Fortress Investment Group: A Year Of Major Success

Last year was one of the most prosperous years for Fortress Investment Group. The investment firm experienced major growth as they transitioned and expanded their company into a dominant player in the world of financial and investment management. Two decades later and this company is still impacting the world with their investment strategies, expert management and undeniable leadership. Softbank Group Corporation transitioned the company into its family of brands. Softbank paid over three billion dollars for the investment firm. Softbank plans to push the company to new heights with cutting edge technology and real estate deals.

Softbank is very experienced and equipped to handle this transition. They have major plans for Fortress Investment Group and adding Fortress to their family of brands is going to diversify their portfolio. Softbank is a on mission to revolutionize financing and information support. Companies in the tech and finance sectors make up this major brand. Softbank tends to get involved with companies that relate to artificial intelligence, renewable energy and robotics. The company has stake in giant companies like Uber and Alibaba. Large scale developments are planned for Fortress Investment Group. These projects will span across the entire world.

Fortress is not new to large scale property developments. The private equity firm has been responsible for financing some major real estate developments throughout the United States. TSX Broadway was a 2.5 billion dollar deal orchestrated by Fortress. The Times Square deal is already being looked at by major companies like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Samsung. This will be a dominant retail space for investors and companies. Consumers and tourists will be drawn to this area. Social media will create much buzz about this place. This is one of the highlights of Fortress right now. This development will set the tone for what Fortress is able to accomplish over the coming years.

Fortress Investment Group has had an impressive year. But the future is beaming bright for this investment firm. Real estate deals and managing the investments of some of the wealthiest clients in the world will continue to be what this company strives to do for another twenty years.

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