Susan McGalla Takes Pride in Her Hard Work

Susan Miguel and knows what it takes to become a leader in the business world. She knows how hard it is for women to climb to the top in the corporate world, and I believe that this may be the reason why she engages in so many public speaking conferences and event. She has a desire to see more women climb to the top in their careers, and she wants to give people that want this a chance to figure out how it is done.

Susan McGalla is a college graduate that has a marketing degree. This is what she majored in and this has been where she has been able to shine in the corporate world.

She has proven herself to be a great resource for any company that is trying to build a brand. Susan has been able to do this so well that she is in place now to revamp the fan gear clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It never occurred to me that there was someone that had creative control of the clothing line for an NFL franchise team, but Susan McGalla has been able to provide some light to this type of situation.

I believe that there are going to be a lot of people that some benefit from the vast amount of knowledge that Susan McGalla has. She is a person that has gone through the trials and errors of trying to establish herself in the corporate sector. She has been up against the competition when it comes to certain jobs, and she has continued to prove herself worthy of any position that she holds.

Susan McGalla is not naive to the business world. She knows that it is a male-dominated environment, and she realizes that she has to fight even harder to obtain some of the jobs that she has acquired over the years. Some women may have complained if they were in her shoes about working harder to get to the same point that a man was able to get to. i would complain, but it seems that Susan McGalla, instead of complaining, has become a person that embraces this. She fully embodies the fact that she is a minority in the corporate world where men are the majority. She realizes this, but she doesn’t let it define her. Susan McGalla appears to actually appreciate the challenge that is before her.