The Role of Civil Rights Groups

There should be equality in every society when it comes to human rights and access to essential services such as education, justice, and jobs. Since this is not always the case, there are many organizations which have come up to safeguard the interests of those who are often disregarded and discriminated.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded from an allegation against a Maricopa County Sheriff. The founders of this organization are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

Jim and Michael were arrested on October 18, 2007, for revealing information on grand jury proceedings which covered Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They battled in court to preserve their First Amendment rights and sued Maricopa County. Their petition in the Courts of Appeal concluded in their favor.

A settlement of $3.75 million was awarded to them which they used to launch the Frontera Fund. The organization funds other groups that are committed to protecting migrants throughout Arizona. The association has also extended its course into supporting the advocacy of civil & human rights, civic education and freedom of speech. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in 1909 to protect African Americans from racial discrimination. The organization offers assistance in matters regarding social issues and education of the minority race and safeguards their political interests.

National Urban League is another group that protects the rights of African Americans. This organization offers civic education on human rights and funds those who need legal assistance in matters of racial discrimination. It is a defender of African Americans from discrimination in schools, workplaces, and society.

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights protects the rights of migrants. For many years, NNIRR has been a prominent organizer of the delegation of United States refugee and immigrants representatives in international events. The organization participated in various events such as the United Nations Conference Against Racism and the Xenophobia in South Africa. NNIRR promotes empowerment, human rights and justice for all immigrants across the globe.

The Center for Third World Organizing promotes the rights of blacks. It advocates for their social, racial and economic justice in the society. CTWO empowers people of color to participate in voting processes of policies that have an impact on them as blacks.

American Civil Liberties Union, founded in 1920, safeguards the rights of all people in the United States. ACLU protects everyone including the disabled, migrants, prisoners and the LGBTI community.

Founded in 1950, The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights has expanded its membership into more than 200 organizations that advocate for human and civil rights for all across the US. The Conference promotes equality through outreach to particular electorates and advocacy.

National Organization for Women was formed to combat discrimination against women. It was instituted in 1666. This organization has played a great role in advocating for equal pay and representation as well as fighting against gender-based harassment. This association educates women and empowers them to make good decisions regarding their social life, education, and health.