Milan Kordestani, taking the bars of agriculture higher and setting the pace for young adults

At the age of nineteen most, people are usually in limbo regarding what to do with their lives. In fact the best they can do is attend classes during weekdays and drink themselves into a stupor during weekends. However, there are the select few who understand the essence of making hay while the sun shines and topping this list is an innovative young man by the name Milan Kordestani. From afar, Milan looks like any other typical teenager, but there is more beneath this surface of innocence.

Who is Milan Kordestani?

Milan Kordestani is a young entrepreneur who ventures in an area where most of his age mates wouldn’t even ponder of venturing into. He is the force behind Milan farms, a company famed for its ground-breaking use of technology in the production of saffron, eggs and poultry products. As the chief executive officer and founder of the farm, young Milan has been proactive in its management a factor that has seen it become one of the most sought out companies for its quality products. Additionally, Milan emphasizes the essence of honesty and transparency in running any business. It is thanks to such qualities that he continues to soar to great heights with each dawn.

More about Milan

Unlike most people who come from a well to do family, Milan is committed to making a name for himself and not dwell on his family’s legacy which explains why he is so dedicated to his farming business. Besides the farm, young Kordestani is still a student at Colorado College and is also a part-time writer for Huffington post where he regularly shares his views on various fields such as health, Politics, agriculture and business tips. He is also an avid fan of horses and boasts an impressive equestrian track record. For instance, before graduating from high school in 2017, Milan had already participated in various top-shelf horse competitions such as the Worlds championship horse show where he took positions 2 and three respectively and numerous other races such as the 17 and under park division in 2015. There is no doubt that Milan Kordestani is a teenager cut from a different kind of cloth and is a role model to both the young and the old in our society.

More about Milan farms

Established in 2015, Milan farms is a company famed for its hydroponic production of saffron and mint. The farm is also known for its transparency and honesty with its client base a factor that has seen it grow tremendously within the short span that it has been around. Additionally, the company strives to produce 100% organic products thus taking those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle a step closer to their goals. Besides saffron and mint, Milan farms is also one of the leading producers of quality poultry and its products in California.


The OSI Group Took Otto’s Meats and Super-Sized it For the World

When Otto Kolschowsky, looking to make a living for his family decided to turn back to his roots, taking up the trade of butcher that had been part of his family’s heritage for more than 2 centuries, he didn’t know that he would be starting something that would quite literally change the world. He didn’t know that he would be laying the foundation of a company that would not only grow well beyond the reach of the small German immigrant neighborhood known as Oak Park, on Chicago’s west side, and would one day, along with the worlds leading fast-food retailer, bring about a revolution to the meat packing industry that would forever alter protein manufacturing as the world knew it. He didn’t think about any of that, he just wanted to earn a buck and live the America dream. Otto started Otto’s meats in a small corner shop on the west side and word spread quickly about his fair business practices and exceptional quality. Soon he found himself with more customers than he could handle, and a lot of those customers were chefs and managers of the top-rated hotels and restaurants in the city. Rather than sacrifice quality to keep up, he knew that he needed to expand, and the first incarnation of what would later become the OSI Group was formed Otto Kolschowsky’s Meat Company.

The new business model included a wholesale division that delivered to those hotels and restaurants the proteins that they needed to provide the exceptional meals they wanted to serve to their customers. It didn’t take long for even more attention to be drawn to Otto and his incredible meats. A Further expansion, which includes his two sons led to the formation of Otto & Sons Meat. Times were good, but unbeknown to Kolschowsky’s, they were about to get a lot better. Elsewhere in the country, in fact, it seemed everywhere in the country, a new thing was all the rage, the fast food joint. Drive-in diners were especially popular with teenagers and one brand, in particular, had taken to the concept of franchization and was spreading like wildfire from coast to coast. McDonald’s was the place to be for every teenager after school, and even their parents had started to love the burgers, fries, shakes, and malts that were being served under the golden arches. As McDonald’s continued to expand, they found themselves in need of more local protein providers in each market, and in the upper Midwest, they knew that they only had one name that should be at the top of their list, and that name was Otto & Sons. The partnership of McDonald’s and Otto & Sons was a match made in heaven.

It didn’t take long for the high quality, rapid delivery, and excellent customer care that Otto & Sons had always had with every customer to win over the management of McDonald’s and as McDonald’s grew more and more so did their relationship with Otto & Sons. One more rebranding was on the horizons, and Otto & Sons emerged as the leader in restaurant supply chain protein sourcing, as the OSI Group. Today the OSI Group, more than a century after the first pound of ground chuck was sold by Otto in that little shop in Oak Park, Chicago, is the global leader in protein sourcing for food distribution outlets on every inhabited continent. With more than 20,000 direct employees and even more in their own upstream supply chain, the company operates 65 facilities in 17 countries. Provides over 200 individual protein products, including being the top innovator and provider of alternative proteins for markets such as India, the Middle East, and Israel, the OSI Group has positioned itself as an unbeatable force in the foodservice landscape. Yes, Otto may not have realized what it was that he was starting, but for everyone who loves to sit down with a Big Mac, fries, and a shake, and just enjoy the taste of a true classic, we are sure glad he started it.

Internet Of Things In The Airline Industry By Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Scottsdale with a keen interest in technology and invests widely in it. Jason Hope acquired his bachelor degree in finance from Arizona State University as well as a Master’s in Business Administration from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason has a company in mobile communications and mentors high school students as part of his philanthropic activities.

According to Jason Hope, the internet of things will soon revolutionize the airline industry. The internet of things refers to the ability of objects to communicate through a wireless connection. The objects communicate through a beacon that gathers and transmits information and can be as simple as a sticker. The internet of things is helping in various aspects of the airline industry as described by the futurist.

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Safety is one of the areas where internet of things is contributing within the airline industry. All parts of a plane are connected to a wireless network that collects real-time data. Beacons track the schedule of maintenance and relay information to the ground staff in case there is an issue. They also monitor the status of life jackets hence giving passengers on board peace of mind.

Another aspect that has improved in the airline industry due to the internet of things is customer service according to Majority of airlines are issuing boarding passes through email making the process seamless as the passengers do not have to log into their websites. Beacons shall provide direction to passengers in case they are lost in the airport and the estimated walk time to get to one’s destination. They will also give guidance on where to find essential things like trolleys, wheelchairs, and restaurants where a passenger can take a rest while waiting for a flight that has delayed.

As part of his philanthropic activities, Jason Hope supports the SENS Foundation. The foundation helps people live longer by slowing down the aging process as well as researching on age-related diseases. The foundation uses biotechnology to study new methods of preventing diseases as opposed to treating diseases. SENS Foundation was founded in 2009 with a mission of changing the way the world tackles age-related illnesses and research more on them.


Disgraced Former CEO Rick Scott Faces Allegations Of Fraud From End Citizens United

End Citizens United has been working diligently since 2015 to encourage reform when it comes to campaign financing. Big Money has always been influential in politics, but in recent years the problem has been becoming worse according to End Citizens United and citizens are not being kept informed about where the funding is coming from.

They were created after a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court that allowed Citizens United to not have to reveal the sources that funded their controversial film based on Hillary Clinton. They believe that political power is tipped to favor Big Money 20 and the organizations that provide it to politics instead of the citizens of the United States.

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The decision by the Supreme Court allowed so-called “Super PAC’s” to collect as much money as they can without disclosing their sources. They believe that politician and former CEO of Columbia/HCA Rick Scott is using these loopholes to fund his own campaign for a seat in the Senate. While super PAC’s are not illegal, it is illegal for a PAC to fund any individual politician’s campaign. The PAC in question is known as the New Republican PAC, which Rick Scott happened to hold the position of Chairman before his campaign. End Citizens United alleges that Rick Scott did not break ties from the New Republican PAC when his campaign began. In fact, their website still listed him as their Chairman in early 2018 despite his insistence that he no longer served in the position.

When Rick Scott help the position of CEO at Columbia/HCA, the company was fined $1.7 billion due to fraudulent practices involving the billing of Medicare. While Rick Scott resigned from the company after being disgraced, he himself was able to avoid personal charges by invoking his rights according to the Fifth Amendment. The Florida governor is being closely watched by End Citizens United who has released documentation supporting their claims of illegal campaign financing. With his past history involving fraudulent activity, they do not believe it is very far-fetched that Rick Scott would be skirting the law in order to achieve his political goals.


Chris Burch Invests In A Resort, An Island, and Its People With Nihi Sumba

 Nihi Sumba or Nihiwatu is a luxury hotel and resort on a remote island in Indonesia. In 2012 Chris Burch, branding wiz kid, and James McBride, international hotelier, purchased the hostel. Subsequently, the two spent $30 million in renovations and opened it in 2015 as a 5-star retreat. Chris Burch cites he bought the property for his children in hopes to conserve the island’s beauty and help the community as it’s the largest employer on the island. Burch and McBride has also assisted the Sumba Foundation, an organization which helps fund local initiatives, with a portion of the profits from the resort.

Travel & Leisure took notice and voted the resort the best hotel for two years consecutively in 2016 and 2017. Nihi Sumba features amenities like no other such as a butler to each room and a waterfall that doubles as a spa. Nihi Sumba’s attributes include two-story tree houses, 27 private villas, and the main house with four additional villas, each with a private pool. Entertainment abounds with an indoor-outdoor clubhouse which overlooks the Indian Ocean.

There is quite the story behind the Nihi Sumba Island that started with its ancestors called the Marapu. The Marapu settled on the island centuries ago. Their heritage remains a driving force. Nihiwatu means mortar stone named for the rock configuration that sits along the coast. Petra and Claude Graves gave the island its name when they came in 1988 searching for phenomenal waves. Burch kept hearing stories regarding the islands unfettered beauty. Nihiwatu Resort prides itself on being a sustainable operation and in balance with the environment, refers to (

Chris Burch has been a mogul across many industry sectors and is the founder of Burch Creative Capital brands that Burch contributed to involve but are not limited to Tory Burch, Voss Water, Jawbone, and Poppin. His affluence came in 1976 as an undergraduate of Ithica College. He and his brother invested the sum of $2,000 to launch Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The venture grew into a company worth $165 million. They then sold the business to the Swire Group. Burch continued to parlay his consumer intuition into domestic and international real estate success. In 2014, Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to launch ED, her lifestyle brand, and many other ventures, find out more on

Is Financial Coaching the Right Move for Your Family?

As Australians are taking a more proactive approach to their financial health and working harder than ever to pay off their debts and live within their means, many are finding that working with a long-term financial coaching service is quite helpful. After taking a look at Infinity Group Australia reviews it becomes clear that many people are benefiting from such services and are making great progress toward living debt-free and paying down their mortgages at an accelerated rate. There are many different reasons to sign up with a financial guidance firm, with accountability being one of the most commonly cited benefits.


Similar to a personal trainer, a financial coach will be working with you quite closely to ensure that you are making the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and spending habits. Once you begin the process it is easier to stay the course when you know that there is someone working with you to lend their support and guidance. Monthly financial statements are helpful in tracking expenses and measuring your improved progress. There is also a certain amount of embarrassment involved when you have to explain to another person why you are not following your budget and your spending is still out of control. Tracking one’s expenses is the single most effective way to bring them into line. Seeing the expenditures on the page in front of you, with the clear amount of waste and irresponsibility before you in black and white. Somehow it becomes easier to cut down on those lattes when you see the bigger picture on how much they are really costing you, and how much more effectively you can put your money to work.


Yes, there are some difficult choices to be made when you begin your quest for financial freedom, but the payoff more than outweighs the sacrifice. Knowing that if you drink your coffee at home or in the office, and no longer eat out during the week will help you to pay your mortgage off more quickly, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all. Understanding the long-term results will make a difference.


If you have pledged to yourself that now is the time to start taking a more serious approach to your financial life, a coach may be just what you need to guide you through the process. We all have our weak spots and temptations, and having the skill and guidance of financial professionals guiding your way, the journey can become much more streamlined and relatively painless. Take another look at Infinity Group Australia reviews to find out more how this firm can help you to attain better financial health, and ultimately, financial freedom. Today is the perfect day to begin your journey!


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Randal Nardone: The Money Man

While his popularity has not yet made him a household name, very few people within the global financial industry are unaware of who is Randal Nardone. Randal Nardone is a 51-year-old New York based investment specialist who is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. Randal’s path to the finance sector is quite unorthodox.

He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts/Science undergraduate. He followed up with a postgraduate doctor of jurisprudence from Boston University. As a trained lawyer, his first high profile job was as an executive in the prestigious law firm Thatcher, Proffitt and Wood.

By all indications, Randal was a brilliant lawyer who was on the path to being made partner within a few years. But he found out that his real passion was in the world of finance. This led him to quit his prestigious job as a lawyer and joining the investment management firm, Blackrock. He eventually became one of the principals at Blackrock before leaving to join UBS as a Managing Director.

Despite no formal financial training, Randal Nardone immediately stood out as having a good nose for profitable investment options. In 1998, together with Wes Edens and Rob Kaufman, he co-founded the Fortress Investment Group. While Edens and Kaufman had been distinguished financiers in their own right, Nardone was immediately identified as the main leader, taking on the CEO position within Fortress Investment Group. This is a position that he held until the sale of Fortress to the Japanese Conglomerate, Softbank.

While a lawyer making it big in the financial world is not such an oddity, Randal Nardone distinguishes himself as being one of the driving forces behind Fortress Investment Group’s unorthodox investment strategy. The firm chose to focus on alternative investments, rather than have a one dimensional focus on the capital markets. This has been the reason for the The fact that Softbank kept Nardone on as a principal after their acquisition of Fortress Investment Group is a testament to the importance of his role as the driver of profitability with Fortress. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO