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Communication is essential in our day to day life’s activities. Individuals in prisons were once getting the challenge of how they can communicate with their loved ones, Secures technology noticed the gap and took responsibility for them to fill it and provide communication services to the correctional institutions.

In June 2016, Securus Technologies which is a leading company in the provision of civil, criminal and justice technologies resolutions for public safety, monitoring, investigations, and corrections, issued corrections to GTL Press release that the firm released on June 7, 2016. Securus found the press release that was issued by GTL to be misleading and inaccurate. Some of the allegations included; GTL claims that Securus has been suing them since 2011 on patent issues and they have been accusing them even in the media, claims that are designed to pressure them and settle their disputes because will favor Secures. On the other hand, Securus Technology corrected the allegations saying, we have always made efforts to reach GTL’s claim in an intelligent and mature way to accept financial arrangements with those companies that use our patent technology without a license.

Securus Technology we believe that GTL is aware that the patent often takes a long time and cost million of dollars, but as a company, we will continue to defend our organization from GTL’s attack and state our patent in response to GTL’s current approach.

Securus Technology Inc has our headquarters in Dallas Texas, and we are dedicated to serving more than 3450 public safety, correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. It also serves more than 12000000 inmates across Northern America. We are committed to helping and provide emergency response, information, investigations, incidence management, communication as well as biometric analysis.

Since our inception, Securus Technology Inc. has been providing the best solutions to correctional facilities and the inmates around America. To improve our services we have now established a 220 seat in- house domestic call center and we have also acquired JPay a mobile money transfer company.


Securus First Press Release About Global Tel Link (GTL) Integrity Breaches and Wrongdoings

This is the first report in a series that are yet to be released about the investigations into the GTL wrong doings. Additional versions are yet to be published by Securus over the next six months.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based firm that is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solution for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and correction. This company has announced that many findings and reports are going to be released that will adequately highlight the integrity breaches and wrong doings by Global Tel link communications provider.

The press release is the very first in a series of releases that are more to come. Richard A. Smith is the chief executive officer of Securus and says he loves the company because it’s an industry that serves correction, friends, and family, inmates as well as law enforcement and the society as a whole. It offends the entire industry without an exclusion of me when a company has its stoop below the integrity bar that most of the carriers have that GTL has failed to have. Our primary business is not just about making money. Our primary business is serving customers, right in the way, with their best interests at heart.

Secures, to this very end, is on a mission to review numerous issues in wrong systematic doings as well as integrity breaches by GTL Company over the next six months to bring to shame GTL company. The biggest wrongdoing they did was adding between fifteen to thirty-six seconds to calls to have the clock time extend a call duration which is an unlawful and unauthorized act. They also programmed the phone to cost much higher than the standard rates which are an unauthorized act.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.