Hemp Trends High with EOS Lip Balm

You know when mainstream beauty companies start using a new ingredient we have something special on our hands. Not only is hemp finally getting the respect and reverence it deserves, but it is also being used from everything from nutrient-rich food sources to making high-quality bed linens and now lip balm. EOS announced its micro batch program, which also is a sign of good business health. As EOS has taken over the chapstick kingdom it is planning to stay on top and competitive with fast-beauty.

EOS’s new lip balm flavors include Happy Herb and Baked Brownie. Although these flavors speak mary jane, they don’t actually have any cannabinoid components. The company is taking advantage of the hemp seeds rich oil which has been used for thousands of years as a great nutrient-rich emollient. Beauty trends come and go, but hemp is back out of the closet and selling fast. These flavors come in smaller batches that allow EOS to produce and stay on top of trends. With that, these two flavors will only be available through the EOS website.

These flavors bring more than buzz words and have increased the impact of hydration and nourishment for healthy lips. Like many other rich emollient oils as argan, and jojoba, hemp seed oil might just become a new beauty household name. If you are a fan of anything highlighting cannabis culture hopefully you bought your new flavors before they sold out. Be on the lookout for new fast production trends coming from EOS.