A Collaborative Effort With Alex Hern

Alex HernAlex Hern, the CEO of Tsunami XR, says that he loves the collaborative atmosphere of technology conferences. Whether they are international or national, Hern adds that technology cost reductions are leading to more demands for innovative customer and business technologies. From depth capturing cameras to holographic presentations, everyone around the world is asking technology innovators, what is next? Where are they likely to go from here? That is the breadth of these meetings, and their most important take away says, Alex Hern. What is genuinely next for consumer technology?

Thanks to smart technology, Virtual and Augment technology over the years, has been able to maintain consumer interest gradually. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software, is already being utilized as training simulators. The technology has allowed businesses to minimize their annual costs and long-term expenses. This is in addition to increasing operator competency and alleviating casualties. By using VR/AR technologies in the workplace, employers have testified, that since participating in the program, trainees have increased not only their overall task comprehension, but also reduced the time necessary time needed to train them.

Global businesses are thrilled about the direction that current technologies have taken, in the last decade. Indicating that implementing new technologies into the workplace, has proven to be an enormous asset for staff productivity. It adds personability to any client-business relationship, which has proven to be beneficial when immediate feedback is necessary. Alex Hern says that Tsunami XR Company, has allowed for business to conduct program and software walkthroughs in a virtual environment.

Asia has taken an avid interest in implementing XR, AR, and VR technologies into their business, defense, and commercial sectors. While many Asian entrepreneurs are turning to media and gaming content creation. With the gaming and entertainment industries alone, VR/AR technologies, have been able to establish a stable platform for themselves in the region.

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