Deirdre Baggot, an Exceptional Healthcare Business Strategist

Deirdre Baggot is a reputable health care professional and business strategist. She has revolutionized healthcare payment systems to make them efficient and effective in improving health and patient care. Baggot has worked with numerous health institutions and garnered vast experience and expertise in the healthcare field. She continues to be a valuable asset in the healthcare industry and strives to find innovative ways to tackle the problems in the sector. Remarkably, Baggot is an expert reviewer who is competent at developing value-based payments. Learn more on

Deirdre Baggot went to school at the Southern Illinois University and attained a degree in Nursing. Later she pursued an MBA and Ph.D. at Loyola University. She uses her college education and experience in numerous organizations to bring positive changes in the healthcare industry. Baggot’s career started as a resource coordinator and staff nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Besides, her chief responsibilities in the hospital were to solicit for funding for various projects and tackle patients and employees issues.

After this, the University of Michigan Health System hired Baggot as a business analyst and administrative manager. Baggot’s primary responsibilities were to enhance the efficiency and safety of the hospital; areas that she excelled in remarkably. Later, Baggot worked for the Cardiac and Vascular Institute where she was responsible for operations in business development, marketing, and payer contracting among others. After this, Baggot got a job as a senior vice president in GE Healthcare Partners.

Deirdre Baggot is instrumental in developing healthcare payment systems with a focus on improving patient care and reducing costs. She acts as both a patient advocate and an organizational resource in her dealings making her a rarity in healthcare. Baggot has written and published a broad range of papers in bundled payment systems to sensitize people on it and its benefits. She has helped many organizations shift from the older models of payment that are strenuous and time-consuming to bundled payments. Additionally, Baggot is a speaker on areas of bundled payments and other finance-related issues in healthcare. In her vast and successful career, Baggot has learned that failure is a gift.

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