BenefulIncredibites are Incredible!

What makes Purina BenefulIncredibites dry dog food the perfect choice for your small dog? Coming in at just under a dollar a pound average price and loaded with wholesome ingredients, it’s no surprise that small dog owners everywhere love it. With the primary ingredient being meat, your beloved pet is guaranteed to enjoy every bite as much as you will enjoy their happiness. Incredibites measure in around 360 calories a cup and flavors include beef and chicken. With meat as the first ingredient; tomatoes, peas, carrots, sweet potato, and spinach are some of the other ingredients you should expect to find in the nutritionally balanced line of products.

Still not convinced? The average rating on the Beneful website is 4.6 and 4.7 with a 94%+ user recommendation on both flavors. Treat your small dog to a delicious food they simply can’t resist with BenefulIncredibites. You won’t be disappointed.

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