Nathaniel Ru And His Love For Health

Nathaniel Ru has built something that is very successful and world changing. One thing that has helped with this success is that he has created something that stands for something great. With Sweetgreen, he has decided that he wants to help people eat healthier so that they will be able to enjoy greater health benefits. He simply wants to feed people better food. Therefore, he looks closely at the food that is offered. He has found that the fast food industry and other related industries have been feeding people with less than adequate food.


One thing that Nathaniel has looked at when it comes to the type of food that is being offered to people is the set of nutrients that these foods commonly have. The common issue that Nathaniel finds with foods is that other than protein, foods offer very little if any nutrients when they come from fast food joints. Therefore, people are not only gaining very little value from the food they eat, but they are also gaining a lot of worthless things which include visceral fat and dietary conditions. Nathaniel has decided to combat that with his own creation, Sweetgreen.


In place of burgers and fries, Sweetgreen offers salads. However, it is not just lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables that are being offered, the quality of these foods are very high. Therefore, the amount of nutrients one would get from these foods are going to be very high. Nathaniel also offers different types of lean meats to go with the salads so that people will get some kind of protein. There are also different sources of protein such as beans and nuts. Therefore, people don’t have to go vegetarian in order to eat at Sweetgreen.


One other thing that could be said for Sweetgreen is that they have an ability to make sales online. As a matter of fact, Nathaniel says that technology is a large part of what this business is.


Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen Strive To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

Nathaniel Ru is one of the top founders of Sweetgreen, a fast casual restaurant chain. Ru notes that sequencing is an important part of Sweetgreen’s real estate strategy. Entering a market is considered just as important as opening stores. Sweetgreen wants pure convenience, which means that customers want dinners and weekends besides lunch traffic. Ru compares visiting a Sweetgreen restaurant to walking into an Apple store. Ru says that service design is important because it combines technology and storytelling, along with the design. This helps to elevate the selling of a product so that it is has been personalized to suit each customer. Sweetgreen strives to be a restaurant that people can rely on.


Ru wants diners to take pride in seeing the open kitchen and the ingredients. It is a very important process, as Sweetgreen makes all of its dressings and other products naturally. The produce is delivered everyday. While there may be a small wait to get served, the one on one ordering process will only take a few minutes. Introducing an app has enhanced the experience, according to Ru. Food photography is important as you can now do more than check boxes. After ordering, you can head to a designated pickup area.


Sweetgreen gets input from farmers about what they are growing opposed to looking for a certain crop. This helps customers try new things, while also decreasing food waste.


Recently, The Hoya set down with Ru, along with Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, who also helped found Sweetgreen. All three attended Georgetown University, and soon began to brainstorm different options for healthy, affordable food around campus. The three guys developed a business plan. Each were unsure how to build a business, as they had no experience. The trio got advice from owners and faculty around campus. The lack of experience actually helped Sweetgreen because it was unique.


The trio launched Sweetgreen in Schools, as a program that helps children learn about nutrition and healthy living, using different workshops and activities. Sweetgreen then added a musical element, as the trio loved music. This led to the invention of Sweetlife, a music and food festival. Sweetgreen is based on the core values of winning, sustainability, keeping it real, making an impact, and adding a sweet touch. These values influence every aspect of the company, from business decisions to celebrating successes. The trio wants to create solutions that are beneficial to the community. Sweetgreen believes in establishing a human connection by appealing to customers on an emotional level.



Markus Rothkranz – What You Probably Don’t Know about Vitamin B12

Recently, there has been a mass hysteria about B12 depletion in farming soil, low B12 levels, and people pretty much saying that we are all going to die because the level of B12 in the soil is lower than it was 100 years ago.

Because of the paranoia, people are demanding blood tests to determine whether they are actually low in B12. Even with a lab test, you cannot truly determine your B12 level because your true B12 level cannot be reflected by serum levels that are tested.

It helps the body in so many ways, from keeping the body’s nerve cells healthy, keeping the body’s blood cells healthy, and helps create the genetic material that creates DNA. Maintaining a healthy level of B12 can prevent the development of megaloblastic anemia, a type of anemia that can make someone feel extremely tired. However, the only way to determine whether you have a deficiency severe enough to cause physical symptoms is through blood tests.

The reason these laboratory results are inaccurate is because B12 is not stored in the blood, it is stored in the liver. Without directly testing the liver and risking your life doing so, you cannot truly know how much of this vitamin is stored within your body.

There is almost no chance that your body will run out of B12, and if you are afraid that you may be low in a certain vitamin, take a daily multi-vitamin.

While doctors do not openly admit it, the concept of medicine is not an exact science. It is actually referred to as “practicing medicine.” Add to this that everyone’s body is different and has different needs, and the fact that stressing and waiting to have blood work done can actually affect the result of your lab levels, something is guaranteed to comeback as abnormal.

The best way to ensure that you are getting enough of the vitamins you need is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and take a high-quality multivitamin every day.

The Importance Of Diet

For people that want to get in shape and function properly, there is one thing that they have to master before they could get anywhere. This factor is their diet. There are many people that attempt to get themselves in shape only to find that their efforts fail them because of a lacking diet. The body needs the nutrients to function. Unfortunately, people are not going to get the needed nutrients from fast food joints. Nathaniel Ru has seen how the fast food industry is very lacking when it comes to nutrition. This is why he has decided to get with others in order to change that.


Nathaniel Ru is someone who is passionate about health. His company, Sweetgreen offers people the nutrients they need in order to improve their health. One of the good things behind that is that people will feel energized. They will be able to get the benefits they have always hoped for. This will help them get back in shape in the way they hope. People will also notice an increase in their confidence levels because of the food they eat at Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru takes the time to bring forth different types of salads.


This gives people plenty of options when it comes to their meals. One of the factors that will bring people back is that they will enjoy the full taste of the salads offered by Sweetgreen because of the ingredients offered by the restaurant.


People will have an easier time pursuing their fitness goals with this new fast food joint called Sweetgreen. As people explore what the restaurant has to offer, they will be very happy that they did. Sweetgreen is one of the restaurants that inspire people to be creative when they are trying to get in shape. Processed food actually breaks down the body in ways that are very detrimental to the health of the individual. Sweetgreen does the opposite of that.


A Healthy Breakfast With Markus Rothkranz And Cara Brothman

Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman talk about healthy breakfasts including a raw fruit salad and a green smoothie, Marcus style. Both healthy breakfasts are quick and easy to make.

Cara’s fruit salad contains seasonal fruit and cashew cream with added non-alcoholic vanilla, sweetened with maple syrup. Honey or dates are acceptable substitutions for the maple syrup. In this video, she uses strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, mango, banana and red raspberries. The recipe is simple. Place chopped fruit in a bowl, get out the cashews that have been soaked in water for an hour, and then place 2 cups of the drained cashews in a blender. Add some ice and a little water, a dash of vanilla and maple syrup and then blend. When the mix is the desired consistency, pour over fruit. Add almonds or dried pomegranate powder as a topper if desired.

Marcus usually has a green smoothie for breakfast, which is also very easy to prepare. He uses half greens, half fruit and a 1/2 cup of liquid, which he purees in a blender. Spinach, kale, red leaf lettuce, parsley, carrot tops and celery are all possible green ingredients a person can use. He uses several greens, but always uses at least one celery stalk. For a liquid, he suggests coconut water, orange juice or just plain water.

Marcus’ smoothie is brown, but he swears it tastes good. He says that he’s been drinking it for eight years now and he sees himself growing younger each year. You can see the entire video here:

Nathaniel Ru And The Success Of Sweetgreen

As a Georgetown University graduate, great things were expected of Nathaniel Ru. The university is known for the great minds it produces and he has proven to be no exception to this rule. When he started looking for business opportunities in Washington D.C he was quickly able to see exactly what the crowds around him wanted. They wanted the convenience of fast food but they didn’t want their fast food to take a toll on their health. Attached to their smartphones and always online, customers wanted to be able to order from their phones. Nathaniel Ru took this and created Sweetgreen.


The current model of fast food chains is fairly outdated in a world of smartphones and tablets. Consumers want the ease of ordering food with the swipe of a touchscreen. Realizing this, Nathaniel Ru and his Georgetown University school mates Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet co-created Sweetgreens. A chain of fast food focused on providing fresh salads, Sweetgreen is oriented towards the millennial generation’s love of high tech solutions. Fast food is often taken to mean consuming food rich in calories, carbohydrates, and sodium. Ru wants to get rid of this association and focus on giving consumers a better option. Sweetgreen is fast food, but it is healthy fast food.


The first thing that stands out about Sweetgreen is the convenience it offers. More than 30% of all food orders are made using the Sweetgreen website or mobile app. As a millennial himself, Nathaniel Ru understands the trend towards online ordering and has adopted it into his service. His focus on giving customers healthier menu options also reflects his interest in shifting things into a new direction.


Ru’s approach seems to be working as far as anyone can tell. Sweetgreen has expanded its operation to include 40 locations. Unlike most fast food chains there is no central headquarters for Sweetgreen, but the company is operated bicoastally with offices on the east coast and west coast. Investors have seen the success of this company and are already placing funds into it. When the likes of Steve Case and Danny Meyer, you know you’ve created something special.