Nabor Industries CEO Tony Petrello’s Path to Success

Tony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd a global leader in geothermal power development. The Harvard School of Law graduate pursued a Juris Doctor Degree before proceeding to Yale University for M.S. Degrees in Mathematics. His classmate Lloyd Grove an editor of Daily Beast described by many as mean in his editorials has written about him in his article titled “the prince and the pauper “in this article he praises Tony as a seasoned mathematician and goes ahead to note that he was the highest paid CEO in the US in 2014.Nabors Industries Ltd is a global leader in land based oil and gas drilling.

From Groves’s description, it’s evident that Tony was charming and has always been a business leader and mathematics genius from their college days. Perhaps, these skills have helped him survive in the corporate world skillfully to the benefit of the organization with which he works while building his career at the same time. He began his career at Baker &McKenzie law firm where he gained lots of corporate leadership skills and was highly sought after. From this law firm, he was offered a job at Nabors Industries, Houston a company that sought legal services at Baker and McKenzie for a long time including the time worked there. Upon employment, at Nabors, he became the president and chief operating officer. Since Petrello joined Nabors Industries Ltd. In 1991, the company has grown tremendously under the leadership of Petrello. The company has operations in the United State of America, Middle East, and Africa.

He married Cynthia Petrello and the couple was blessed with a daughter named Carena who was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It was this incident that exposed Tony’s philanthropic side. He committed to supporting children with conditions similar to his daughter. A course to which he has remained faithful to as a matter of fact he is the leading medical philanthropists in supporting children with cerebral palsy. Besides the corporate titles, Tony serves as a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital in his bid to offer help to children with neurological disorders.

Mike Baur, A Banking Guru

In life, there is nothing more satisfying than having to dream as a young person of becoming someone in a profession and attaining one’s goal. This is Mike Baur remarkable story of hopes and dreams that eventually came to fruit. As a young person, he only had one wish, and as years passed he gradually realized his early passion of becoming a banker. Banking and Finance did always fascinate him as a young boy. Achieving his dream did not come easy as he had to climb the ladder of success gradually. He had to pave his way beginning from his days as an apprentice at UBS to becoming an executive board member of a large privately owned Swiss BANK.


He was able to attain his ambitious success after he graduated with an MBA from University of Rochester New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. This propelled him into his childhood career and has now spent almost two decades in Swiss Private Banking.


It is while working in the private sector that Mike Baur hatched up an idea of starting an independent and privately financed ICT Startup Factory in Switzerland. This begun Mikes entrepreneurial journey just at the age of 39. He was able to do this through partnering up with his two friends. The Startup Factory went on to become the No 1 independent and privately financed stage ICT Startup Accelerator. The accelerator program takes three months to complete. It is while in the program that a start-up is provided with financial support, coaching, mentorship, office space and access to an extensive entrepreneurial and investor network.


In January 2016, Mike Baur was named the deputy managing director of ICT Invest. This was after the partnership agreement that was brokered between Swiss Startup Factory and CTI. Baur went on to lead the Startup Factory through its accelerated program with Goldback Group in early 2016 and again after its partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.


It was through his leadership role that in the same year that the Wall Street Journal profiled Mikes early career from his days at Swiss Banking to his entrepreneurial and startup investments. Apart from all this, it is vital to know that Baur also spends most of his time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and helps finance them as well as fund them. He has left many people emulating the strides he has made in the banking industry.



How Mike Baur Is Transforming The And Nurturing Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a journey and those who manage to find the right path finally reap great returns. Many upcoming entrepreneurs hatch beautiful ideas but due to lack of skills and resources, they are not able to build their dreams. This is a disappointing trait that can be stopped and amazing products built to offer better alternatives. To make this possible, Mike Baur came up with a facility that has been supporting many individuals across Switzerland to ensure they receive the support required to build a startup.


Mike Baur founded this facility in 2014 and since then has been working with entrepreneurs from various parts of the country to ensure they receive support to build their dreams.


Many of the individuals who joined the company are today successful with their businesses ranking among the most established across Switzerland. Today, the Swiss Startup Factory stands as the biggest such facility in the country and the most reliable for incubating potentially huge projects. It is working with several universities to offer an ample environment for the development of the ideas.


Marketing and IT support

The current world is digital and everything businesses do nowadays has some digital touch. Therefore, any business that aspires to achieve its goals has to consider embracing IT services. Startups often lack the right appeal to technology not because they don’t have the ideas but to due to limitations that are brought by lack of resources. The Swiss Startup Factory considers this as one of the problems they should address to allow startups to proceed seamlessly along the growth path. They have professionals who offer both marketing and IT support and training.


Financial support

An idea is not enough if there is no money to fund its development. The Swiss Startup Factory understands this fact and in response they work to ensure all startups that lack funds are connected with successful and capable investors.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, a Switzerland based entrepreneur, is a professional whose presence in the world of entrepreneurship came as a new dawn to upcoming entrepreneurs. Through his company, the Swiss Startup Factory, he is offering startups a chance to build structures that are bold and configured to offer success and stability. He works with individuals who are highly skilled to lead the facility.