Fortress Investment Group: A Year Of Major Success

Last year was one of the most prosperous years for Fortress Investment Group. The investment firm experienced major growth as they transitioned and expanded their company into a dominant player in the world of financial and investment management. Two decades later and this company is still impacting the world with their investment strategies, expert management and undeniable leadership. Softbank Group Corporation transitioned the company into its family of brands. Softbank paid over three billion dollars for the investment firm. Softbank plans to push the company to new heights with cutting edge technology and real estate deals.

Softbank is very experienced and equipped to handle this transition. They have major plans for Fortress Investment Group and adding Fortress to their family of brands is going to diversify their portfolio. Softbank is a on mission to revolutionize financing and information support. Companies in the tech and finance sectors make up this major brand. Softbank tends to get involved with companies that relate to artificial intelligence, renewable energy and robotics. The company has stake in giant companies like Uber and Alibaba. Large scale developments are planned for Fortress Investment Group. These projects will span across the entire world.

Fortress is not new to large scale property developments. The private equity firm has been responsible for financing some major real estate developments throughout the United States. TSX Broadway was a 2.5 billion dollar deal orchestrated by Fortress. The Times Square deal is already being looked at by major companies like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Samsung. This will be a dominant retail space for investors and companies. Consumers and tourists will be drawn to this area. Social media will create much buzz about this place. This is one of the highlights of Fortress right now. This development will set the tone for what Fortress is able to accomplish over the coming years.

Fortress Investment Group has had an impressive year. But the future is beaming bright for this investment firm. Real estate deals and managing the investments of some of the wealthiest clients in the world will continue to be what this company strives to do for another twenty years.

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A Look At Serge Belamant’s Lifetime Of Creation In The Technology Industry

Blockchain technology is much older than most people realize. This technology, upon which cryptocurrencies are based, was created by Serge Belamant in 1989. He is a French entrepreneur who has worked in the technology industry throughout his professional career. He was born in Tulle, France, and his family moved to South Africa when he was 14. After completing secondary school he became a student at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg and graduated with a degree in computer sciences and technology. Visit

Since that time, he has worked with many companies across a variety of industries. He has a strong reputation as someone highly skilled at coding digital financial transaction software. Serge Belamant has had a big impact on how the global financial banking systems operate and move money around.

He became an entrepreneur in 1989 when he established Net1 UEPS Technologies. His company developed universal electronic payment systems that were used by many financial institutions. He coded this software himself. In 1995 he was asked by VISA to create a pre-authorized card that could be used offline and had a chip in it. These cards are very familiar to everyone who has a credit or debit card that has a chip embedded in it.

The latest company he launched is Zilch Technologies Limited, Based in the United Kingdom, this company creates financial apps that people can use to manage their spending and savings habits so they make better decisions. He also serves on the board of advisors for two other companies, Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings.

Serge Belamant says that it took a while for his first company to become profitable. He says he learned a lot of hard lessons early on running a company but these lessons set him up for future success. Struggling with issues and experiencing failures is how people learn what works and what doesn’t.

He says that even though he has founded and run successful companies he still sometimes has some self-doubt. Serge Belamant says that when that happens he trusts his instincts and the experience he has developed over the years to see him through.


Matthew Fleeger – CEO of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a serial entrepreneur with holdings in oil, gas, the tanning industry, and waste management. His skills and knowledge have helped him to climb the ladder. Much of Fleeger’s success is due to his education and undergraduate degree in business. He also had a leg up on experience since his father formed Gulf Coast Western.

The company is a successful gas and oil company. Fleeger was able to focus on finance and marketing at his father’s company. Matthew Fleeger would also gain lots of experience and knowledge working at various oil and gas companies. This experience and exposure would lead to founding his company, MedSolutions, Inc.

MedSolutions specializes in the disposal, treatment, and transportation of medical wastes. Matthew Fleeger’s management and leadership skills had helped his company develop into a regional leader that offered healthcare waste management solutions. Matthew Fleeger then sold the company for $59 million to Stericycle was it reached its pinnacle of success.

After selling his company, Fleeger decided to return to the oil and gas industry as Gulf Coast Western’s CEO and President. He returned with even more experience and knowledge in having worked in a number of leadership positions. This made him the perfect candidate for Golf Coast Western with his background in merges, general partnerships, business acquisitions, and corporate structuring. Gulf Coast Western is still growing, and will continue to do so under Fleeger’s direction. Matthew Fleeger holds the distinction of making the list of International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger also commit to giving back to the community. The company helps organizations that seek to help build stronger communities. Such organizations show great concern for the well-being of families and their children. Gulf Coast Western supports the American Cancer Society, North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Shriners Hospital for Children, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Family Place.

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