Brazilian Neuroscientist Brilliant Businessman Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he earned a degree in Neurology in 1994, then later went on to complete his residency at the same medical school in 1997. He also received a degree in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paulo. After his initial training in the medical field, he became the founder of a diagnostics lab back in 1977. He later sold the lab in 2010 and turned it into one of the biggest networks of independent hospitals in Brazil. The new company was named the Rede D’Or Institute for Research and Education, and its focus is on cognitive and behavioral neuroscience (Crunchbase).

Through his institute, Jorge Moll studies psychological disorders such as ADHD with an interest in how nerve and brain mechanisms that are responsible for the choices people make, and for who they prefer to interact with socially, are influenced by their morality and beliefs and altered by their experience and cultural background. There are more than 5000 beds in the 35 hospitals in his company’s system, and the experienced neurologist not only contributes to the research that is conducted within the network, but he is also a motivational speaker and debate moderator whose writings on the study of brain functions have been features in several medical publications.

The Brazilian businessman is a board member of many organizations that pertain to his field of study, including The Brazilian Academy of Sciences, The Organization for Human Brain Mapping, The Society for Neuroscience and The International Neuroethics Society, where Jorge Moll was elected to sit on the governor’s board between 2012 to 2013. In addition to this, Jorge Moll is the Associate Editor of a publication called Understanding Neuroscience (


Malcolm CasSelle: A Key Leader In The Digital Technology Industry

Malcolm CasSelle is an example of an individual who realized his potential and capitalized on it. He originally went to the Massachusetts Institute of technology where he was able to receive a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later went to Stanford University where he completed the requirements for his Master’s degree in computer science as well.

Macolm Casselle

Over the last several years he has had the opportunity to serve in several key leadership positions for a number of different digital technology companies. For example, he was serving as the chief executive officer for Timeline Labs, a company who allowed other businesses to discover and display engaging content utilizing social signaling, whenever Seachange International acquired timeline Labs. After the acquisition of Timeline Labs by Seachange International he was immediately transitioned to serve as the senior vice president of the digital media division for the new corporation.

In addition to his roles as the leader for several digital technology companies, he has also played a key part in the successful launching of several startups in the digital technology industry. For example, he was able to help the successful launching of a social network with a membership of 22 million individuals that catered to gamers which is known as Xfire. Thanks to the help of Malcolm CasSelle the corporation was able to become one of the world’s leading gaming social media platforms.

Malcolm CasSelle has also had a history of the successful venture capitalist. Due to his insider knowledge of the industry, he recognized the opportunity that companies such as Facebook and Zynga presented at a point in time where they were not nearly as large as they are today and invested in them.

Now he is hoping to help change the virtual asset trading community by launching his own cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle realizes the implications of a decentralized technology and how they can help to eliminate several key issues that have been a part of the virtual asset trading community if they are implemented correctly. He has launched a new company known as Worldwide Asset Exchange that will act as a decentralized marketplace for online gamers.


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Richard Dwayne Blair: Steps To Choosing A Reputable Investment Firm

Are you looking for a professional to help you invest wisely? Want to get expert assistance in starting or diversifying your investment portfolio? If you want to hire the services of a reputable investment firm or professional that can help you achieve your goals, you need to check out Richard Dwayne Blair.

Investing is not something to be handled without a good understanding of what works. There are may professionals and firms that offer financial planning and investment advice to both beginners and veteran investors. It is always advisable to turn to someone who has great expertise in the field and is passionate about helping others become successful.

Investing creates wealth, and having a good advisor by your side will improve your chances of reaching your goal. Investing in stocks and other securities has helped many people achieve their financial dreams and secure their future.

Many people don’t know the steps to choosing a good investment vehicle or how to go about investing, and that leaves them frustrated and discouraged. You’ll want to be sure you’re dealing with a reputable and experienced investment professional.

It takes some efforts and expertise on the part of the investment advisor to help a client understand the process and put him on the right path to investment success.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a reliable investment advisor and owner of a prominent investment firm. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is well recognized in the industry and has the resources to meet your needs.

Based in Austin, Texas, Richard Dwayne Blair provides investment advice and financial planning to numerous clients in many areas. He can provide you with the top notch advice you need to achieve great success. He will want to gather account statements and review your financial situation before making recommendations.

Richard Dwayne Blair will work with you to understand your specialized investment needs. He will take the time to assess your financial situation and customize solutions for you. He has the expertise and experience to design investment portfolio that matches your needs and expectations.


NewsWatch TV Reviews and their Influence on Companies

According to a NewsWatch product review, for the company Contour Design and Ergonomic Workstations, the company used to market products online and on television to increase familiarity with brand, and achieve high profits for innovative products. Their target market is U.S. employees and their employers, with a purpose to make the work environments healthier.

Upon launching their campaign, Contour Design, whose slogan is “Where performance meets comfort”, achieved successful results. The most popular product was the “Ultimate Workstation Series”. Newswatch TV collaborated with the company to release a review segment on their popular product. Additionally, the review was seen in over 200 markets, 700K online impressions, and 95 million households.

The most popular product from the series is the Roller Mouse Red 3, which is a keyboard attachment that features a digiital roller back, allowing a user to use sensor for fingertips insead of a traditional mouse. It is also completely wireless, which makes it a convinient and innovative products.

As a new product review company, NewsWatch TV, is a part of a large network of clients, from Fortune 500 Companies to independent and small businesses to non-profits. They have helped their clients achieve real results, and believe it is a process worth many efforts. Some testimonials for the company have described the company’s results as tremendous, exceptional, and just what their audiences wanted to hear. The company has 3 hosts that have more than 20 years of experience, in addition to a crew of reporters. The company also has a large distribution network to provide extra exposure, as well as work with leading video production experts.


Academy of Art University: The Home of Exceptional Artists

Academy of Art University’s graduate, Daniel Arriaga, was featured among those that were honored in the entertainment industry for the best movies of the year, Coco. This sung hero was honored for his tireless and commendable work on the award-winning animated film called Coco. This is an animated film of the journey of a boy through the land of the dead. It is a tale of the Mexican folklore that took the movie hype due to proper articulation of the art. Daniel Arriaga, alumni of Academy of Art University, was the senior director at Pixar that took the film so dear to him. It describes the culture of this alumni, and he discussed the significance of ensuring that the originality of culture is maintained. He is very talented and had animators that were able to create a visual and beautiful story that touched the minds and hearts of everyone. This contributed to their Oscar win. The film, Coco, won an Oscar award for being the Best Original Song. Daniel says that to come up with the film and to see its success took him quite some time through hard work, great effort, and determination.

Richard S. Stephens established Academy of Art University in 1929. Since then, this great place continues to transform students who are passionate to become professional in artistry and designing. Richard believed that the artists who are aspiring to grow professionally would achieve their goals with right instructions, hard work, and the dedication to learn the skills. Academy of Art University has great innovations in the faculty of industry professionals, arts, and curriculum studies. They have been able to produce excellent and qualified candidates that get hired at renowned institutions and companies like Apple, Pixar, EA, Zynga, Nike and many more.

The school, Academy of Art University, is working hard to become well versed with new and trending technologies in the specific artist industry. Currently, Academy of Art University has a grown number of students up to 18,000 in the nation. Some of the specific majoring courses include Acting, Animation & Visual Effects, Advertising, Art Education, Architecture, Illustration, Industrial Design, Jewelry & Metal Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design & New Media, Visual Development, and Multimedia Communication among others.

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José Auriemo Neto and His Success with JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is a professional businessman who has worked diligently on the JHSF project, which involves itself with real estate property and assets. They work primarily with larger corporations such as mini malls and airports. Because of the success of JHSF, many people are wondering about its CEO and chairman known as José Auriemo Neto. José Auriemo Neto has been working with the company since 2003 and has seen to it that many of the interior and exterior projects are getting done correctly and with much gusto.

Because of the work that José Auriemo Neto has done for the company, it is no wonder that so many people are choosing JHSF for all of their real estate needs. If this is something you feel you can benefit from yourself, it is time for you to check out their website so that you can learn more about its history as well as its CEO, José Auriemo Neto. José Auriemo Neto has years of experience when it concerns real estate, so it’s a company that truly works to get you the specific needs that you require.

There are lots of professionals out there who are dedicated to helping their customers, but one of Brazil’s finest is known as José Auriemo Neto. He is the CEO of the JHSF company and has worked a lot on the varying projects that this particular company has had for themselves. If you feel it is time for you to make use of a good company and professional who is going to be able to help you realize your true potential, it is time for you to learn more about José Auriemo Neto and hire him for his services because of all that he is going to be able to do for you and for your company.

Enhanced Athlete Promotes High Quality Nutritional Products

Athletes who take their health into serious consideration must not sacrifice their overall health for trending nutritional and health products. However, this might be quite impossible since the market is already permeated with nutritional products that have been progressively advertised and promoted. Most of the said products give out promises that are not true, and come in the same packaging with almost the same prices. So, in this instance athletes will not be able to tell the difference if the health products they are taking have been tried and tested.

The above issue does not really pose as a major problem for health advocates since there are companies like Enhanced Athlete who make sure that their health products are safe and have high quality standards.

Enhanced Athlete and its sister companies (Maximum Human Performance, Universal Nutrition, Nutrex Research, Gaspari Nutrition, and Prosource Performance Products) continuously strive to see that their products maintain its high quality standards. The company engages in comprehensive researches before manufacturing its products and only utilize ingredients that went through the correct clinical studies. This shows that Enhanced Athlete does not ride the trend of the market to promote its products, since it is concern about the overall results of enhancing the athlete’s strength and muscle.

Enhanced Athlete is co-founded by Charles Hughes Anthony and Scott Cavell Edward. Recently the company became entangled in a lawsuit with Nutrition Distribution, a company engaged in the distribution and sales of nutritional goods and products. In the lawsuit, Nutritional Distribution claimed that it lost some sales because Enhanced Athlete made some false promotions of its health products.

Enhanced Athlete revealed that Nutrition Distribution’s aggravating method to coerce other nutritional marketing companies is to primarily file a lawsuit, and then sends out letters demanding reimbursements or payments, which the other companies opt to pay instead because they do not like the hassle of going through the legalities. To date Nutrition Distribution has filed 70 lawsuits that are underway.

EA was able to show substantial proof about the said letters and how Nutrition Distribution takes advantage of the alleged culpabilities of its competitors. Enhanced Athlete went on to state that Nutrition Distribution was not able to present any considerable evidence about how its sales were affected by any false presentations done by Enhanced Athlete.

Further, the legal counsel for Enhanced Athlete said that their client will not pay any sum of money to Nutrition Distribution so the case can be settled out of court, which is what Nutrition Distribution expects to transpire.

Hussain Sajwani Investing in Real Estate

DAMAC Properties is a large real estate company located in Dubai. Over the past few years, DAMAC Properties has expanded. The company now offers various projects and services for customers to utilize. Hussain Sajwani is the CEO of the company. During his time as CEO, Hussain Sajwani has made multiple changes to improve profits.

Hussain Sajwani started the company at a young age. Although he was working in the real estate industry, he was not passionate about his career. He wanted to start a company to have more control over his future. The Hussain Sajwani family spends a lot of time and money with various charities. They firmly believe in using their wealth to help people in Dubai.

Economic Growth in Dubai

Dubai is a city that has grown extensively over the past few years. Many people want to move to the area due to the fabulous amenities offered in the city. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Facebook and Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

Not only is crime low, but the housing market is increasing in value. Some people struggle to find a home that is available to purchase.

Hussain Sajwani struggles to build enough homes every year. He focuses on luxury homes, and the process to construct a luxury home is much more thorough than a traditional house. As the DAMAC owner, he wants to improve the process of building homes to increase sales.

Helping Others

Hussain Sajwani enjoys helping young kids in the Dubai area. He believes that all children should have necessary resources. Some children go to bed hungry each night. Hussain Sajwani works with other business leaders in Dubai to help people get out of poverty.

Although he has been successful at DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is excited about the future. He plans to continue improving the company as much as possible with innovation in various areas.

Adam Milstein and Attentive Philanthropic Work

Adam Milstein is part of the Times of Israel team. He’s a blogger for the well-known website. He writes articles that cover many different topics for it. Milstein not too long ago penned a piece that discussed suitable present choices for youngsters. He thinks that pride is a suitable present option. Milstein wants people who are of the Jewish faith to comprehend their cultural backgrounds well. He want them to revel in them, too. Other smart present options Milstein backs are enthusiasm, persistence, strength, imagination and knowledge. There are more as well.

Adam Milstein is the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation’s effective co-founder. This is a group that endorses entities that care about Israel. It endorses the American Jewish Committee, the American Israel Education Foundation and the Israeli-American Council. It even endorses quite a few others.

This individual is 100 percent eager about concentrating on causes that are close to him. He also has an eagerness that relates to his career. He’s a Hager Pacific Properties manager. He supervises the company’s activities that involve property management, disposition and financing. Adam Milstein resides in the United States right now. His life, however, began overseas in Israel. He was part of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) as the Yom Kippur War was going on. He’s a Technion alumnus who left at the end of the seventies. Adam Milstein got to the United States in the early eighties. That’s when he took it upon himself to continue his higher education. He attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California and received an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree there.

Philanthropy is one of Adam Milstein’s favorite things in life. He has many leadership roles that relate to philanthropy and doing positive work for other people. His philanthropic efforts zero in on making the people of the Jewish world significantly more powerful. He aims to give Israel as a place more power as well.

Adam Milstein is married to Gila, his foundation’s other head. They reside in Encino in California and have three kids together. They even have three wonderful grandkids.

Waiakea: Water and Conservation

Making sure that the world we live in is clean is imperative to our survival. What we do with the planet will impact what the next generation has to deal with. We are all connected eventually, and we should do our best to take care of the planet. This is even more true these days as we are more aware of the pollution and the risks that we face. Waiakea is a company that is doing this.

Waiakea is a company that sells bottled water. Though many companies these days sell bottled water they are very different because of two important factors. The first being the process through which they obtain their water. Waiakea isn’t filtered in a normal way. The water that they collect comes from the beautiful Hawaii. In fact, the name Waiakea is Hawaiian for “broad waters”. The water they sell is from a volcano called Mauna Loa. The water runs through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock that is as we know very hot. This is very natural and safe, and it is what separates their company from other water companies.

Speaking of safe and natural Waiakea is not only providing safe drinking water but they are trying their best to conserve resources and to keep the world clean. Plastic bottles are known for being very hazardous to the natural environment and in recent years we have discovered that over eight million plastic bottles are dumped into the ocean annually. Waiakea is fighting this by creating the first degradable water bottle that can be recycled. This revolutionary technology will vastly decrease the plastic bottle pollution that we suffer from. Additionally, the vehicles that they use to move their products have low-emissions and the company has been certified Carbon Neutral. This company also takes on charitable traits as they donate a week’s supply of clean water to Malawi for every liter of water they sell.

Waiakea understands that we need to save the planet. They have taken many steps to create a better tomorrow for the entire world. They are not just a company but an example for which all people and companies can look to understand what we need to sustain the environment.