Steve Ritchie’s Strategies That Helped Papa John’s Pizza Restore Its Lost Glory

In 2018, Papa John’s Pizza, a giant in the food service industry, was going through a rough patch as its image was tainted and the entire empire was about to crumple down. In order to save the company, something had to be done very fast. This is when the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Papa John’s Pizza, Steve Ritchie stepped in. He basically put in place a wide range of strategies that helped restore the image of the company and regain its lost glory. One of the strategies Steve Ritchie put in place was writing a well-crafted letter to the company’s customers.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie expressed the pain the issue had caused him. He went ahead to admit the mistakes that were made and offered an apology to the customers. In his letter he stated that insensitive language and racism are issues that are not tolerated at Papa John’s Pizza. After explaining the situation and offering an apology, he went ahead to tell the customers the steps that were going to be taken in a bid to fix the situation.

Steve Ritchie stated that one of the steps to be taken was conducting an internal audit on the firm’s culture and diversity practices. This, he said, will go a long way in ensuring that the firm identifies its weaknesses and strengths and set goals in a better way. He also said that senior managers will be on the road and talking to different employees and franchisees. The feedback that will be collected will enable the firm to move forward easily and effectively. Steve Ritchie went ahead to ensure that the whole process will be very transparent and he would be the person who would be spearheading the entire process. The letter was basically great and expressed a lot of empathy and it truly went a long way in restoring Papa John’s Pizza lost glory.

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Papa John’s Pizza. Headquartered in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, United States of America, Papa John’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant franchise. He currently leads over 100,000 franchise and corporate team members in over 50 countries across the globe. By examining the success of Papa John’s Pizza, it is clear that Steve Ritchie is doing a great job in leading the firm’s global development and expansion.


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