Barbara Stokes quickly Responds to Disaster

When disaster strikes, Barbara Stokes spurs her team into action. Her team manufactures temporary shelters for disaster affected families. She is the CEO and founder of GSH of Huntsville, Alabama. The company specializes in disaster relief construction and provides homes of all sizes including temporary homes that meet federal specifications. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Barbara Stokes studied biomedical Engineering and Physics at the Mercer University. She graduated in the year 2001. She also studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, structures and Properties of Materials and Manufacturing and Management at Mercer University. After graduating, she worked at many well-known corporations including the Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She founded GSH or Green Structure Homes with her husband Scott Stokes in the year 2008. The company offers disaster relief construction solutions for public sector and private sector clients. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

The company co- founded by Barbara Stokes won the contract to build FEMA manufactured homes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The company uses advanced engineering and manufacturing procedures and design systems to make safe and durable disaster structures quickly. They were able to supply temporary modular structures to those who had lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey in a short span of time. The focus of the company is to make their structures safe and durable without compromising on comfort.

Barbara Stokes uses her expertise and experience in the disaster construction industry to respond quickly to national emergencies and to make sure that families that have lost their homes during natural disasters are provided safe shelters as quickly as possible.


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