OSI-McDonald’s: A Glimpse At How They Produce Their Legendary Burgers

For Fans of OSI Group McDonalds Famous Burgers, This Insight Regarding Their Burger Production Is For You OSI, or Otto & Sons Industries Group and McDonald’s can be said to be the ultimate example picture of a take-out hamburger should a photo of such a product be listed in the Webster’s dictionary.

To coin the pairing as iconic would not be out of the realm, as now up to 4 generations of people across the globe consume easily up to 60 or so million McDonalds burgers a day; or per the article here with Business Insider: ttps://www.businessinsider.com/i-went-to-a-mcdonalds-factory-and-saw-how-the-burgers-are-really-made-2018-10#the-boxes-show-exactly-when-and-where-each-hamburger-was-made-11/-up to 75 burgers are sold in a second.

OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers Are Made From Real Beef

The company has been questioned about the alleged preservatives within their products over and over again throughout the decades; as some naysayers along the way have accused OSI Group McDonalds food to be filled with preservatives and fake. In actuality, the company more than welcomes tours within their plants globally to prove otherwise.

OSI, the long-time manufacturer for McDonalds, collects the meat from beef cattle grown as close to the factories as possible for quick harvest, processing and rapid distribution. From there, the cuts are delivered into large portions so the risk of contamination is lessened; due to the fact it is not preserved, but real fresh meat from the local farm.

Then these cuts are minced then pressed into patties in both frozen and fresh conditions so that they can be brought to correct temperatures more quickly as well as hold their shape. Then they are frozen in a manner going back to OSI-McDonald’s renowned Cryogenic procedure and ready for shipment and distribution to the restaurants.

People Are Paid To Sample The Burgers Daily

For those that are Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger aficionados, or just love hamburgers in general, this would seem a dream job as any. Samples of the meat are tested with both temperature measuring equipment and the taste-buds themselves after being grilled on a OSI Group McDonalds model stove-like the ones used in the restaurants themselves. This is to ensure proper fat content and that the taste of the burgers meets the company standard.

With US President Donald Trump in office presently, and reportedly huge devotee of McDonalds, the spotlight seems to back on the company to maintain its lofty standard like never before. This should not be an issue for the OSI Group McDonalds, whom have been doing this for over six decades now.

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