Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a man with a mission to succeed and leave a legacy

Dr. Shafik Sachedina currently resides in London England, located in the United Kingdom. He is responsible for being a Joint Chairman at Sussex Healthcare. He has acquired a plethora of skills during his lifetime, which has aided him in becoming a profound name in the healthcare system.

In addition to the attributes and qualities he possesses, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also a very hard worker and a diligent man. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is not only the owner of, but he is also the founder of Sussex Healthcare.

Shafik began this highly successful health care facility in order to provide any needed assistance to the inevitably aging community. Moreover, aside from the role he has achieved at Sussex Healthcare, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also actively involved in Aga Khan at Aiglemont which is located in France.

He has alot of experience in dental surgery. Therefore, he is an outstanding qualified dental surgeon. He received his qualifications in the year of 1975 from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London.

Sussex Health Care is one of his treasured accomplishments, and it has grown tremendously to become a company dedicated to providing care to residential areas, and support services which are based in Sussex County in South England.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in the East of Africa in Dar-es-Salaam which is Tanzania’s capital, in the year of 1950. Upon moving to reside in London England, United Kingdom he settled and became a British National.

Furthermore, he now holds many positions in different healthcare companies, and his skills are focused on Dentistry Dental and Oral Surgery Eldercare. The markets that he generally works in are Nursing Facilities and Elder Care.

The longest current appointment spans from a time frame of 23 years, 4 months and 3 days at Islamic Publications Limited. Therefore, the total revenue which has been acquired for all businesses where Dr. Sachedina holds a current appointment equals £1.2m.

This is a combination of assets valued at £4.2m taken with an account for all total current liabilities of £2.6m and a total current net worth of £1.8m.

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The Agera Energy Company For Energy Services

For anyone looking to make a change and save some money on their energy bills, it is a good idea to make the switch to the Agera Energy company. There are a plethora of reasons to give the Agera Energy company a try for yourself. For one, the company has been around since 2014 and already has millions of customers across 50 states. This gives you the chance to use a company that truly cares about its customers and is willing to go above and beyond what other service providers would be able to do for you.

You will also notice that the Agera Energy company works with both business owners as well as homeowners. This makes it easy to power up your home or business without using separate providers in the process. By looking at the company’s low and affordable rates, it is no wonder that so many people across the country are utilizing them for both their electricity and natural gas services. You can find out more about Agera Energy by visiting their site or checking out their many social media pages. By reading reviews written by customers, you will see just why a lot of people are making the switch and are thrilled with what this company has been able to do for them.

No longer will you need to worry about using a company that just isn’t giving you the service that you need at a price that you can afford. Agera Energy is there to be your number one service option when and where you need it the most, making it easier than ever to get natural gas or electricity that you require without it costing you a small fortune. This is a great way for you to enhance your living or working experience and know that you are choosing a company that is going to provide excellent customer service if this is something that you are going to need in the process of switching over. You can create an account on the company’s site to begin working with them and all of their services.

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Talkspace Gives People More Therapeutic Options

When Talkspace first started, their goal was to create a different kind of therapy. Text therapy is different from any other therapy available and it gives more people the chances they need to start getting better. No matter what issues people have or what they do to make themselves feel better, they can get help with Talkspace. The company works to come up with new ideas and options for people so they can talk to a therapist. It isn’t always easy to focus on the changes people need to make, but they can do it through Talkspace. The company also spends a lot of time coming up with solutions to issues people might not normally be able to get help with. Read more about talkspace at crunchbase.com

Since Talkspace started, they’ve been doing a lot to help their clients. The therapists are able to focus on what they can do to fix things and that’s important to the way the company works. It’s also a way for more people to get help with what they’re doing. Since most people don’t have to try things differently, they can make the best choices possible with the therapists they use. Talkspace also focuses on what they can do to change the way people see things.

It’s a great idea to keep trying things on their own and doing more to make people see the positive experiences they can have with Talkspace. By offering text therapy, Talkspace sets themselves apart and creates a better environment. More people may be able to get therapy thanks to the texting applications. It can help them focus on what they’re doing to change and how they can get more from each situation they’re in. Talkspace does a lot to make things like that happen so they can get more out of the industry and for the people they want to help.

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A Force at Live Nation

Who is Heather Parry? Heather Parry is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s say that if drive and creativity were to birth a child her name would be none other than Heather Parry. She is the visionary and energy behind Live Nation Productions, the film and television division of the live-entertainment giant. Heather launched this division in 2015. Live Nation Entertainment is the owner of more than 100 music festivals, puts out live-stream of concerts and other shows, so it was only right that they move in the direction of film production. Her extensive resume lends her extreme credibility, and her work ethic commands your full attention. Heather Parry began her career at MTV News where she produced “The Week in Rock,” and other projects. She shifted her interest in film development and production with “Get Rich or Die Tryin” starring 50 Cent and the “Longest Yard” starring Adam Sandler. With great passion and vision, Heather Parry has taken Live Nation Entertainment to the next level.

Since Heather Parry launched her company in 2015, she has produced documentaries that include “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story; “Five Foot Two,” a documentary on Lady Gaga; “Believer, that is about Imagine Dragon frontman Dan Reynolds and scripted film “The After Party,” starring Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and Teyana Taylor. She also has several other films in the works. Heather Parry is a very hard worker and is hungry for success. She knows how to seize the opportunity by the horns and go. With her many assets and a great body of work, her company was able to get involved with the blockbuster hit “A Star Is Born” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. It is now on the path of being one of the biggest films of the year.

The Contributions of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed partners with the Lightspeed Venture Capital. Through her success, she has set a path of other people. She has studied in two higher learning institutions and after that worked in several top companies. She worked as a category manager in a top department where she was in control of growth and also making sure that customers had the best encounters. She used a specific model to advance feedbacks and also to gather feedback.

Ashley used to work for businesses that were starting up as a consultant to raise the money she needed while studying. To bring the ideas of entrepreneurs to reality, Ashley Lightspeed considered working together with other people. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at lsvp.com

From her experience and commitment, she started up her own company. She majored on doing consulting projects. Many people who she had previously worked with learned of her works, and they offered as much help as they could. Her consultation job made her make more money and hence to enable her to add more to her ideas. She worked with two companies, Better Up and Funbox very well.

Ashley Lightspeed was later employed at Lightspeed Venture Capital after she stopped working as a consultant. She has a special talent of bringing about growth in all her master plans. These plans have helped her to enhance long-term growth and also the plans are financially affordable. She has contributed significantly to diversifying the activities of Lightspeed Ventures.

Passion is one of the main things that allow Ashley to perform her job accordingly. It have enabled her to be able to put the best in her work during her career. It also allows her to play many other activities and still have the capability to be above those that are in the same field as she is. She believes that being flexible is one of the significant milestones of being a successful investor.

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What Fortress Investment Group Gain From Being Acquired

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) was at the center of one of the largest acquisitions by a company called SoftBank. SoftBank started as a software wholesaler, and they drastically change to a company that would obtain the controlling interest of Yahoo. Softbank would make several investments in different industries. SoftBank paid $3.3 billion to acquire FIG. FIG was started in 1998 by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. The company has a headquarters in New York City and is responsible for managing assets of nearly 1750 private investors. After the acquisition, FIG still had the independence to manage $40 billion as they saw fit. By maintaining its’ independence to do business as they saw fit, FIG helped SoftBank avoid regulations by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the U.S. The committee used when transactions involve foreign companies.

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States. With the acquisition deal, FIG would get delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. By going private, Fortress Investment Group avoids shareholders’ interference caused by the shareholder’s desire for immediate results. FIG as a private company can focus more on a company’s goals and long-term success.

Fortress Investment Group gains access to limited partnerships and Asia by being acquired by Softbank. The acquisition deal gives Softbank access to real estate assets held by FIG. Fortress Investment Group is able to make an investment in cutting-edge technology. FIG made an investment in a rail company called All Aboard Florida, and Edens feel it is important for private companies to be involved with building infrastructure. Fortress Investment Group involvement would allow rail service investment to receive nearly $2 billion in bond. FIG help people realize that the expansion of the rail system would help reduce emissions. Another benefit of a rail system would be the reduction of vehicles on the road.

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Gareth Henry Thinks In Motion

Gareth Henry Knows that Constant Activity is Important For Positive Returns

As an accomplished business man and someone who has a knack for mathematics Gareth Henry is one individual that understands how to move the needle in the world of business. Gareth Henry does not shy away from complex challenges and makes certain to take each opportunity to find out how to contribute and extract value from each and every different situation.

He has served in many multiple positions throughout the field of finance and has realized a few key aspects over his time in business field. A few of the places that he has worked at include Angelo Gordon, Fortress Investment Group, Schroders Plc, SEI Investments, and Watson Wyatt.

As such, it shows that Gareth Henry has been quite busy and has stayed in motion over the course of his long career. Let’s take a look at some of the investment principles and lessons he has learned over his many years in the industry.

Always be Personable, Active, and Helpful

He realized early on that to make it in business you have to deal with humans and their emotions, their fears, their hopes, their dreams and their desires. You are not just talking to individuals within a rational manner, you are reaching out to them according to their specific worldviews and you have to cater accordingly. If you understand these principles, you will be able to maximize your time and to make a difference in the lives of those that you wish to serve and in your own life as well.

As such, he is involved in many face to face meetings and always looking for ways to help his many different clients within the business sector. Gareth may have as much as 500 meetings or more in a single year!

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Inside The Mind Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder, brand strategist and CEO of KOI IXS, which is a performance marketing agency based in the Fort Lauderdale area. This type of industry encourages forward thinking as it relies on innovation and technology to meet targets. You may learn more about Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS at his LinkedIn page HYPERLINK “https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinmiranda/” https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinmiranda/.


Based on responses to interview questions posed, we can infer a few things about Edwin Miranda. He heavily believes in the innovative and creative thinking approach which performance-based marketing requires. He describes his team as a passionate compilation of designers, thinkers, creators and strategists. The use of these terms reflects the kind of pioneering type mindset that is used to give their clients the required edge.

He recommends a book called Predictive Marketing as it forces readers to challenge their perceptions while giving useful insight on best practices in marketing, and on various areas of marketing strategy.

Apart from his corporate philosophies and beliefs, Edwin Miranda gives an insight into who the man behind the Chief Executive Officer is. Based on his account he is up at 5:30 daily and believes that the combination of an early start to the day, in tandem with adequate planning via to-do lists, help him to seize the day through established long, mid and short-term goals. This approach builds awareness for him and helps him to maintain a solution-oriented approach to challenges. His favorite quote is “A goal is a dream with a deadline”.

Edwin states that he would tell a younger version of himself not to be afraid to make mistakes once he remains bold and passionate. The idea he conveys here is that achieving maturity where one’s concepts and goals are concerned, requires struggle through life changing experiences.

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The Impact of Realreal in Consignment

RealReal is a start-up company that deals with the consignment of authentic and luxurious products. Moreover, the company has numerous offices in the United States. Besides, it accepts products from all over the world and also ships them across the globe. RealReal is very specific about its products and carries out a rigorous process. The process is aimed at ensuring the authenticity of the products. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for authenticators to be awarded for identifying counterfeits.

RealReal outstandingly provides the best service to its customers, for example, it sends drivers to pick up products for consignment. Moreover, the company has been able to man its whole inventory thus providing security and accountability for all its customers’ items and products. RealReal has a vast customer base and most of the products in its catalog are usually sold in 30 days.

RealReal has an Instagram account which it uses efficiently to market some of its products. The content of the Instagram account is mostly about luxurious fashion products. Other posts are about house furniture and places.

The Instagram Account of the Company

The fashion products posted appear to be very luxurious and authentic since some of them have the logo associated with the world’s highly respected brands such as GUCCI, CHANEL and LOUIS VUITTON. One of the posts in particular, is of a woman wearing a classy and luxurious piece of jewelry, a ring. The ring is golden, crafted from 18K gold and decorated with diamond, recycled stones and pearl.

The account is also used to advertise the companies’ offices in LA and in SoHo. The offices are splendidly displayed on the page with pictures of the interior being shown. More photos of the products in which the offices deal with are also displayed.

The pictures on the RealReal Company’s Instagram page are very eye-catching. They spark up an interest in the viewer for they look authentic and durable. The account also gives the viewer a variety of options to choose from.

Organo Gold’s Exciting Line of Products

Organo Gold is a company whose main agenda is to give excellent flavors to individuals all over the world. This company was started in the year 2008 and it specializes in teas, beauty accessories, coffee and among other products. Organo Gold as has its coffee culture. Coffee culture refers to the adoption and use of this product as a largely used stimulant by a certain norm. Various writers have come up with the triple waves of coffee usage. The first era involved the use of coffee pots in all dinners. The second wave is mainly for ensuring that the coffee is tastier, milkshakes are also part and parcel of this wave. The final wave concentrates on the appreciation of coffee.

Organo Gold has provided different ways of spicing up. These include; The pumpkin spice coffee, Iced Orange Creamsicle Coffee and Cinnamon Mocha. With the pumpkin spice coffee, one needs an amount of pumpkin spice which is mixed with the coffee before brewing. Another option of preparing this, is by blending a mixture of brewed coffee, pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice and finally spread it over ice. The Iced Orange Creamsicle involves grating orange peels and placing them on the lower side of the coffee filter then adding the coffee grounds. One can then eventually add cream or any type of milk may it be almond or organic milk after which ice should be added. The cinnamon Mocha involves mixing instant coffee, milk and a pinch of cinnamon.

Organo Gold has its herb staple known as Ganoderma that makes its products special and distinguished. This herb comes from a mushroom termed as Ganoderma lucidum. The mushrooms are processed to form a mushroom powder famous as reishi which is then added to the various Organo products.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/title/distributor-at-organogold