Chris Burch Invests In A Resort, An Island, and Its People With Nihi Sumba

 Nihi Sumba or Nihiwatu is a luxury hotel and resort on a remote island in Indonesia. In 2012 Chris Burch, branding wiz kid, and James McBride, international hotelier, purchased the hostel. Subsequently, the two spent $30 million in renovations and opened it in 2015 as a 5-star retreat. Chris Burch cites he bought the property for his children in hopes to conserve the island’s beauty and help the community as it’s the largest employer on the island. Burch and McBride has also assisted the Sumba Foundation, an organization which helps fund local initiatives, with a portion of the profits from the resort.

Travel & Leisure took notice and voted the resort the best hotel for two years consecutively in 2016 and 2017. Nihi Sumba features amenities like no other such as a butler to each room and a waterfall that doubles as a spa. Nihi Sumba’s attributes include two-story tree houses, 27 private villas, and the main house with four additional villas, each with a private pool. Entertainment abounds with an indoor-outdoor clubhouse which overlooks the Indian Ocean.

There is quite the story behind the Nihi Sumba Island that started with its ancestors called the Marapu. The Marapu settled on the island centuries ago. Their heritage remains a driving force. Nihiwatu means mortar stone named for the rock configuration that sits along the coast. Petra and Claude Graves gave the island its name when they came in 1988 searching for phenomenal waves. Burch kept hearing stories regarding the islands unfettered beauty. Nihiwatu Resort prides itself on being a sustainable operation and in balance with the environment, refers to (

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