Jeremy Goldstein hosts the Fountain House fundraiser

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who graduated from New York University School of Law with a J.D. degree and also from the University of Chicago with an M.A. He has a B.A. cum laude and graduated with distinction from Cornell University. He is a member of the Fountain House Board of Directors starting from 2010 up to date.


As an attorney, he is the founder of his self-styled law firm which is known as Jeremy L.Goldstein& Associates LLC where he is the only lawyer. This has made Jeremy Goldstein become very widely recognized because he rarely fails to convince a trial jury. When it comes to court cases, his representation is probably the most sought after. People admire him and go to him because he does not fail.


On the 21st of May this year Jeremy Goldstein hosted a wine dinner fundraiser for Fountain House which is a charitable organization that helps people with mental illnesses to recover the proceeds from this private house party would be sent to Fountain House to help them in taking their assistance where it is most needed in other parts of the globe and not in the United States of America alone. Statistics have shown just how many people are affected by mental illness. These figures have created a space which Fountain House has used to reach as many people as possible.


The organization has been successful. To mention but a few Fountain House members go to the hospital less often and have significantly smaller medical bills to cater for. Many people like this have found permanent and pensionable jobs after leaving Fountain House. Observations have shown very good results of the Fountain House’s efforts in their battle to assist victims of this epidemic.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein threw a splash at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck which ran for four hours from 6:00-10:00 pm. Since it was a fundraiser, all the proceeds went directly to Fountain House management in aid of setting up more Fountain House houses around the country. The organization has geared to go to the next level by going global as opposed to what have been only local operations in the United States of America.


Its origins go back to 1944 when a group of people suffering from a common mental illness came together and decided to start a group for themselves and to help others suffering from similar conditions. This outfit was officially known as the We Are Not Alone group and Fountain House took this theme for their fundraiser dubbing it Mental Illness: You Are Not “A Rhone,” in honor of Jim Finkel. These are the pioneers of Fountain House starting way back. Fountain House is named after a fountain in the original premises.


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Hyland’s Teething Tablets Ease Pain Fast

Hyland’s teething tablets provide immediate relief from the discomfort associated with teething and other oral health concerns in baby’s and young children. Parents appreciate the homeopathic formula that doesn’t cause side effects or symptoms for their baby. And of course, if your little one could talk, they’d certainly thank you for the effective pain relief. Learn more about Hyland’s and discover why it’s a brand that you should trust like so many other parents do already.

Parents who use Hyland’s teething tablets do so because they trust the brand. As a name that’s been serving parents needs for over 100 years now, it’s easy to use the products with ease. The products made by Hylands are safe, made with naturally-occurring ingredients, and they work. Hyland’s continues to offer innovative products that parents can trust to deliver results.

Using Hyland’s teething tablets ensures that your baby doesn’t endure unnecessary pain. The tablets minimize swollen gums and ease the pain so parents and baby sleep well at night and enjoy smooth days. While many parents use the tablets to relieve teething pain, the tablets can also resolve a number of additional complaints. Safe enough to give to newborns, the tablets are free of parabens, dyes, and other harmful ingredients.

Hyland’s teething tablets are sold at drug stores, at the Hyland’s website, and online. If you are the parent of a newborn and want to ensure that your baby enjoys less pain when oral discomforts arise, make sure to pick these tablets up on your next shopping trip.

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Interview with the Best Consultant Luke Lazarus

An article that was posted on details all about Luke Lazarus had to say during the interview. Luke Lazarus is based in Melbourne, Australia where he is a startup consultant. Throughout his career, he has achieved so much.

Like he helped several companies to make the next move, created successful partnerships, offered other CEO useful information’s, and managed growth.

Lazarus knows that the duty he has as a consultant is that he should help companies make the right decision that will benefit them, and getting the right partners that they would work together in fixing any issues that might arise.

Corporate success is evident if they have the right partnership according to Luke Lazarus. The educational skill he possesses he attained it from Melbourne Business School. Before he was even 33 years old be had already been involved in the successful selling of four different companies.

At the age of 24 years, Luke Lazarus has already achieved his MBA. Now he is well known for the skills that he offers, he will spend most of his time working for other business to identify their issues, recommending, and seeing through that they use his recommendations.

To him, the main objective as a consultant is getting any company on track again, and the other thing is working together with the leader of the brand to get things moving. To make things easy for the company Luke comes up with a detailed list of what the company should do and what they should concentrate on. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

In Luke Lazarus plan, the first thing he will advise the companies is coming up with an immediate business plan that will be easy for someone to run a story on, and then the company should define their financial perceptive, missions and weakness.

The other thing he does is that he will come up with a presentation to help companies get their vision, and get a story that best describes their product and services. Being in the industry for long, he has the skills of looking at a market and identify the chances a company has in being successful. Then he will advise them on what they should change.

At the interview, the first thing he is asked is how he starts his days. To him he likes to wake up early, going to the gym, walking the dog sometimes, and then taking coffee.

To get the best during the day Luke Lazarus he will jot down the whole day, this makes it easy for him once he gets an idea he writes it down. One technology that excites him is how much companies can make if they made good use of the internet. The only advice that he would give his younger self is to be patient and not so harsh on himself.

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Vijay Eswaran: A Prominent Economist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is a notable philanthropist, entrepreneur, and economist from Malaysia. He is widely known for his successful businesses and his adherence to philosophies in particular servant leadership. Since an early life, Vijay Eswaran has been not one to avoid hard work and has believed in the power of hard work to propel his career to success. Vijay Eswaran funded his education through working in several part-time jobs including being a taxi driver. He went to schools in London and Chicago where he acquired degrees in accounting and management. Upon graduating, Vijay Eswaran has advanced to his first career as an information systems engineer.

After his career as an information systems engineer, Vijay Eswaran established QNET, a company that specialized in the direct-selling network that used e-commerce. QNET expanded rapidly and became the leading direct selling network in Asia. Vijay Eswaran is ranked as one of the richest men in India having a net worth of over $500 million. He is also one of the world’s top-notch professional speakers and a leading author. Despite having various types of the portfolio including real estate holdings, global company holdings, and many others, he still holds dear his humble background and strives diligently to make progress in the business field. Out of his intense passion for mentoring entrepreneurs, Eswaran also established theVijayaratnam Foundations and RYTHM which work with the underprivileged communities in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Vijay Eswaran is also the creator of the QI Group of Companies and is perhaps the most notable and flourishing business that Vijay Eswaran has achieved. This group of companies grew from a single establishment into a worldwide network of companies extending to over 30 countries. The headquarters of the QI group are in Hong Kong and has come to be recognized as an international conglomerate that grows fast every year. The QI group consists of various verticals such as education, real state, and global investments. This group of companies centers on enhancing value-based leadership together with extensive network marketing. The QI group is known to have empowered over a million entrepreneurs. It employs over 1500 people and nurtures them to gain financial freedom as well as become their own bosses.


Hemp Trends High with EOS Lip Balm

You know when mainstream beauty companies start using a new ingredient we have something special on our hands. Not only is hemp finally getting the respect and reverence it deserves, but it is also being used from everything from nutrient-rich food sources to making high-quality bed linens and now lip balm. EOS announced its micro batch program, which also is a sign of good business health. As EOS has taken over the chapstick kingdom it is planning to stay on top and competitive with fast-beauty.

EOS’s new lip balm flavors include Happy Herb and Baked Brownie. Although these flavors speak mary jane, they don’t actually have any cannabinoid components. The company is taking advantage of the hemp seeds rich oil which has been used for thousands of years as a great nutrient-rich emollient. Beauty trends come and go, but hemp is back out of the closet and selling fast. These flavors come in smaller batches that allow EOS to produce and stay on top of trends. With that, these two flavors will only be available through the EOS website.

These flavors bring more than buzz words and have increased the impact of hydration and nourishment for healthy lips. Like many other rich emollient oils as argan, and jojoba, hemp seed oil might just become a new beauty household name. If you are a fan of anything highlighting cannabis culture hopefully you bought your new flavors before they sold out. Be on the lookout for new fast production trends coming from EOS.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the King of E-commerce

Liu is one of the innovators of the modern age, he has always been an adventurous mind trying to learn new things. He has grown into one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Getting to his current billionaire status hasn’t been rosy. Instead, it’s a story for all up-and-coming entrepreneurs to learn from.

He was a child of coal shippers who understood the importance of a formal education. In the higher institution, he studied sociology but later went on the path of computer technology. After graduating, he took some time out to harness his skill and soon after was appointed the head of computer operations at Japan life. The herbal company experienced growth during his time at the position.

After resigning from his position, he was a master of his craft and was ready to open his own shop. The first company he started sold magneto-optical products and enjoyed success along the way. It progressed steadily allowing him to open numerous retail outlets around the region. Things were looking bright until the SARS outbreak happened.

This was an unforeseen circumstance that delayed day-to-day operations and inevitably reduced profit. Customers could not make the physical transactions like normal, Liu had to find a way out. Seeing as he might not get his projected profit, he decided to close all the shops and use the money to open up an online platform known as Currently the company is worth about $45 billion, and is attracting interest from corporations around the world.

Recently, WeChat had made an investment of 215 million dollars for percentage in a company. As a result of that partnership WeChat advertised on its platforms. With about a billion active users on WeChat it’s no surprise the rapid growth of The companies on the rise and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Liu is an inspiration to every entrepreneur and the ideal icon to emulate.

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Article Title: Therapist Roseann Bennett Gives Marginalized Families Attention

Article Text:

With her husband Todd Bennett, family therapist Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a non-profit organization that treats and advocates for families and individuals. CFS, an organization supported by grants, contracts, or state or federal funding, offers free family therapy, play therapy and behavioral assistance, as well as individual counseling to families in Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren Counties in New Jersey. Mrs. Bennett, who acts as executive director of CFS, holds a Master’s degree in Psychological Studies along with a degree as a Specialist in Education in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Approved Supervisor.  Roseann Bennett therapist serves as President of the Northern Chapter of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

The idea of in-home therapy occurred to Mrs. Bennett after she worked in the community and learned that outpatients often had to wait six to nine months to receive treatment. She also noted that those patients with low-income backgrounds who had little access to rapid or continuing health services were especially affected. To resolve the problem of delayed care, the Bennetts established Center for Assessment and Treatment (CFS). This center is a charitable organization that seeks to advocate for and treat families by providing attention to those who are marginalized or disenfranchised in their communities.

With CFS, a family therapist comes to a designated room in the home where hours of top quality treatment in a comfortable environment are provided. The therapists, who usually meet with the family for an hour a week, have as their goals the improvement of family relationships. To accomplish this improvement, the therapists work with children in the context of the family, an approach that the Bennetts believe allows family members to heal themselves. The therapist also makes efforts to strengthen the resources of the family by assisting them in building support contacts in their communities.

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Barbara Stokes quickly Responds to Disaster

When disaster strikes, Barbara Stokes spurs her team into action. Her team manufactures temporary shelters for disaster affected families. She is the CEO and founder of GSH of Huntsville, Alabama. The company specializes in disaster relief construction and provides homes of all sizes including temporary homes that meet federal specifications. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Barbara Stokes studied biomedical Engineering and Physics at the Mercer University. She graduated in the year 2001. She also studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, structures and Properties of Materials and Manufacturing and Management at Mercer University. After graduating, she worked at many well-known corporations including the Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She founded GSH or Green Structure Homes with her husband Scott Stokes in the year 2008. The company offers disaster relief construction solutions for public sector and private sector clients. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

The company co- founded by Barbara Stokes won the contract to build FEMA manufactured homes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The company uses advanced engineering and manufacturing procedures and design systems to make safe and durable disaster structures quickly. They were able to supply temporary modular structures to those who had lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey in a short span of time. The focus of the company is to make their structures safe and durable without compromising on comfort.

Barbara Stokes uses her expertise and experience in the disaster construction industry to respond quickly to national emergencies and to make sure that families that have lost their homes during natural disasters are provided safe shelters as quickly as possible.


Ira Kirschenbaum  Brings Joint Implants into the 21st Century

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronx Healthcare Systems. Dr. Kirschenbaum recently talked about the latest trends in joint replacement implant procedures. In July 2018, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum wrote a 377 page medical journal, Major Orthopedic Joint Repacement Implants Global Market Opportunities and Strategies To 2022 for the orthopedic industry.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has decades of experience in surgical procedure and a great way with patients. Kirschenbaum created minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. The patient doesn’t need to have the entire knee replaced. By only replacing the surrounding joints, it reduces trauma to the surrounding tissue. Partial and minimally invasive knee surgery has a quicker recovery time than traditional knee replacement by surgery. Kirschenbaum has reinvented shoulder and hip replacement surgical procedures.

Dr Ira Kirschenbaum believes in using robotic arms as a surgical tool in modern day operations. Robotic arms make cutting into the knee more precise. Kirschenbaum uses 3-D consoles, making it easy for surgeons to see what they are doing. Using 3-D consoles leave little room for error and a better outcome for the patient. CT scans are taken of the joint and then the image is fed into a device that makes the image a 3D picture.

Generic joint implants are being commonly used in surgery. Generic joint implants cost less than real ones. In the near future, 3D printing will be used to create artificial joints. The implants will be customized to fit each individual implant patient. Instead of trying to find the right implant from a limited selection, the implants will be made to the specification of the patient’s need. There are lots of conditions to meet. Knee and hip replacement joints take a lot of weight and wear. If the person is heavy, that adds more stress to the implant joint.

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Article Title: Agera Energy’s Most Recent Updates

Every big company understands the importance of a vision. Having a culture defining all the members involved is basic to avoid misunderstoods, ensure great organization and make leadership possible. But even when following such basic principles there are still areas of improvement.

For instance, the energy business presents a lot of flaws specially when talking about states where energy must be regulated, making electricity and gas supply options for customers slim to none. However, companies like Agera Energy have worked on making possible a better service for Americans people for the last decade.

Agera Energy has been immersed in lots of different projects and initiatives since the arrival of Geoffrey Duda, a highly effective CEO who masters all the basics and principles in business and makes the right decisions to lasting progress.

The new CEO of Agera Energy proposes approaching the customer offering several enhancements and benefits as an top energy company.

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