Academy of Art University: The Home of Exceptional Artists

Academy of Art University’s graduate, Daniel Arriaga, was featured among those that were honored in the entertainment industry for the best movies of the year, Coco. This sung hero was honored for his tireless and commendable work on the award-winning animated film called Coco. This is an animated film of the journey of a boy through the land of the dead. It is a tale of the Mexican folklore that took the movie hype due to proper articulation of the art. Daniel Arriaga, alumni of Academy of Art University, was the senior director at Pixar that took the film so dear to him. It describes the culture of this alumni, and he discussed the significance of ensuring that the originality of culture is maintained. He is very talented and had animators that were able to create a visual and beautiful story that touched the minds and hearts of everyone. This contributed to their Oscar win. The film, Coco, won an Oscar award for being the Best Original Song. Daniel says that to come up with the film and to see its success took him quite some time through hard work, great effort, and determination.

Richard S. Stephens established Academy of Art University in 1929. Since then, this great place continues to transform students who are passionate to become professional in artistry and designing. Richard believed that the artists who are aspiring to grow professionally would achieve their goals with right instructions, hard work, and the dedication to learn the skills. Academy of Art University has great innovations in the faculty of industry professionals, arts, and curriculum studies. They have been able to produce excellent and qualified candidates that get hired at renowned institutions and companies like Apple, Pixar, EA, Zynga, Nike and many more.

The school, Academy of Art University, is working hard to become well versed with new and trending technologies in the specific artist industry. Currently, Academy of Art University has a grown number of students up to 18,000 in the nation. Some of the specific majoring courses include Acting, Animation & Visual Effects, Advertising, Art Education, Architecture, Illustration, Industrial Design, Jewelry & Metal Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design & New Media, Visual Development, and Multimedia Communication among others.

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