What End Citizens United Wants To Do For Good

The Year Politics Changed

2010 was not a good day for the common man. In a surprising decision the Supreme Court decided that financial contributions were in fact a form of free speech. This decision opened the door for corporations to turn campaign donations into a form of free speech and cement their influence over American politics. That case is now known as Citizens United and people are finally waking up to the righteous anger against it. Leading the pack is an activist group known as End Citizens United.

The Problem Of Money In Politics

Money in politics is a major source of corruption no matter where you go. When the rich and powerful are free to let their dollars do the talking they are able to silence the voices of people who oppose their agenda. This is why more than anything else groups like End Citizens United are needed. We need someone who is willing to unite Americans against those who intend to take democracy from them. Right now billionaires like the Koch brothers are doing everything they can to stop this from happening.

What Can Be Done

End Citizens United is providing the grassroots action necessary to stop Citizens United and the Koch brothers from dominating politics. Anyone who wants to see these efforts succeed is best served by adding to End Citizens United and doing whatever is possible to stop the advancement of the Koch agenda. Beyond simply raising money to fight Citizens United membership in End Citizens United shows that people have a strong interest in what’s happening in politics and aren’t satisfied with the results they are seeing. When billionaires take over politics most people will not be happy with the outcome.

End Citizens United Today

End Citizens United has been around for quite some time fighting the good fight against money in politics. Although there have been some setbacks the direction of politics seems to suggest that people do not like what they see and change will happen. It isn’t easy building a powerful movement and getting people to come to your side. It’s even harder to do when you’re fighting against some of the wealthiest people in the world. Despite this End Citizens United has managed to take great steps towards its end goal.

What Is Needed In The Future?

End Citizens United needs to continue to grow in numbers and it needs to support politicians who are against Citizens United. The recent conditions seen in politics may be disheartening, but there is still hope for politicians that oppose Citizens United. There is a movement growing and it isn’t going to turn back any time soon.

The Efforts Of End Citizens United

Since the landmark decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. case brought before the court in 2010 that virtually eliminated any restrictions on campaign financing turning our election process upside down. Special interests on OpenSecrets.org, like the Koch brothers, are now allowed to spend millions of untraceable dollars to influence America’s elections. This total lack of transparency has led to the creation of a new political action group with the intention of eventually being able to reverse this decision.

End Citizens United, established in March 2015, with a stated mission to overturn Citizens United and end unlimited, and untraceable political donations. End Citizens United intends to support candidates that are pro-reform, making the issue a national priority and use the grassroots membership to expose the political power gained by unlimited amounts of money in politics. Democrats and a few independents will be the primary benefactors of this effort. End Citizens United feels that the Republican-controlled Congress will continue to obstruct any efforts to overturn this dreadful ruling, despite the fact many Republicans agree political spending is out of control. In particular, End Citizens United intends to support candidates on endcitizensunited.org who are under attack by the Koch brothers and other dark money groups. Their involvement will include direct mail and TV advertising, already attracting several hundred thousand supporters.

To overturn Citizens United might require a constitutional amendment; not been done since 1992, a constitutional amendment is extremely hard to pass on Facebook. It requires a two-thirds approval in both the House and Senate and must be adopted by three-fourths of the states. End Citizens United realizes, especially with Republican opposition, this is going to take time. Besides regaining a majority in Congress, they are going to have to hold majorities in many state houses. Recently Rick Hasen, an expert on campaign finance and law professor at UC-Irvine School of Law, had some discouraging words, he called getting a constitutional amendment passed as a pipe dream. That said, he felt a greater likelihood of overturning Citizens United was through the Supreme Court; he points out that groups like End Citizens United are providing an essential service on msnbc.com, they are raising public awareness of the situation, and hopefully politicians will not make matters worse.

End Citizens United, in keeping with their belief in the power of transparency in political spending, will file their expenditures regularly with the Federal Elections Commission. End Citizens United has received over 130,000 dollars in donations in a short time and is enthusiastic about the average donation being $14.86, proving their grassroots campaign is starting to work. End Citizens United and its small staff, five in all, will continue their efforts to elect public officials dedicated to overturning Citizens United.