Alex Hern Shares His Vision For Tomorrow’s World Of Extended Reality

Alex HernAlex Hern has a vision of how extended reality will affect the future. XR is the technology that will harmonize virtual reality and extended reality. Alex Hern is the Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR. Cross reality is something that has natural appeal. People will be able to immerse themselves in it to the degree they wish. At one time, the traditional XR user was a gamer. That has changed in today’s world. XR technology advances to the stage of having universal business appeal and applications.

The aerospace, manufacturing, and health science companies are pushing the envelope. However, there is still room for a lot of industry growth. Not all companies have the means for the research and development of XR applications yet. Companies will find a way if they want to remain competitive. There will always be those break-out vendors that will find a way to deploy the technology.

As it stands, Los Angeles based Tsunami XR helps pave the way by providing companies both large and small with pre-packaged XR solutions. These solutions can help improve bottom-lines savings. Whatever challenges XR implementation deals with will naturally dissipate as the industry catches on.

Alex Hern makes the case that two decades ago that head mounted displays were rare and a novelty at best. Military simulator and video arcades at the high end offered the technology. Now, XR offers a 140-degree range of vision or more along with amazing eye resolution. This technology appeals to large segments of a market that consumers are eager to engage with. Alex Hern and Tsunami XR are on the technology radar.

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