Michel Terpins Essential

Michel Terpins on Motivation

Never give up: That is what it’s all about in the end. Those who endure prosper. Those who fall back never see the best fruits of their labor.

Michel Terpins on Rally Driving

Life is not all about one’s career but a great portion of it is. Michel Terpins One does, after all, specialize in what he or she does for a living. Thus, one should take great pride and give it his all – we only live once.

Michel Terpins on Brazil

Beautiful Brazil is a place like no other: rally racing, intrigue, forests, travel sceneries and more. This place is a must-see in every sense and not only for its fantastic rally racing endeavors but even for its very early history and culture altogether; Sao Paolo, for one, is a city to not be missed. It is Michel Terpins’s favorite city as well and where he grew up. He particularly recalls the widespread Christianity and Catholicism that are so beautifully displayed among every statue and work of modern art or architecture in this unique heart of downtown Brazil. He’s continually amazed.

Michel Terpins on Israel

People living through their differences, or even celebrating them, because they realize that it isn’t just home to them, but to anyone else that feels the way they do about the city – that is Israel. Some people even say that when they come to visit Jerusalem, there’s a distinct feeling they get the moment the plane touches down. It feels as if they are coming home after so long, even if they’re just coming to visit for a brief period of time. The shared love for this beautiful, culture-rich city is what makes it truly special and will keeping it thriving on through the hardest of times.