Magnises Brings the City-Scene to the Door of the Professional Millennial:

The black, stylish Magnises card is the favorable product-offering of Billy McFarland. McFarland is the founder of the Magnises Company and its CEO. He started his career at the age of thirteen-years old when it is he created his first company. He is currently offering a product that the east-coast cities of Washington, DC and New York City embrace.


The black, metal Magnises card is the ideal card to carry for the Millennial professional wishing to experience the cultural opportunities and stylish fashion options his city offers.


There is generally, one reason, the Millennial, who “has it going-on,” chooses to move to a world-class city, such as New York City; or a political infra-structure, such as Washington, DC–and that reason is each city has an element he is seeking–that element is “cool.”


So: does he need to carry a wallet full of cash or cards to accomplish the objective?


The thrifty, sophisticated, savvy professional does not need to sell the farm in order to attain cultural fulfillment. Billy McFarland to the rescue. The black, bold Magnises card is what the professional Millennial expects. McFarland realized that his twenty-something circle required an idyllic “Rich and Famous Lifestyle,” without the need to suffer from “sticker shock.”


First, the card comes with a magnetic strip. The Millennial attaches an existing debit or bank card to his card by way of linking to it. Once he does it: he can easily pay for purchases and services at various city vendors, without the need to qualify for his card–in the way of credit. It is an easy and practical way to address a pay option. Find more interesting facts here.


Next, McFarland partnered with hundreds of the city’s vendors and trendiest establishments. The vendors and promotors agreed to offer the professional Millennial with the best in discounting relative to:


1–Dining packages at preferred city establishments;


2–Live exclusive concerts;


3–Hotel upgrades;


4–Hotel room rates of $79–nightly for rooms generally running $250, nightly;


5–Allowing entry into the city’s most popular night-spots where wait lists are a commonality–however, with ClubPass–the Magnises member is able to gain immediate access-with no waiting–small monthly investment for this amenity;


6–The best ticket discounting, with preferred levels of seating, to major sporting events;


7–A preferred penthouse location, at a top-notch hotel, with open bar access–ideal for an after-work cocktail;


8–Discounting with regard to highly-regarded Broadway shows–on Broadway, wherein, seating arrangements are ideal;


9–Tropical excursions to blue skied resort locations;


10-Discounts at cool, theme-based dancing establishments; and more.


Based on, there are runway shows, access to quality art exhibitions, a handy concierge app that allows the member to plan his or her night out; complimentary champagne, provided at preferred dining establishments–and, once again, more.


The Magnises Company makes it a point to assure the professional Millennial connects, well, with the city he has decided to work and live. The black Magnises card is a terrific way to experience culture; without worrying about cost. It provides the Millennial professional with a “Rich and Famous Lifestyle,” without the lofty price-tag. Nothing comes close to this type of social component, view this.
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