Disgraced Former CEO Rick Scott Faces Allegations Of Fraud From End Citizens United

End Citizens United has been working diligently since 2015 to encourage reform when it comes to campaign financing. Big Money has always been influential in politics, but in recent years the problem has been becoming worse according to End Citizens United and citizens are not being kept informed about where the funding is coming from.

They were created after a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court that allowed Citizens United to not have to reveal the sources that funded their controversial film based on Hillary Clinton. They believe that political power is tipped to favor Big Money 20 and the organizations that provide it to politics instead of the citizens of the United States.

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The decision by the Supreme Court allowed so-called “Super PAC’s” to collect as much money as they can without disclosing their sources. They believe that politician and former CEO of Columbia/HCA Rick Scott is using these loopholes to fund his own campaign for a seat in the Senate. While super PAC’s are not illegal, it is illegal for a PAC to fund any individual politician’s campaign. The PAC in question is known as the New Republican PAC, which Rick Scott happened to hold the position of Chairman before his campaign. End Citizens United alleges that Rick Scott did not break ties from the New Republican PAC when his campaign began. In fact, their website still listed him as their Chairman in early 2018 despite his insistence that he no longer served in the position.

When Rick Scott help the position of CEO at Columbia/HCA, the company was fined $1.7 billion due to fraudulent practices involving the billing of Medicare. While Rick Scott resigned from the company after being disgraced, he himself was able to avoid personal charges by invoking his rights according to the Fifth Amendment. The Florida governor is being closely watched by End Citizens United who has released documentation supporting their claims of illegal campaign financing. With his past history involving fraudulent activity, they do not believe it is very far-fetched that Rick Scott would be skirting the law in order to achieve his political goals.

Source: https://emilyslist.org/news/entry/women-vote-and-end-citizens-united-launch-program-educating-california-vote

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