End Citizens United SupportingConor Lamb in the Special Elections in the United States

The influence of the corporate world in the election campaigns has been tremendous in the past couple of decades. Most of the huge corporations have been spending an unimaginable sum of money in the elections that have directly influenced the outcome of the election campaigns. The use of the corporate money in the elections is something that has been going on for many decades, but the Supreme Court decision in the lawsuit filed by Citizens United against F.E.C made it easier for the corporate money to flow into the elections. The verdict by the Supreme Court says that the individuals and the corporations can spend as much money as they want in the polls without any restrictions. There is no cap as to how much money the companies or an individual can spend on elections.

It is necessary for some amount of accountability to be present to ensure there is no misuse of funds and the elections don’t become vulnerable or susceptible to external influence. One of the prominent organizations that have been protesting against the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance rules is the End Citizens United. The End Citizens United wants that greater awareness is created among the people about how big money is using its influence in the country’s election and its outcome. The amount of money spent on elections makes it a substantial fancy affair that attracts the masses and the political side that spends more money generally ends up winning the election campaign as well. In any case, the End Citizens United demands that the Supreme Court decision be overturned, or necessary modifications are made to the ruling.

The End Citizens United was started by Tiffany Mueller, who is the President of this hugely popular PAC. It has been collecting donations from the everyday people from across the country, and it aims to back the political candidates that support the reform in the campaign finance rules. It would help in making the elections more fair, transparent, and accountable. The special elections are being held at the 18th Congressional District, and Democrat Conor Lamb would be fighting against its rival Rick Saccone representing the Republican side. Rick Saccone has been surrounded by controversies when his extramarital affair came into the limelight. Even worse was the fact that even after being against abortion for a long time, he asked his girlfriend to abort the child.

End Citizens United has openly announced their support for the Democrat Conor Lamb. However, as of now, the PAC has not announced how much money they would be spending to support his election campaign. End Citizens United aims to continue to support the democrat political candidates who are in support of the reform in the campaign finance rules.