Classdojo Takes Next Step

Keeping students, parents and teachers connected has always had it’s challenges. Fortunately in today’s world there are more and more tools that helping to remedy this problem. Classdojo is near the top of that list. Classdojo is an incredible app that helps teachers to build a classroom community. It is an excellent way for teachers and parents to stay connected and it helps to create a positive culture within the classroom.

Since 2011, Classdojo has been quickly building a large following. Today nearly ninety-five percent of elementary and middle schools have at least one teacher using classddojo. The company has built this success on the promise that they would never charge teachers or students. For the first time in it’s history, Classdojo is creating an application that can be purchased by parents. Named “Beyond School,” this new application features a number of parts that can connect parents and students through meditation and mindfulness.

CEO Sam Chaudhary is excited about the new features in Classdojo. He is convinced there opportunities at home for students to use this application. The new app builds on the behavior incentive piece already included with dojo. Now parents can create their own set of standards for giving out points. The application also includes a number of instructional videos that guide parents on how to do the mindful exercises with their children. Students can also record their own video response to various questions. Finally, students can create and customize their own avatar within the app.

“Beyond School” will be available for purchase in February. The application is set to be part of a monthly subscription service. It should be around $7.99 a month.