The Impact of Realreal in Consignment

RealReal is a start-up company that deals with the consignment of authentic and luxurious products. Moreover, the company has numerous offices in the United States. Besides, it accepts products from all over the world and also ships them across the globe. RealReal is very specific about its products and carries out a rigorous process. The process is aimed at ensuring the authenticity of the products. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for authenticators to be awarded for identifying counterfeits.

RealReal outstandingly provides the best service to its customers, for example, it sends drivers to pick up products for consignment. Moreover, the company has been able to man its whole inventory thus providing security and accountability for all its customers’ items and products. RealReal has a vast customer base and most of the products in its catalog are usually sold in 30 days.

RealReal has an Instagram account which it uses efficiently to market some of its products. The content of the Instagram account is mostly about luxurious fashion products. Other posts are about house furniture and places.

The Instagram Account of the Company

The fashion products posted appear to be very luxurious and authentic since some of them have the logo associated with the world’s highly respected brands such as GUCCI, CHANEL and LOUIS VUITTON. One of the posts in particular, is of a woman wearing a classy and luxurious piece of jewelry, a ring. The ring is golden, crafted from 18K gold and decorated with diamond, recycled stones and pearl.

The account is also used to advertise the companies’ offices in LA and in SoHo. The offices are splendidly displayed on the page with pictures of the interior being shown. More photos of the products in which the offices deal with are also displayed.

The pictures on the RealReal Company’s Instagram page are very eye-catching. They spark up an interest in the viewer for they look authentic and durable. The account also gives the viewer a variety of options to choose from.