A Force at Live Nation

Who is Heather Parry? Heather Parry is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s say that if drive and creativity were to birth a child her name would be none other than Heather Parry. She is the visionary and energy behind Live Nation Productions, the film and television division of the live-entertainment giant. Heather launched this division in 2015. Live Nation Entertainment is the owner of more than 100 music festivals, puts out live-stream of concerts and other shows, so it was only right that they move in the direction of film production. Her extensive resume lends her extreme credibility, and her work ethic commands your full attention. Heather Parry began her career at MTV News where she produced “The Week in Rock,” and other projects. She shifted her interest in film development and production with “Get Rich or Die Tryin” starring 50 Cent and the “Longest Yard” starring Adam Sandler. With great passion and vision, Heather Parry has taken Live Nation Entertainment to the next level.

Since Heather Parry launched her company in 2015, she has produced documentaries that include “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story; “Five Foot Two,” a documentary on Lady Gaga; “Believer, that is about Imagine Dragon frontman Dan Reynolds and scripted film “The After Party,” starring Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and Teyana Taylor. She also has several other films in the works. Heather Parry is a very hard worker and is hungry for success. She knows how to seize the opportunity by the horns and go. With her many assets and a great body of work, her company was able to get involved with the blockbuster hit “A Star Is Born” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. It is now on the path of being one of the biggest films of the year.

Alex Pall of the chainsmokers gives insight on their musical journey and their expectations from the future

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Band Opens Up on their Music Journey and the Future.

Music has a way of bringing people together. Different races, backgrounds, and continents find themselves connecting through love for certain music or a musician. The inception of the band, Chainsmokers is a reflection of what music can do. In their different activities, miles apart, Alex Pall and his partner Andrew Taggart were drawn together for their love of music.

Alex Pall describes his journey to Interview magazine from his college days when he did DJ gigs to the future they are building. He describes the duo passion for music as intense. The first time they meet they found themselves in deep conversation for a couple of hours. They felt they had more to learn from each when it came to their music. They were looking into a combination of indie, some pop, a bit of dance and hip-hop as their identity music.

Co-operation has been the secret ingredient for their success

One aspect that Alex is happy about apart their love for music is that they both share the same values. They input a lot of time when it comes to the music, and he muses that before the interview they were from a group photoshoot. They have been writing their own songs and one can feel the rawness of the emotions. When they use the aid of songwriters, their contribution is compulsory.

The future of the duo is evident. Alex Pall is more confident since their social media feedback is from different continents. Secondly, they have collaborated with a fellow musician, Halley and the jam ‘’Closer’ was received well. They have already done more than three successful tours and the music festival they are planning on is already sold out three months to the actual date.

The sky is not the limit

But with such trends, Pall further expounds that they are still pushing an extra mile. The fans and their label are already asking for an album. He says they are not to drop one until they have a combination of great jams which complement each other. Lastly Pall believes that they are happy that they have been able to penetrate in the above thirty years crowd. His parting short is they are only pushing for new boundaries.