Gareth Henry: Master Connector in the Private Credit Sector

As a seasoned mover in multiple private credit and equity deals with institutional investors, Gareth Henry sees a major shift in the direct investment and the private credit sector. Leveraging his academic training in math and statistics, Gareth Henry has provided leadership and actuarial services to several firms in the alternative asset industry.

As the former head of International Investor Relations at Fortress’s London office, Gareth Henry developed several successful new products for the hedge fund, private equity fund, and fixed income fund. Following these implementations, Fortress promoted Henry to Global Head of Investor Relations at their Liquid Markets division. Visit

A unique and effective combination of quantitative and people skills has allowed Gareth Henry to develop an extensive personal network that he uses for staying on top of the financial news, raising capital and connecting investors. This network and his experience in the private equity markets has enabled Henry to guide large institutional investors through the expansion of credit appreciation private credit over the last decade.

Credit appreciation private credit funds invest in debt at closely held companies that need an alternative to private equity. After the 2008 financial crisis, many banks cut back lending to mid-sized companies. Without readily available credit, these companies need cash from other sources. This has opened new opportunities for investors. Instead of selling control and diluting ownership by selling shares, the owners raise the capital they need through a network of contacts. As a master connector, Gareth Henry is in the position to match the borrowers and lenders. His experience, math skills, and creativity skills provide the foundation needed to design investment instruments unique to each situation.

Instruments such as preferred equity tranches or subordinated debt allow the company’s owners to maintain control of the business and avoid difficulties with senior creditors. Other instruments may combine structured debt with equity-like agreements that reduce the risk for the investor. In the end, everyone is happy. Mid-sized firms have access to the liquidity they need, and investors often receive a high rate of interest. Read more on

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