Goettl’s Money-Saving Home Maintenance Tips

Goettl Air Conditioning has repaired so many air conditioners over the years and addressed all kinds of problems from broken electrical circuits, replacing ventilation ducts and basic HVAC maintenance. But they also like to make sure their customers know preventative maintenance tips and tricks including making sure their homes are conditioned well for air conditioning. One thing Goettl emphasizes is that having the most energy efficiency isn’t about having the biggest central air system, it’s about having the right calculations in servicing the whole house without overworking the system.


One way Goettl says homes should be maintained to save money on central air costs is by having insulation and weather coating to prevent heat from leaking in during the summer months. Also the thermostat should be away from any heat sources so that it isn’t automatically assuming it has to heat a home. It’s also wise to make sure your air conditioners filters are changed and cleaned out regularly to keep the system running at the most efficient settings. Regular maintenance can go a long way towards making your air conditioner stay intact, but Goettl does say if necessary replacing your AC unit is also a good idea. While it can be a costly investment, newer HVAC units can save a lot of money in power bills.


Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business nearly 80 years since being founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. The values its upheld are about treating customers as extended family and going above and beyond expectations to repair central air and heating. The company really took off when Ken Goodrich bought it back in 2013 and later partnered with The Sunny Plumber so that customers could also have access to plumbing and water mitigation services. Goettl has even donated their funds to help local community college HVAC programs and also to help people who couldn’t afford repair costs.