Marc Beer Is Doing Great Work In The Healthcare Field Once Again

Renovia Inc. is one of the most exciting new healthcare startups to come into operation in the last few years. The main focus at Renovia is to solve the issue of pelvic floor disorders in women. In order to combat this condition, the company is getting ready to launch several exciting products that it has been working on. This has all been made possible by the diligent work of the company’s CEO and Chairman Marc Beer who has recently managed to raise $42 million in funds to put toward product development and testing. Marc Beer is also the proud co-founder of Renovia and he has started up the company after a long and successful career of being involved with some of the most innovative healthcare firms out there.


Marc Beer’s Renovia is based out of the Massachusetts city of Boston. Results from Renovia have already been looking great and the firm has produced several therapeutic products as well as products of a diagnostic nature. These outstanding products are targetted at the treatment of a variety of disorders of the pelvic floor in women. The issue of urinary incontinence is one of the major conditions that these revolutionary Renovia products help to treat. Leva is the name of the very first product that Renovia has developed and this exciting product has already been granted approval by the FDA. The great thing about Leva is the fact that it gives women a technology of visualization in terms of helping them to focus target muscles. The product can be utilized through an app and it helps patients to exercise their muscles of the pelvic floor. Learn more:


The Series B funding has really been critical in the efforts of Marc Beer to fund the work being done by Renovia. This round of financing ended up yielding $32 million and the other $10 million of the money generated by Marc Beer was raised through venture debt. Organizations that were involved in this Series B round include Ascension Ventures which is based out of the state of Missouri and the Longwood Fund which is based out of the state of New York. These firms have provided invaluable funds that will go a long way to helping Marc Beer and Renovia to accomplish their mission.


Marc Beer’s long and distinguished career goes back more than twenty-five years in the area of development of pharmaceutical products and biotechnology. His latest project, known as Renovia, was founded during the 2016 calendar year alongside Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias. Marc Beer brings the same passion to Renovia that he has carried with him his entire career. He is looking forward to a bright future that includes helping many women to deal with an issue that has persisted for many years. 


Cancer is a disease that has been recognized as the leading cause of death regarding diseases in the world. Many have died because they do not have the required medication for the condition.The cost of treatment is high and as many such people do not have the money to go for specialized treatment so that they can curb the disease.


The main reason is that the doctors that can treat cancer are few as well as the resources for cancer treatment. However, the disease is now affecting many people around the world hence the need for scholars to conduct thorough research so as to come with innovative ways of controlling the disease.


The disease has mainly been attributed to the change in lifestyle in today’s living. Therefore, centers have cropped up which are geared towards ensuring that there is the development of a drug that can combat cancer.


There are those that have also developed interests regarding cancer research, and they have decided to work as professional scientific researchers. One of the well-renowned of the researchers is Clay Siegall who is a biotechnologist and a researcher. He is known for contributing significantly in the field of research so as to curb cancer and help cancer patients to survive.


Clay Siegal is also credited as the founder of Seattle Genetics which has had great contributions towards helping cancer patients. He is also a scientist who has enormous experience which has helped him to contribute regarding the development of the sector.


The biotechnologist has in the past contributed to the elaboration of a drug known as antibody-drug conjugates. It is a cancer drug that is used to introduce antibodies during the process of therapy so as to fight the disease. Clay Siegall has, therefore, come with a way that has proved essential concerning the minimizing of the effects of cancer to patients.


It is because of experience and real leadership that Clay Siegall has been able to shape the field of research. He is the head of the board of the company, and as such he has contributed significantly to the development of other undertakings that have dedicated their time to carry out research on cancer.