Eli Gershkovitch: The Crafty Brewer

Eli Gershkovitch gained interest in craft beer after graduating from Law school at Toronto University. This was after he tasted Belgian craft beer while taking a tour of Europe. Eli Gershkovitch started doing research on craft beer and the craft brewing business while he practiced law while living in Vancouver. This also helped Gershkovitch overcome the initial legal hurdles he faced while trying to get the local authority to license his first craft beer brewery. Gershkovitch’s chosen location had been an old building that had a steam heating system. Through innovation, Gershkovitch was able to use the steam system to develop a steam-powered brewing system, hit this. This gave birth to Steamworks, Gershkovitch’s first craft beer brand. The company has grown from six beers in the first year of operation to become a functional brewery that sells its craft beers across 14 states in the United States and various provinces in Canada.


Craft Beer: Crystallizing a Rich Heritage

Craft beer is the most popular type of beer in Canada. It has a 10% share of the beer market in the country. Its popularity has seen the number of local breweries grow from 88 in 2006 to 520 local breweries in 2015, head over here. The most popular ones include Spruce Beer, which comes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Its brewing is restricted to a few breweries, with Garrison Brewery being its main producer. The other popular type of craft beer is called the Ice Beer, manufactured by crystallizing the beer in cold temperatures then using freeze distillation to have a higher alcohol to water ratio.


The Packaging of Craft Beer

Craft beer is packaged in cans since beer cans are packed in large volumes and are also light. They are also light resistant and oxygen resistant if properly packed, read more. This helps increase their shelf life since light and oxygen affects beer shelf life longevity. Craft beer has attracted a lot of support from various provincial authorities, with Ontario investing $1.6 million in expansion and marketing of twenty breweries. Alberta has also invested $20 million; this support has helped push sales to an average of 36% and attracted big corporations, who have partnered with the local breweries.


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