Inside The Mind Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder, brand strategist and CEO of KOI IXS, which is a performance marketing agency based in the Fort Lauderdale area. This type of industry encourages forward thinking as it relies on innovation and technology to meet targets. You may learn more about Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS at his LinkedIn page HYPERLINK “”


Based on responses to interview questions posed, we can infer a few things about Edwin Miranda. He heavily believes in the innovative and creative thinking approach which performance-based marketing requires. He describes his team as a passionate compilation of designers, thinkers, creators and strategists. The use of these terms reflects the kind of pioneering type mindset that is used to give their clients the required edge.

He recommends a book called Predictive Marketing as it forces readers to challenge their perceptions while giving useful insight on best practices in marketing, and on various areas of marketing strategy.

Apart from his corporate philosophies and beliefs, Edwin Miranda gives an insight into who the man behind the Chief Executive Officer is. Based on his account he is up at 5:30 daily and believes that the combination of an early start to the day, in tandem with adequate planning via to-do lists, help him to seize the day through established long, mid and short-term goals. This approach builds awareness for him and helps him to maintain a solution-oriented approach to challenges. His favorite quote is “A goal is a dream with a deadline”.

Edwin states that he would tell a younger version of himself not to be afraid to make mistakes once he remains bold and passionate. The idea he conveys here is that achieving maturity where one’s concepts and goals are concerned, requires struggle through life changing experiences.

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See what Agera Energy can do for you

When you choose Agera Energy as your power provider, you will receive numerous benefits that is not comparable by any other provider. Such services as an example are:

A non-complex sign-up procedure

Lenient invoicing and observation and recording of data choices, also with customized service final-times and period of time mensuration.

See-throughness with all services and legal document conditions.

Eco-friendly sustainable power (Agera Energy Pure) service choices, certifications supplied by Green-E

Non-complex sign-up procedure for a single or more mensuration devices across both power and products of naturally occurring gasses

Location or profile effective choices that will assist to reduce total usage

On-time alerts for renewing towards the final-time of your binding with Agera Energy

Aggressively cost-effective and tailored power and prices of naturally occurring gasses arrangements

Borderless transferification of your profiles from the nearby service provider of your current provider

Lastly, inner-contentness knowing that you have made the right decision for your commercial power provider, from Agera Energy

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New Residential Investment Corporation Smart Investnents

New Residential Investment Corporation is headquartered in New York city. The investment company is a public real estate investment company. Michael B Nierenberg is the CEO and a board member of Residential Investment Corporation. On September 26, 2011, Residential Investment began as a branch of Fortress Investment Corp. On May 15, 2013, New Residential became a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corporation. New Residential is worth $1.2 billion in revenues. The company employs 11 to 50 people. New Residential is in competition with Altisource, JRW Investments, and Real Capital Analytics. New Residential is planning to spend $12.3 million on IT services.

New Residential Investment Corp is dedicated to provide strong, risk-adjusted returns. The attractive returns should drive strong dividends for shareholders. On January 29, one share of New Residential Investment’s stock is worth $16.78 on the New York stock exchange. The stock code for Residential Investment is NRZ. In 2012, NRZ was part of Newcastle when the stock was first conceived.

Over the past several decades, the complexity of the residential market has increased dramatically. New Residential targets assets generating stable, long term cash flows that will generate conservative returns throughout different interest enviornments.

One of the New Residential Investment took place November 29, 2017, when the investment company acquired Shellpoint Partners for $190 million. Shellpoint is approved to sell investment products like Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Freddie Mac investments. Shellpoint has a serving portfolio that is worth $50 million. Shellpoint Investments is a great addition to New Residential Investments.

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Rebel Wilson’s Throuple on Valentine’s Day with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

 Rebel Wilson is an Australian by birth and has three siblings Ryot, Annachi, and Liberty. She is a professional actress and comedian. She is known to have been very shy and timid when she was a young girl but after joining debate clubs and creative competitions while at school, she could speak out more and pursue her dreams of being a comedian.

After high school, she studied at the University of New South Wales. She also attended the Australian Theater for Young People where she started off her Hollywood Career. Her main focus in the start was not comedy but when she set foot on the stage and people started laughing for no apparent reason, she thought it was because she was ‘fat, but she took that to be her game plan. Outrageously, it is the comedy that took her to Hollywood.

After successfully releasing Pizza in 2000 and Bogan Pride in 2008, Rebel Wilson moved to West Hollywood in the year 2010 by then aged 30. She became a successful film actress against the expectations of many and has dominated Hollywood. Although she has not yet chosen to become a citizen in the US, she likes the American way of life. She is single and loves her life that way. She hopes to marry when the right man comes but she says she is alright if he does not. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer and Rebel Wilson Reveals Character – Isnt Romantic

In an upcoming movie, Isn’t It Romantic, where Rebel Wilson is starring with Miley Cyrus’s husband Liam Hemsworth, she (Rebel) posts the movie’s video on Instagram and asks her fans to watch the movie and adds claim’s that she never been on a date on Valentine’s Day.

Upon these sentiments, Miley Cyrus responded by offering a date to Wilson on Valentine’s Day saying that they can be a throuple. Miley Cyrus is said to have given this offer after she and Liam got married in a private ceremony in her home in Nashville attended by a few family and friends.

Rebel Wilson, on the other hand, posted videos from the film all over social media and a picture of her and her and Hemsworth on a green screen. In the movie, Rebel Wilson starring as Natalie, falls off badly and knocks herself out and wakes up in a place where everything appears better and happier and also smooches Liam Hemsworth.

In the picture, Wilson looks dazzling wearing a crimson gown while Liam looks glassy wearing a black suit and a tie. After the admission of Rebel Wilson, Miley in a joking manner asked her if she would like to go on a date with the couple on February 14.

Rebel Wilson is a funny woman and she is sure to amuse her fans and all the people who watch movies on the eve of Valentine ’s Day. She is a determined lady who has managed to be successful in the male-dominated platform. She is strongly confident, hilarious, unique and with a rich personality.

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