Edwin Miranda

Growing Your Consulting Firm With These Simple Tips From Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda has spent the better part of his professional life . Aadvising people on how to open up their own consulting firm. He can do the same for you. Read below to find out what Edwin Miranda suggest you do to move the process in the right direction.


“No man is an island unto himself.”

It does not matter how talented you think or feel you are, you need atalented partner of some kind. You need someone to help you out. Not everyone can do everything themselves. You will find there are areas you fall short in. You need someone who can pick up the slack, so to speak, according to Edwin Miranda. Find someone you can trust to take no half of the responsibility.

2) You will also need a team to help you, according to Edwin Miranda. Delegate tasks like accounting to others. That means you will need to have a small payroll system. It might cost you money to hire a few people, but it will cost you more to do it alone.

3) You should know the difference between establishing a business and working regular job, according to Edwin Miranda. There is a difference between working on the business and in the business. You should be working on the former, and not the later.

What happens if your partner decides to leave? Will you be able to survive on your own, or not? That is why you need to be working on the business and not in it.

4) There are two rules to the hiring process, according to Edwin Miranda. Finding right people takes time. Act fast when you need to fire someone.

The worst thing a consulting firm can do is keep someone who is bad for the company oh their payroll. I do not care if the guy is the accountant’s sons. You should get rid of him if he is not working out. It is a business. Not personal.

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Talkspace – The App That Aims to Make Therapy More Accessible

Ever since it was launched in 2012, Talkspace has been working to achieve its objective to make therapy more accessible to people. Through the resolve and perseverance of its leadership team that comes through co-founders Oren and Roni Frank, the text therapy mobile app has been able to garner gradual yet certain attention.

Through its highly intuitive but secure service, Talkspace has ensured to take away the inhibitions, travel and financial restrictions that people often experience with conventional or face-to-face therapy while enhancing the positive aspects that it therapy can have on an individual.

Once anyone subscribes to its easily affordable service, the Talkspace app allows people to text their dedicated, licensed and experienced therapist at their own convenience, anytime during the day. In case they want to have a face-t0-face conversation, then they can schedule a video chat as well.

To highlight how Talkspace Reviews could help people gain access to effective therapy, 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps announced his partnership with the app in 2018.

According to the swimming sensation, who has had struggles with mental health himself, his partnership with Talkspace stemmed from his desire to raise awareness about mental health and how therapy could help with it. Since Talkspace makes it easier than ever for people to reach out for help for their mental health issues, Phelps found it a great avenue to introduce people to the importance of therapy.

Phelps isn’t the only one who sees the positive aspects in the app. Therapists who work with Talkspace also perceive it as a better way to manage their own practice in a more efficient manner. Listening to patients with difficult issues on a daily basis can take its toll on therapists as well. That is why, having mostly text-based interactions on their own time through the day allows them to help patients in a better manner.

These positive aspects go a long way into making Talkspace a relevant answer to mental health problems. If you or a loved one need access to a therapist in an affordable and convenient manner, then don’t hesitate from exploring the app today.

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Maintaining a healthcare home for the elderly is not an easy task. It requires hard work, determination and focus from the employees at the organization. It also requires gaining the trust of people that you will take proper care of their parents and grandparents in their old age. This is no easy feat, but Sussex Healthcare is doing it and emerging triumphant. They have earned both the respect and trust of residents at Henfield who in turn enroll their old family members to the home. Sussex Healthcare is dedicated to providing high standards of service and care to its residents so that they lack nothing. Sussex has different homes all of which are successful.

Visit crunchbase.com to learn more about Sussex Healthcare

To stay in the market, Sussex has had to make a few changes to its management system. Change can be sometimes considered scary, but according to the COO of Sussex, nothing will change if they don’t try to change something. The most significant step that the management of Sussex Healthcare made is to widen the communication channels among employees. Low ranking employees are now free to discuss matters affecting them to the administration with ease. They can also air out their views through these channels. Sussex also encourages teamwork amongst its employees to yield better results as opposed to if they work individually.

Residents at Sussex Healthcare are well taken care of, and they are satisfied with the amount of care they receive. Lily, who is a resident at Upper Mead says that she regrets joining the home late. She is 98 years old, and since joining Upper Mead, her life has been full of adventure. She even got her neighbor to enter the home after she became lonely at home when Lily joined. If Lily is not enjoying afternoon teas or sing-alongs with her fellow residents, she is away on a trip arranged by the staff members. In addition to the staff, IT guys work diligently to ensure that there is no defective electronic at Upper Mead. They issue out electronics such as laptops and mobile phones to the residents and also keep records of the items that have been borrowed. This ensures that Sussex runs smoothly.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a man with a mission to succeed and leave a legacy

Dr. Shafik Sachedina currently resides in London England, located in the United Kingdom. He is responsible for being a Joint Chairman at Sussex Healthcare. He has acquired a plethora of skills during his lifetime, which has aided him in becoming a profound name in the healthcare system.

In addition to the attributes and qualities he possesses, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also a very hard worker and a diligent man. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is not only the owner of, but he is also the founder of Sussex Healthcare.

Shafik began this highly successful health care facility in order to provide any needed assistance to the inevitably aging community. Moreover, aside from the role he has achieved at Sussex Healthcare, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also actively involved in Aga Khan at Aiglemont which is located in France.

He has alot of experience in dental surgery. Therefore, he is an outstanding qualified dental surgeon. He received his qualifications in the year of 1975 from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London.

Sussex Health Care is one of his treasured accomplishments, and it has grown tremendously to become a company dedicated to providing care to residential areas, and support services which are based in Sussex County in South England.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in the East of Africa in Dar-es-Salaam which is Tanzania’s capital, in the year of 1950. Upon moving to reside in London England, United Kingdom he settled and became a British National.

Furthermore, he now holds many positions in different healthcare companies, and his skills are focused on Dentistry Dental and Oral Surgery Eldercare. The markets that he generally works in are Nursing Facilities and Elder Care.

The longest current appointment spans from a time frame of 23 years, 4 months and 3 days at Islamic Publications Limited. Therefore, the total revenue which has been acquired for all businesses where Dr. Sachedina holds a current appointment equals £1.2m.

This is a combination of assets valued at £4.2m taken with an account for all total current liabilities of £2.6m and a total current net worth of £1.8m.

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The Agera Energy Company For Energy Services

For anyone looking to make a change and save some money on their energy bills, it is a good idea to make the switch to the Agera Energy company. There are a plethora of reasons to give the Agera Energy company a try for yourself. For one, the company has been around since 2014 and already has millions of customers across 50 states. This gives you the chance to use a company that truly cares about its customers and is willing to go above and beyond what other service providers would be able to do for you.

You will also notice that the Agera Energy company works with both business owners as well as homeowners. This makes it easy to power up your home or business without using separate providers in the process. By looking at the company’s low and affordable rates, it is no wonder that so many people across the country are utilizing them for both their electricity and natural gas services. You can find out more about Agera Energy by visiting their site or checking out their many social media pages. By reading reviews written by customers, you will see just why a lot of people are making the switch and are thrilled with what this company has been able to do for them.

No longer will you need to worry about using a company that just isn’t giving you the service that you need at a price that you can afford. Agera Energy is there to be your number one service option when and where you need it the most, making it easier than ever to get natural gas or electricity that you require without it costing you a small fortune. This is a great way for you to enhance your living or working experience and know that you are choosing a company that is going to provide excellent customer service if this is something that you are going to need in the process of switching over. You can create an account on the company’s site to begin working with them and all of their services.

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Talkspace Gives People More Therapeutic Options

When Talkspace first started, their goal was to create a different kind of therapy. Text therapy is different from any other therapy available and it gives more people the chances they need to start getting better. No matter what issues people have or what they do to make themselves feel better, they can get help with Talkspace. The company works to come up with new ideas and options for people so they can talk to a therapist. It isn’t always easy to focus on the changes people need to make, but they can do it through Talkspace. The company also spends a lot of time coming up with solutions to issues people might not normally be able to get help with. Read more about talkspace at crunchbase.com

Since Talkspace started, they’ve been doing a lot to help their clients. The therapists are able to focus on what they can do to fix things and that’s important to the way the company works. It’s also a way for more people to get help with what they’re doing. Since most people don’t have to try things differently, they can make the best choices possible with the therapists they use. Talkspace also focuses on what they can do to change the way people see things.

It’s a great idea to keep trying things on their own and doing more to make people see the positive experiences they can have with Talkspace. By offering text therapy, Talkspace sets themselves apart and creates a better environment. More people may be able to get therapy thanks to the texting applications. It can help them focus on what they’re doing to change and how they can get more from each situation they’re in. Talkspace does a lot to make things like that happen so they can get more out of the industry and for the people they want to help.

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What Fortress Investment Group Gain From Being Acquired

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) was at the center of one of the largest acquisitions by a company called SoftBank. SoftBank started as a software wholesaler, and they drastically change to a company that would obtain the controlling interest of Yahoo. Softbank would make several investments in different industries. SoftBank paid $3.3 billion to acquire FIG. FIG was started in 1998 by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. The company has a headquarters in New York City and is responsible for managing assets of nearly 1750 private investors. After the acquisition, FIG still had the independence to manage $40 billion as they saw fit. By maintaining its’ independence to do business as they saw fit, FIG helped SoftBank avoid regulations by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the U.S. The committee used when transactions involve foreign companies.

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States. With the acquisition deal, FIG would get delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. By going private, Fortress Investment Group avoids shareholders’ interference caused by the shareholder’s desire for immediate results. FIG as a private company can focus more on a company’s goals and long-term success.

Fortress Investment Group gains access to limited partnerships and Asia by being acquired by Softbank. The acquisition deal gives Softbank access to real estate assets held by FIG. Fortress Investment Group is able to make an investment in cutting-edge technology. FIG made an investment in a rail company called All Aboard Florida, and Edens feel it is important for private companies to be involved with building infrastructure. Fortress Investment Group involvement would allow rail service investment to receive nearly $2 billion in bond. FIG help people realize that the expansion of the rail system would help reduce emissions. Another benefit of a rail system would be the reduction of vehicles on the road.

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Inside The Mind Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder, brand strategist and CEO of KOI IXS, which is a performance marketing agency based in the Fort Lauderdale area. This type of industry encourages forward thinking as it relies on innovation and technology to meet targets. You may learn more about Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS at his LinkedIn page HYPERLINK “https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinmiranda/” https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinmiranda/.


Based on responses to interview questions posed, we can infer a few things about Edwin Miranda. He heavily believes in the innovative and creative thinking approach which performance-based marketing requires. He describes his team as a passionate compilation of designers, thinkers, creators and strategists. The use of these terms reflects the kind of pioneering type mindset that is used to give their clients the required edge.

He recommends a book called Predictive Marketing as it forces readers to challenge their perceptions while giving useful insight on best practices in marketing, and on various areas of marketing strategy.

Apart from his corporate philosophies and beliefs, Edwin Miranda gives an insight into who the man behind the Chief Executive Officer is. Based on his account he is up at 5:30 daily and believes that the combination of an early start to the day, in tandem with adequate planning via to-do lists, help him to seize the day through established long, mid and short-term goals. This approach builds awareness for him and helps him to maintain a solution-oriented approach to challenges. His favorite quote is “A goal is a dream with a deadline”.

Edwin states that he would tell a younger version of himself not to be afraid to make mistakes once he remains bold and passionate. The idea he conveys here is that achieving maturity where one’s concepts and goals are concerned, requires struggle through life changing experiences.

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See what Agera Energy can do for you

When you choose Agera Energy as your power provider, you will receive numerous benefits that is not comparable by any other provider. Such services as an example are:

A non-complex sign-up procedure

Lenient invoicing and observation and recording of data choices, also with customized service final-times and period of time mensuration.

See-throughness with all services and legal document conditions.

Eco-friendly sustainable power (Agera Energy Pure) service choices, certifications supplied by Green-E

Non-complex sign-up procedure for a single or more mensuration devices across both power and products of naturally occurring gasses

Location or profile effective choices that will assist to reduce total usage

On-time alerts for renewing towards the final-time of your binding with Agera Energy

Aggressively cost-effective and tailored power and prices of naturally occurring gasses arrangements

Borderless transferification of your profiles from the nearby service provider of your current provider

Lastly, inner-contentness knowing that you have made the right decision for your commercial power provider, from Agera Energy

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/agera-energy

New Residential Investment Corporation Smart Investnents

New Residential Investment Corporation is headquartered in New York city. The investment company is a public real estate investment company. Michael B Nierenberg is the CEO and a board member of Residential Investment Corporation. On September 26, 2011, Residential Investment began as a branch of Fortress Investment Corp. On May 15, 2013, New Residential became a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corporation. New Residential is worth $1.2 billion in revenues. The company employs 11 to 50 people. New Residential is in competition with Altisource, JRW Investments, and Real Capital Analytics. New Residential is planning to spend $12.3 million on IT services.

New Residential Investment Corp is dedicated to provide strong, risk-adjusted returns. The attractive returns should drive strong dividends for shareholders. On January 29, one share of New Residential Investment’s stock is worth $16.78 on the New York stock exchange. The stock code for Residential Investment is NRZ. In 2012, NRZ was part of Newcastle when the stock was first conceived.

Over the past several decades, the complexity of the residential market has increased dramatically. New Residential targets assets generating stable, long term cash flows that will generate conservative returns throughout different interest enviornments.

One of the New Residential Investment took place November 29, 2017, when the investment company acquired Shellpoint Partners for $190 million. Shellpoint is approved to sell investment products like Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Freddie Mac investments. Shellpoint has a serving portfolio that is worth $50 million. Shellpoint Investments is a great addition to New Residential Investments.

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