Steve Lesnard: The Product Marketing Expert Talks About Two Marketing Principles

In an article dated January 28th of 2019, a product marketing expert gives his insight on how to market products digitally. The article begins to talk about today’s modern world has changed how consumers shop. Specifically, it talks about how technological advances and how society uses them has changed the way products are marketed.

The article goes on to list “two key principles” on marketing products today. The first of the two principles generally talks about using simplicity to make the product “memorable”. The article gives an example of this principle. Steve Lesnard says to create a “storyline” that resonates. Preferably in the introduction of the product being marketed. As part of the product’s “story line” marketing its features to be “innovative” and “relevant” is vital when presenting it to consumers. The article goes on to talk about how Apple applied this type of marketing principle to its products and services. Steve Lesnard details how Apple successfully marketed their first iPod.

Next, the article moves forward to talk about the second marketing principle. This is the handshake between telling a consumer how innovative a product or service is and how it applies in real life. To generalize, this principle means to take an idea and make it tangible. To take the idea and make it into a “reality”. The article then gives examples of this principle.

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Steve Lesnard is the writer of the above-mentioned article. Steve Lesnard is an expert in product marketing and has worked with one of the world’s top athletic brand. He attended F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and later earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Business and Entrepreneurship in 1996. He has held many high ranking roles such as Global Brand Concept Director, Global Vice President, and General Manager to just mention a few. He has also worked with superstar Rihanna and Madonna’s choreographer, Jamie King.

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OSI-McDonald’s: A Glimpse At How They Produce Their Legendary Burgers

For Fans of OSI Group McDonalds Famous Burgers, This Insight Regarding Their Burger Production Is For You OSI, or Otto & Sons Industries Group and McDonald’s can be said to be the ultimate example picture of a take-out hamburger should a photo of such a product be listed in the Webster’s dictionary.

To coin the pairing as iconic would not be out of the realm, as now up to 4 generations of people across the globe consume easily up to 60 or so million McDonalds burgers a day; or per the article here with Business Insider: ttps:// to 75 burgers are sold in a second.

OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers Are Made From Real Beef

The company has been questioned about the alleged preservatives within their products over and over again throughout the decades; as some naysayers along the way have accused OSI Group McDonalds food to be filled with preservatives and fake. In actuality, the company more than welcomes tours within their plants globally to prove otherwise.

OSI, the long-time manufacturer for McDonalds, collects the meat from beef cattle grown as close to the factories as possible for quick harvest, processing and rapid distribution. From there, the cuts are delivered into large portions so the risk of contamination is lessened; due to the fact it is not preserved, but real fresh meat from the local farm.

Then these cuts are minced then pressed into patties in both frozen and fresh conditions so that they can be brought to correct temperatures more quickly as well as hold their shape. Then they are frozen in a manner going back to OSI-McDonald’s renowned Cryogenic procedure and ready for shipment and distribution to the restaurants.

People Are Paid To Sample The Burgers Daily

For those that are Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger aficionados, or just love hamburgers in general, this would seem a dream job as any. Samples of the meat are tested with both temperature measuring equipment and the taste-buds themselves after being grilled on a OSI Group McDonalds model stove-like the ones used in the restaurants themselves. This is to ensure proper fat content and that the taste of the burgers meets the company standard.

With US President Donald Trump in office presently, and reportedly huge devotee of McDonalds, the spotlight seems to back on the company to maintain its lofty standard like never before. This should not be an issue for the OSI Group McDonalds, whom have been doing this for over six decades now.

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Carsten Thiel Launches New Weight Loss Products

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin. He grew up in Germany throughout his youth and excelled in his studies. He majored in Chemistry to garner insight regarding the Anglo-Saxon educational system. Thiel left Germany to pursue Organic Chemistry from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. While there, he majored in biochemistry. Eventually, Carsten Thiel attended the Institute of Max Planck for Biophysical Chemistry. He also took up his Ph.D. specializing in Molecular Biology.

When he completed his formal education, Carsten Thiel’s first interest in the innovative world of pharmaceuticals brought forth an exciting position working at Hoffman La-Roche, a revered ground-breaking biotechnology company, previously, being the Communications Manager of the company, Carsten Thiel exuded knowledge, as well as experience, garnered to build the company’s reputation. He was soon tasked with the responsibility to work as a scientific manager in charge of marketing and assessment.

Carsten Thiel is also the former manager of Insadong Eastern Europe. He was responsible for launching various products in the pharma sector. Besides, he displayed years of experience in product launches. Coupled with a firm conviction to adhere to a strict code of ethics, Thiel has progressively proven to be a success in the sector of biotechnology. He has set a required standard for the future of the industry.

In a unique comparative note, weight-loss products were initially marketed with significant large scale promises during launches. This often led to a massive increase in products sales. Some clients desired to have instant results even though they were unwilling to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss products will work best when combined with a viable, active lifestyle. Carsten Thiel recognized this risk since it was detrimental to the launch of products as well as the client’s weight loss journey. He, therefore, focused on the product launch after hiring the right stakeholders.

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A Look At Serge Belamant’s Lifetime Of Creation In The Technology Industry

Blockchain technology is much older than most people realize. This technology, upon which cryptocurrencies are based, was created by Serge Belamant in 1989. He is a French entrepreneur who has worked in the technology industry throughout his professional career. He was born in Tulle, France, and his family moved to South Africa when he was 14. After completing secondary school he became a student at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg and graduated with a degree in computer sciences and technology. Visit

Since that time, he has worked with many companies across a variety of industries. He has a strong reputation as someone highly skilled at coding digital financial transaction software. Serge Belamant has had a big impact on how the global financial banking systems operate and move money around.

He became an entrepreneur in 1989 when he established Net1 UEPS Technologies. His company developed universal electronic payment systems that were used by many financial institutions. He coded this software himself. In 1995 he was asked by VISA to create a pre-authorized card that could be used offline and had a chip in it. These cards are very familiar to everyone who has a credit or debit card that has a chip embedded in it.

The latest company he launched is Zilch Technologies Limited, Based in the United Kingdom, this company creates financial apps that people can use to manage their spending and savings habits so they make better decisions. He also serves on the board of advisors for two other companies, Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings.

Serge Belamant says that it took a while for his first company to become profitable. He says he learned a lot of hard lessons early on running a company but these lessons set him up for future success. Struggling with issues and experiencing failures is how people learn what works and what doesn’t.

He says that even though he has founded and run successful companies he still sometimes has some self-doubt. Serge Belamant says that when that happens he trusts his instincts and the experience he has developed over the years to see him through.


A Review with Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie, executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd, did an interview with This is Money that spanned several areas from business to his approach to life and his objectives.

A graduate of the International Business and Marketing University of Boston, Bhanu Choudhrie moved to London after completing his degree. He alludes this to his seeing potential in London in new ventures he could leverage. On the topic of ventures, C&C Alpha Group invests in diverse areas and Bhanu is a fan of them all. He particularly enjoys real estate, hospitality, aviation and health care. He has had much success and alludes it to the support network of the various professionals he interacts with that run businesses.

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Bhanu was awarded as the 2008 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year which he reflects on with pride as an Indian. To him this represents the ability persons to make a better life for themselves through international opportunities. A good example of this is his advising deals in emerging markets such as those in eastern countries such as China and India. He states that there is room for not only investments in these markets, but also for huge growth which can be leveraged.

While speaking on risks, Bhanu Choudhrie recounts two that he thought would’ve been disastrous but turned out well. The first was the investment in Air Deccan which resulted in huge aviation growth and a boost to India’s airline industry. The second was investing in which they were able to resell for half a billion pounds. He indicated that three of every five investments fail. In the future C&C Alpha intends to do more charity work and to invest in the hotel and hospitality industries.

Bhanu Choudhrie involves himself in a large amount of charity work. This is because of his upbringing as well as his belief. He stated that as a child he would provide the gift of his time to the blind, handicapped and those without parents. Also, Hindu philosophy encourages giving more than receiving.

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The Contributions of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed partners with the Lightspeed Venture Capital. Through her success, she has set a path of other people. She has studied in two higher learning institutions and after that worked in several top companies. She worked as a category manager in a top department where she was in control of growth and also making sure that customers had the best encounters. She used a specific model to advance feedbacks and also to gather feedback.

Ashley used to work for businesses that were starting up as a consultant to raise the money she needed while studying. To bring the ideas of entrepreneurs to reality, Ashley Lightspeed considered working together with other people. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

From her experience and commitment, she started up her own company. She majored on doing consulting projects. Many people who she had previously worked with learned of her works, and they offered as much help as they could. Her consultation job made her make more money and hence to enable her to add more to her ideas. She worked with two companies, Better Up and Funbox very well.

Ashley Lightspeed was later employed at Lightspeed Venture Capital after she stopped working as a consultant. She has a special talent of bringing about growth in all her master plans. These plans have helped her to enhance long-term growth and also the plans are financially affordable. She has contributed significantly to diversifying the activities of Lightspeed Ventures.

Passion is one of the main things that allow Ashley to perform her job accordingly. It have enabled her to be able to put the best in her work during her career. It also allows her to play many other activities and still have the capability to be above those that are in the same field as she is. She believes that being flexible is one of the significant milestones of being a successful investor.

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A Successful Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Not only a co-creator but also a CEO Robert Deignan served ATS digital Services and rose it to the heights of success. ATS has been offering the best solutions to many digital companies that combine buyers globally and their experience. Regardless of the issue, a customer is confronting, and ATS Digital has been offering the best solutions for all customers’ needs either straightforward or complex problems.

Robert Deignan was born and brought up in Florida. He gained his higher education from Purdue University with a full scholarship in his fee due to his extraordinary expertise in football. He graduated with a management degree of Organizational Leadership. After completing his degree, he actively took part in sports through the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins before wandering into his first business. He inaugurated his own company which he named as “Fanlink Inc.” Regardless of joining the business, Robert has never surrendered his passion for sports. He is still effectively taking part in different competitions other than running his firm “ATS Digital Services.

According to Robert Deignan, his motivation for ATS Digital Services originated from an organization he used to work for before his business startup. While working with this organization, he understood the significance of customer satisfaction and support for any business. The organization was enabling clients to download an enemy of Malware item which they would initially keep running as a preliminary before obtaining the items. The organization got various calls for clients who needed help with the establishment. The organization thought of an in-house client support center that would remotely introduce the item in the interest of the customers. His decision of creating ATS was a successful thought and had been providing best solutions building a satisfied customer base. His professional career became his passion, but he never neglected his love for sports as well.

Robert Deignan isn’t just a pioneer in the organization; he has additionally been associated with charitable commitments in the community. It is clear Robert Deignan as the Chief Executive Officer, and a group of Microsoft cybersecurity specialist’s has figured out how to direct the youthful organization to concentrate on top-notch items.

Jojo Hedaya Helps to Simplify E-Mail

Many people can become frustrated with receiving too many e-mails. Much of the e-mails people receive are things that they wind up deleting. This constant deleting of e-mails can make one’s already busy day even more busy. After deleting the junk e-mails one’s email is again up to date with only the important stuff. Then the junk e-mails start to pile up again. What is one to do to deal with this frustrating problem. A man named Jojo Hedaya has come up with an answer to this. It is Unroll.Me.

Unroll.Me is an e-mail organizational tool. This tool is able to scan one’s inbox in just seconds and puts all the new emails into one e-mail which is known as the Rollup. One can then quickly scroll down and unsubscribe to e-mails that are not wanted in only one click. The Rollup can be set for a certain time that is convenient to go through this process. Jojo Hedaya came up with this idea out of his own frustration with dealing with this problem. Jojo also attended Boston College but was not able to achieve graduation. He says he did get a lot out of attending the college anyway and the experience has greatly helped him in life.

The new version of Unroll.Me has a better dashboard to work with. One can unsubscribe or resubscribe. One can already accomplish this by using a companies website but Unroll.Me speeds up the process involved and simplifies it. Jojo Hedaya has helped to make life a little easier for many people.

Unroll.Me is a New York based start up. The e-commerce and package tracking app known as Slice is located in Palo Alto. Slice has acquired Unroll.Me for an undisclosed sum. In September of 2018 a company from Japan called Rakuten Acquired Slice. Rakuten wants to introduce new technology to the field of e-commerce. Jojo Hedaya had a very good idea in mind when he came up with Unroll.Me. Many people and companies are interested in the idea. At this time there are no plans to change the platform of Unroll.Me. The companies headquarters still remain in New York.

Clay Hutson: A Vision For Music

Clay Hutson is one of the staple names and go-to people in the music industry and in the theater production world of Nashville. As a person who has been musically inclined since he was a little kid, he has been able to turn his love for music into a career and more. He is also well versed in every single facet of theater production – which makes him an individual with a very wide range of skills, and that sets him apart from his competitors.

Clay Hutson is a very visual kind of person, this means that he imagines everything in his head and he tries to run every single scenario in his head to make sure that every element meshes well with each other. Clay Hutson envisions all of his ideas for the production design, the sound design and the lighting design. Because of Clay Hutson’s in-depth experience and passion for music and his college degree on theater production and design, he has a very deep understanding on what works with what. Clay Hutson has a solid foundation on every single facet of the production which is why he knows which will work with that, and he employs these skills and techniques in order to make productions grander and he makes sure that every single idea in his head is perfectly executed. And Clay makes sure that he keeps hands on everything to make sure the plan goes well.

Clay Hutson is also a person that adjust to technology and he utilizes every single piece of modern technology that can make his ideas come to life. Clay is very well versed in using CAD for designing – but he has also accustomed himself to keep aware on the new advancements and innovations so that he can utilize these to make his company’s production grander. Clay Hutson makes sure that he and his company are always up to date with the modern trends, because Clay knows that a company that is a step behind will become obsolete quickly down the road. Which is why he makes sure that his company is always on a constant evolution and they are always up to the times.

Ashley Brasier Becomes a Part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners

As Ashley Lightspeed grew up, her main aspiration was to become an architect. She got this inspiration from her father who was also an architect. She would spend a lot of time in the garage at their home together with her father. They would sit together at the drafting table where they would build things and sketch various ideas. Later on, after joining the university, Ashley realized that she had a knack for prototyping ideas about business. After graduating with honors, Ashely began working as a consultant at Bain. See more of Ashley at

About Ashely Lightspeed

After working at Bain for several years, Ashely Brasier yearned for more. She wanted to engage in operational work. Additionally, she wanted to explore the Silicon Valley, the most significant technology hub in the U.S. Eventually, she joined the Thumbtack’s product team where she was working as a Category Manager. She was mainly responsible for handling the growth and customer experience at weddings and other events. She would run simulations together with her clients while working at Thumbtack. Since she was also passionate about prototyping, she would gather feedback and also formulate various ideas that would improve the multiple products that she was dealing with. As per Ashley Lightspeed, prototyping is an essential tool in an entrepreneur’s life. Through prototyping, you can recuperate faster, despite the various failures.

While indulging at a fundraiser at Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier came across the venture capital sector. She was interested in becoming a part of the venture capital industry. After leaving Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier joined the Stanford GSB where she furthered her studies. Afterwards, Ashley Brasier had the honor of becoming a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners. As a part of the Lightspeed consumer investing team, Ashley Brasier was able to propel the growth of various companies since she was knowledgeable about prototyping. She was also obsessed with craftsmanship. According to Ashley Brasier, craftsmanship entails building and creating.