Greg Secker’s journey to success

Greg Secker loves helping people. He teaches people in need how to trade so they can better their lives. This thriving businessman has founded many businesses to help educate people on how trading can change their lives for the better. Greg was born in Norfolk, England in the mid seventies. He is a entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker, and top trader. He started The Virtual Trading Desk, which was a revolutionary, one of a kind business. It is an online Forex trading system in real time. Traders can obtain quotes for foreign exchange transactions. He also became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation hired Greg on as their Vice President. They are a big American Fortune 500 investment bank. With his vast knowledge and experience he founded Learn to Trade. To date they have educated over 200,000 people all over the world. They have offices in London, South Africa, and Australia.

When asked what inspired him to start his business he said he noticed people did not have the proper knowledge to trade, and the risk was too high. That is where he comes in. He helps others gain the education they need in trading to better their lives. Starting his own business, he went through the ups and downs that one can expect. Luckily, he was persistent and kept going. His first customers were family and friends. He started teaching them what he knew without even thinking about it. They are now his support system and he accredits them for his success. They keep him going when he has knew ideas.

British businessman Greg Secker wants to help better people’s lives by teaching them about trading. He was born in England in 1975. In 1997 he received his Bachelor of Science in European Studies with Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham.

Greg has founded multiple businesses including the Greg Secker Foundation and Learn to Trade. He ran and create Europe’s most successful trading companies and loves helping people become successful entrepreneurs. He has one many awards when it comes to innovative technology and became a multi-millionaire in his mid twenties.