Doe Deere: The Recipe For Success

An interview was published on with makeup maven, Doe Deere. She is the self-proclaimed unicorn queen, says the article. She took her love of a rainbow of color and turned it into a multi-million-dollar makeup company, Lime Crime. According to the interview, Deere believes that everyone can make their dreams come true.

Doe Deere says that she was born in Russia and moved to New York City when she was 17. She says that she has always wanted to become a musician and did that when she moved to America. Deere and a group of friends formed a band and started touring.

She confides that being a musician has taught her how to appreciate fans. Deere says that she has always had the knack for being an entrepreneur. As a teenager, she says, she designed temporary tattoos and sold them in her middle school. Soon, she had started a school fashion statement, Deere says.

As a child in Russia, Deere’s mother taught her how to sew. The young Deere would design costumes for her and her friends. They would put on their own plays in the neighborhood. She also remembers getting into her mother’s makeup and blending fun looks. This early experimentation would be helpful in years to come.

When Deere moved to the United States and started touring with her band, she designed all of the costumes for the band members. She used her love of color to create lavish designs. Soon, says Deere, their fans asked about how they could get costumes like the ones the band wore. They thought the designs were trendy and cool.

Deere says in the interview that she lived 14 years in New York City. Some years were spent in Manhattan; however, she says that she lived the longest time in Brooklyn. She says that she became an adult in New York. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied fashion design. Even though she now lives in Los Angeles, Deere says that she visits New York often.

Since so many fans asked about her designs, Doe Deere set up an online shop on eBay. She sold clothes that she designed and even modeled them herself. She wanted a quirky name, so she took made a rhyme with her favorite color: Lime Crime. The store had a great deal of success, Deere says.

Back in 2008, Deere states, she started experimenting with makeup color. She modeled her clothing designs and wanted bold makeup colors for accent. The big problem, says Deere, was that the makeup trend for that time was natural beauty. Many of the colors were beige and bland. Deere blended bright hues of lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and nail polish. They went perfect with her designs, she says.

Doe Deere

Lime Crime fans loved the radiant colors of Deere’s makeup and wanted to buy it. It was not long until makeup sales eclipsed the sales of her clothes; so Doe Deere decided that Lime Crime would be exclusively a makeup store.

When Deere was asked for advice to young entrepreneurs, she was adamant that they should follow their hearts. She said they should not be afraid to go for their passion and “do what they love”. That is how Lime Crime became a great success, she says.

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