Maintaining a healthcare home for the elderly is not an easy task. It requires hard work, determination and focus from the employees at the organization. It also requires gaining the trust of people that you will take proper care of their parents and grandparents in their old age. This is no easy feat, but Sussex Healthcare is doing it and emerging triumphant. They have earned both the respect and trust of residents at Henfield who in turn enroll their old family members to the home. Sussex Healthcare is dedicated to providing high standards of service and care to its residents so that they lack nothing. Sussex has different homes all of which are successful.

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To stay in the market, Sussex has had to make a few changes to its management system. Change can be sometimes considered scary, but according to the COO of Sussex, nothing will change if they don’t try to change something. The most significant step that the management of Sussex Healthcare made is to widen the communication channels among employees. Low ranking employees are now free to discuss matters affecting them to the administration with ease. They can also air out their views through these channels. Sussex also encourages teamwork amongst its employees to yield better results as opposed to if they work individually.

Residents at Sussex Healthcare are well taken care of, and they are satisfied with the amount of care they receive. Lily, who is a resident at Upper Mead says that she regrets joining the home late. She is 98 years old, and since joining Upper Mead, her life has been full of adventure. She even got her neighbor to enter the home after she became lonely at home when Lily joined. If Lily is not enjoying afternoon teas or sing-alongs with her fellow residents, she is away on a trip arranged by the staff members. In addition to the staff, IT guys work diligently to ensure that there is no defective electronic at Upper Mead. They issue out electronics such as laptops and mobile phones to the residents and also keep records of the items that have been borrowed. This ensures that Sussex runs smoothly.

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