Enhanced Athlete Promotes High Quality Nutritional Products

Athletes who take their health into serious consideration must not sacrifice their overall health for trending nutritional and health products. However, this might be quite impossible since the market is already permeated with nutritional products that have been progressively advertised and promoted. Most of the said products give out promises that are not true, and come in the same packaging with almost the same prices. So, in this instance athletes will not be able to tell the difference if the health products they are taking have been tried and tested.

The above issue does not really pose as a major problem for health advocates since there are companies like Enhanced Athlete who make sure that their health products are safe and have high quality standards.

Enhanced Athlete and its sister companies (Maximum Human Performance, Universal Nutrition, Nutrex Research, Gaspari Nutrition, and Prosource Performance Products) continuously strive to see that their products maintain its high quality standards. The company engages in comprehensive researches before manufacturing its products and only utilize ingredients that went through the correct clinical studies. This shows that Enhanced Athlete does not ride the trend of the market to promote its products, since it is concern about the overall results of enhancing the athlete’s strength and muscle.

Enhanced Athlete is co-founded by Charles Hughes Anthony and Scott Cavell Edward. Recently the company became entangled in a lawsuit with Nutrition Distribution, a company engaged in the distribution and sales of nutritional goods and products. In the lawsuit, Nutritional Distribution claimed that it lost some sales because Enhanced Athlete made some false promotions of its health products.

Enhanced Athlete revealed that Nutrition Distribution’s aggravating method to coerce other nutritional marketing companies is to primarily file a lawsuit, and then sends out letters demanding reimbursements or payments, which the other companies opt to pay instead because they do not like the hassle of going through the legalities. To date Nutrition Distribution has filed 70 lawsuits that are underway.

EA was able to show substantial proof about the said letters and how Nutrition Distribution takes advantage of the alleged culpabilities of its competitors. Enhanced Athlete went on to state that Nutrition Distribution was not able to present any considerable evidence about how its sales were affected by any false presentations done by Enhanced Athlete.

Further, the legal counsel for Enhanced Athlete said that their client will not pay any sum of money to Nutrition Distribution so the case can be settled out of court, which is what Nutrition Distribution expects to transpire.