startup services.

For nearly 36 years, he has helped entrepreneurs develop and launch new companies. Mr. Sparks supports non-profits and programs dedicated to housing families, supporting children, motivating entrepreneurs, and promoting education.

Mr. Marc Sparks is very active within the Dallas and Fort Worth communities. He shows his passion for humanity by donating to various organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and The Samaritan Inn. The Social Innovation Challenge Program brings positivity to the DFW area by challenging social entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities.

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