Article Title: EOS Partners with (RED) to Fight AIDS

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In efforts to raise awareness for different issues, many companies release special edition merchandise. The beauty company EOS continues in this tradition by releasing a new lip balm in a partnership with the charity (RED), an organization that provides AIDS treatment to the impoverished. Furthermore, EOS revamped their packaging for this special edition product.

Similar to their other packaging, the special edition pomegranate raspberry lip balm was concealed in a sphere container. In keeping with the theme for the awareness campaign, the container was a deep red hue to symbolize the partnership between the beauty company and the (RED) charity.In fact, EOS has pledged 15 percent of the sales profits for the special edition gloss to the charity.

Since its inception, EOS has focused on using natural and ethically-sourced materials in their products. As a result,the company uses sustainable ingredients such as Shea butter, beeswax, and jojoba oil. EOS states that their mission is to make beauty products that serve a purpose and which are enjoyable to use. Besides partnering with (Red), the company also partners with other charities like I am that Girl. Additionally, they work with Terracycle, a recycling firm whose aim is to make recycling an easy option for everyone.

EOS’s partnership with (RED) is an honorable effort that will help many people in sub-Saharan Africa receive the treatment that they need. In a statement a spokesperson for EOS highlighted that 18.5 million women and girls live as HIV-positive, so the company felt compelled to raise awareness in some way. EOS hopes that this action will inspire their customers to spread some goodwill.

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