Article Title: JD AI Accelerator Program Helps New Startups

Article Text: is giving a hand to startup companies to push the boundaries of their potential. is China’s largest retailer and launched their new technology in August of 2018. This will serve as an important start to AI startups and companies that are still in their early stages that want to make a great first impression. Giving their startups a chance to present their projects, JD held a demo day. The first round of startup companies covered a variety of different projects including FaGouGou which created a platform that provides legal consult services. This does not include an easy task. AI algorithms and legal databases have to research everything at hand. JD’s suppliers have already benefited from the new AI Accelerator Program and has seen a vast improvement in the sales of their product.

Currently in China, there is a shortage of experienced lawyers. Due to FaGouGou’s new technology, many have been able to connect with people that are capable to giving them legal advice. This fulfills the need of the current shortage. didn’t stop at legal applications to showcase the first batch of innovators. Included in their startup demo was also the Chinese wine app 9KaCha. This company ends the days where a person forgets the name of the delicious bottle of wine they had the night before. JD has empowered this new company with snapshot technology and allows the user to have round the clock consulting. This app is simple to use but very intricate in the results the user gets.

By snapping a picture and uploading it on the app, the user will gain access to the details of the bottle of wine. It will detail the wines unique flavors, where it originated, the type of wine it is and even recommendations about other wines the user may enjoy. Since the success of the first batch of startup companies, JD has announced that they will be showcasing seventeen new startup companies and will be working hand in hand with them to help them achieve success. JD has empowered many startup companies and helped them launch becoming very successful in their goals.

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