The Beginning and History of OSI Industries

In our industry today, OSI Industries is one of the biggest and leading multinational food providers all over the world with more than 20,000 employees at its 65 facilities in over 17 countries. It has risen from humble beginnings to major corporate business and the company continuously rises and grows in our global and modern economy. The history of the company started with Otto Kolschowsky who was a member of the well-known German-immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois during the turn of the 20th century. The flourishing city was both an entry point for new immigrants who were on their way west to establish farms on the plains. OSI Industries have been part of our lives ever since.

A century ago, back in 190 on the west side of Chicago in Oak Par, Kolschowsky opened a small retail butcher shop and meat market to serve his business community only two years after arriving in the United States. He was able to set up a good business and by the end of the First World War, he had expanded into the wholesale side of the business within a decade. This expansion also included moving his operations to Maywood. One decade later, it was rebranded as Otto & Sons in 1928 and has been a steady and successful local business as the years go by. It has become part of the American community and continued to evolve with it.

One of the success stories of the OSI Industries began during the beginning of the economic expansion after the world war, modern suburbs started to grow across the United States of America and the had an increase in demand right after the end of the war. Because of this, a business alliance was formed by two small and vague family businesses. The first McDonald restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois back in 1955. Ray Kroc opened it along with a couple named Richard and Maurice McDonald who founded the family restaurant back in 1940. However, before Kroc opened the branch, he had an agreement with Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. An agreement wherein they will be the supplier of fresh ground beef. Otto & Sons eventually became OSI Industries. Click here.


Carsten Thiel Launches New Weight Loss Products

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin. He grew up in Germany throughout his youth and excelled in his studies. He majored in Chemistry to garner insight regarding the Anglo-Saxon educational system. Thiel left Germany to pursue Organic Chemistry from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. While there, he majored in biochemistry. Eventually, Carsten Thiel attended the Institute of Max Planck for Biophysical Chemistry. He also took up his Ph.D. specializing in Molecular Biology.

When he completed his formal education, Carsten Thiel’s first interest in the innovative world of pharmaceuticals brought forth an exciting position working at Hoffman La-Roche, a revered ground-breaking biotechnology company, previously, being the Communications Manager of the company, Carsten Thiel exuded knowledge, as well as experience, garnered to build the company’s reputation. He was soon tasked with the responsibility to work as a scientific manager in charge of marketing and assessment.

Carsten Thiel is also the former manager of Insadong Eastern Europe. He was responsible for launching various products in the pharma sector. Besides, he displayed years of experience in product launches. Coupled with a firm conviction to adhere to a strict code of ethics, Thiel has progressively proven to be a success in the sector of biotechnology. He has set a required standard for the future of the industry.

In a unique comparative note, weight-loss products were initially marketed with significant large scale promises during launches. This often led to a massive increase in products sales. Some clients desired to have instant results even though they were unwilling to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss products will work best when combined with a viable, active lifestyle. Carsten Thiel recognized this risk since it was detrimental to the launch of products as well as the client’s weight loss journey. He, therefore, focused on the product launch after hiring the right stakeholders.

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OSI Food Solutions: Providing Food Services Across the Globe

OSI Food Solutions has a history of providing quality food products and solutions. The company started as a single meat market in a suburb of Chicago Illinois in 1909, and expansion started eight years later. When the first McDonald’s opened in 1955, Otto & Sons – the name of the company which would become OSI – was the supplier of fresh beef patties. As McDonald’s grew, so did the meat supplier. OSI Food Solutions now has more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 different countries. OSI Food Solutions is more than just a food supplier. The company follows the same path they did early on with McDonald’s – they partner with leading restaurant and food retail brands to supply a custom food solution.

OSI controls the entire supply chain to ensure that partners are supplied with what they need, when they need it, and maintain consistent quality and safety. In addition to a variety of beef, pork, and poultry processing, OSI also provides solutions for seafood, pizza, baked goods, produce and more. In recent years, OSI Food Solutions have been aggressive with its expansion plans. In 2004 and 2006 the company acquired two poultry processing companies. In 2009, OSI established a poultry company in China. In 2016, OSI acquired a 200,000 square foot food processing plant near Chicago which was formerly operated by Tyson Foods. Later in 2016, the company acquired Flagship Europe – a UK based food services company.

In 2018, the company was ranked number 63 on the Forbes list of America’s largest private companies. The company has received many awards in the past few years for safety and for the quality of its products. OSI Food Solutions won twelve medals at the 2018 World Steak Challenge. OSI Germany took home a gold medal for its Grain Fed Dry Aged Angus Ribeye. OSI Poland and OSI United Kingdom also won gold medals in different ribeye categories. The company also won silver and bronze medals in a number of sirloin and fillet categories. Safety awards include the “Globe of Honour” which was awarded by the British Safety Council in 2016. In 2018, the British Safety Council presented OSI with an award of merit at the International Safety Awards. Click here.


The Hornet’s Nest of Watford FC

As one of the standout clubs of the 2018-19 Premier League season, Watford FC have propelled themselves to 12 victories as of this writing, including their first four fixtures to begin their campaign. That success has also translated to the FA Cup, where Watford have earned a place in the quarterfinals. The club has enjoyed a level of sustenance in the top flight of English football that would not be possible without the intervention of club owner Gino Pozzo, who, alongside his father, purchased the club in 2012. One of his approaches to revitalizing Watford during his time in ownership, as well as overseer of full-time operations, stems from transactions to and from other clubs in Europe that fall under family ownership and has led to a constant influx of talent that has maintained them at a steady level within competitive circles in England. By sheer virtue of this, the club has ascended above the middle of the pack in recent seasons, but through the 2018-19 season in particular, Watford have made waves in the Premier League and FA Cup through a combination of solid performances by established players such as Troy Deeney and recent transfer Gerard Deulofeu from FC Barcelona, as well as manager Javi Gracia, who has instilled a sense of leadership by having his players believe in one another throughout the course of their campaign and has built a good team, far more complete than the one he inherited when first assuming his managerial role in January 2018. These developments are notable given the club’s humble origin and how far they have come to reach this point in their history, even garnering support from recognized artist (and one-time owner) Elton John. Regardless of overall results, Watford look to continue making waves, both now and in the future.

Carsten Thiel Journey in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Carsten Thiel’s expertise and leadership skills have helped him develop high-end medical products including Prolia, Strensiq, and Neulasta. He is a visionary leader who has spearheaded numerous medical therapies to facilitate quick recovery. Furthermore, Carsten Thiel has helped many patients recover from terrible conditions. He is described by colleagues as caring, and passionate about biotechnology. He believes that we should use our time wisely to improve other people’s lives. Carsten Thiel is unique because he follows medical ethics in everything he does. He is has improved medical protocols, patient care thereby giving patients good services.

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin and was a good student. He studied chemistry in Marburg and later joined the University of Bristol to experience the traditional Anglo-Saxon education system. He specialized in biochemistry. He also attended Max Planck Institute to study Biophysical Chemistry and attained a Ph.D. in the same.

After graduation, he was employed by Hoffman La Roche, a leading biotechnology company. He was the communication manager in the firm and used his skills to advance his status. He employed innovative thinking, scientific knowledge, and interpersonal skills to meet his obligations. It did not take long before the firm noticed his skills and gave him more responsibilities. He joined the scientific marketing team and later established crucial account management.

Carsten Thiel attributes success to hard work and determination. When he joined Hoffman La Roche, he knew what he wanted and focused on attaining it. Despite facing many obstacles, he was resolute and achieved his objectives. He urges young people to persevere and be objective. He flourished within his roles in the field and used his experience to give impeccable customer service. Furthermore, Thiel used his experience to develop medical products to the markets. He is a man of integrity in the pharmaceutical sector.

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What makes Guilherme Paulus a popular businessman

Guilherme Paulus began his career journey with IBM as an intern. In brazil he known as one of the businessmen who are believed to bring diverse changes in business. he is the leader of board of advisors at Brazilian tour-based company which operates in more than 20 hotels and restaurants. His idea of starting a company came from his colleague Carlos. He explained him about his investment idea of creating a tourist-based company to be positioned on where he was staying. At his young age, he did not have enough capital to do some investments. They agreed that Guilherme Paulus would give groundwork and initial requirements while his colleague catered for investment to start the company.

While working at Casa Faro, Guilherme had so many opinions concerning the project. However, he was not in a position to help therefore admitting this challenge. While they were launching there first location, he was declared to be having rich entrepreneur ideas. He planned to select a place with continuous movements, traffic and flow of people. taking this into consideration, he selected a location near the exit of a movie theatre. In his mind he knew well that people will be passing by their store and get attracted to know what they were offering. About Guilherme Paulus and Carlos partnership in business went for 4 years. Afterwards Guilherme took the position of managing the business alone.

The business grew up and expanded beyond his imaginations. According to Guilherme Paulus brings ideas in life through taking steps into unknown investments. He claimed that not unless someone implements a certain idea, he/she cannot be able to determine whether that idea is good or bad. Having faith and trust in what he is doing is what makes him to bring new ideas in life. Advancements in technology is one of the trends which excites Guilherme Paulus. By use of technology he claims that it is possible to know the requirements of customers with ease. Technology also aids in determining how to respond to new trends of in business and new market which may arise. Click here.


Edwin Miranda

Growing Your Consulting Firm With These Simple Tips From Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda has spent the better part of his professional life . Aadvising people on how to open up their own consulting firm. He can do the same for you. Read below to find out what Edwin Miranda suggest you do to move the process in the right direction.


“No man is an island unto himself.”

It does not matter how talented you think or feel you are, you need atalented partner of some kind. You need someone to help you out. Not everyone can do everything themselves. You will find there are areas you fall short in. You need someone who can pick up the slack, so to speak, according to Edwin Miranda. Find someone you can trust to take no half of the responsibility.

2) You will also need a team to help you, according to Edwin Miranda. Delegate tasks like accounting to others. That means you will need to have a small payroll system. It might cost you money to hire a few people, but it will cost you more to do it alone.

3) You should know the difference between establishing a business and working regular job, according to Edwin Miranda. There is a difference between working on the business and in the business. You should be working on the former, and not the later.

What happens if your partner decides to leave? Will you be able to survive on your own, or not? That is why you need to be working on the business and not in it.

4) There are two rules to the hiring process, according to Edwin Miranda. Finding right people takes time. Act fast when you need to fire someone.

The worst thing a consulting firm can do is keep someone who is bad for the company oh their payroll. I do not care if the guy is the accountant’s sons. You should get rid of him if he is not working out. It is a business. Not personal.

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The Bare Bones of Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg, age 55, has worked as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of New Residential since 2016. Prior to this position, Mr. Nierenberg worked for Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as managing director and head. He was responsible for all trading and sales within the division. Michael Nierenberg was hired by Bank of America in November 2008 from JP Morgan. Before his tenure at JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg held many senior leadership positions during his fourteen years being employed with Bear Stearns. One of these positions included head of intrest rate and foriegn exchange trading operations. Mr. Nierenberg was a member of Bear Stearns from 2006 to 2008 where he was a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Bear Stearns, he spent seven years with Lehman Brothers where he was appointed the position of Director. The estimated worth of Michael Nierenberg is atleast $43.6 Million Dollars as of the summer of 2018. He owns over 1 million units of New Residential Investment Stock worth well over $43 Million Dollars.

Michael Nierenberg’s employment record hasn’t been completely on the up and up though. According to an article in “The Atlantic” from January 25, 2011, Nierenberg and several others from Bear Stearns were accused of cheating and defrauding investors through mortgage securities they created and sold to investors while working at Bear Stearns. Analysts from Bear Stearns admitted that they were told to falsify loan-level performance data that was provided to ratings agencies who gave Bear Stearns their billion-dollar deals. It has been said that traders under Tom Marano were pocketing the money that should of gone to securities holders after Bear Stearns already sold them bonds and had moved the loans off of the books. Michael Nierenberg was a major player, ensuring the defaulting loans that Bear Stearns was purchasing would fall off their books right after they bought them. There is a lawsuit with a lot of supporting emails that date back to 2005, naming Michael Nierenberg and numerous others that “Double-dipped” and got paid twice for the same deal.

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Madison Street Capital: Choosing A Reliable Investment Banking Firm

If you are looking for information about building your portfolio or growing your existing investment portfolio, it’s imperative to consult a reputable investment banking firm. Perhaps you are trying to find out about Madison Street Capital or the experience of its advisory team.


Madison Street Capital has been around for years and has built a team of well-recognized professionals. Its investment advisory professionals have vast experience in the industry and come highly recommended.


The Madison Street Capital team was recognized for its role in debt financing of RMG Networks. This reliable team received an award for its great service and for ensuring the success of the transaction. These professionals provided outstanding advisory service and guidance to Sachs Capital Group throughout the process. They were awarded “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year”.


Charles Botchway, the Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital expressed his appreciation for the hard work his team put into making the transactions a success. This recognition of outstanding performance helped boost Madison Street Capital reputation.


Madison Street Capital is considered one of the top investment advisory firms. This reputable investment firm has been catering to a wide variety of clients around the world and has access to reliable investment and financial services resources.


Investment banking firms play a role in helping organizations or companies raise capital to finance various financial projects and grow their enterprises. They are financial advisory intermediaries who advise and guide their clients and can help with issues like pricing capital and allocating it to various uses.


Raising Capital & Security Underwriting requires great expertise and the professionals at Madison Street Capital are well trained and experienced in handling this type of project. Numerous clients rely on them for expert advice and service because of Madison Street Capital reputation.


Investment banks perform Mergers & Acquisitions. These firms advise buyers and sellers on a wide variety of financial matters, including business valuation, structuring of transactions, negotiation, and pricing. They also provide guidance and advice on procedure and implementation.


Investment banks also handle Sales and Trading and Equity Research. These financial services firms match up buyers and sellers. They can also buy and sell securities in order to facilitate the trading of securities.


It is highly recommended that you get in touch with Madison Street Capital to learn more about the various ways they can help an investor or a company achieve the success they desire.


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Fortress Investment Group: A Year Of Major Success

Last year was one of the most prosperous years for Fortress Investment Group. The investment firm experienced major growth as they transitioned and expanded their company into a dominant player in the world of financial and investment management. Two decades later and this company is still impacting the world with their investment strategies, expert management and undeniable leadership. Softbank Group Corporation transitioned the company into its family of brands. Softbank paid over three billion dollars for the investment firm. Softbank plans to push the company to new heights with cutting edge technology and real estate deals.

Softbank is very experienced and equipped to handle this transition. They have major plans for Fortress Investment Group and adding Fortress to their family of brands is going to diversify their portfolio. Softbank is a on mission to revolutionize financing and information support. Companies in the tech and finance sectors make up this major brand. Softbank tends to get involved with companies that relate to artificial intelligence, renewable energy and robotics. The company has stake in giant companies like Uber and Alibaba. Large scale developments are planned for Fortress Investment Group. These projects will span across the entire world.

Fortress is not new to large scale property developments. The private equity firm has been responsible for financing some major real estate developments throughout the United States. TSX Broadway was a 2.5 billion dollar deal orchestrated by Fortress. The Times Square deal is already being looked at by major companies like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Samsung. This will be a dominant retail space for investors and companies. Consumers and tourists will be drawn to this area. Social media will create much buzz about this place. This is one of the highlights of Fortress right now. This development will set the tone for what Fortress is able to accomplish over the coming years.

Fortress Investment Group has had an impressive year. But the future is beaming bright for this investment firm. Real estate deals and managing the investments of some of the wealthiest clients in the world will continue to be what this company strives to do for another twenty years.

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