Lime Crime Creates A Sensation On Riverdale With Their Red Velvet Lipstick

Many people are familiar with the gorgeous red lipstick Cherry Blossom is always wearing on Riverdale. She makes the look festive, stylish and smart. After all, she is always wearing red from her head to her toes. There are her sensational, glamorous red curls, her flawless rouge and her bright red wardrobe. Her look is incredibly well put together, but the crowning glory is her signature red lipstick. Most Christmas party looks are put to shame by Cherry Blossom.

Fortunately, the people at Riverdale are not good at keeping a secret. This includes the fabulous lipstick Madelaine Petsch has always used for her iconic and classic Blossom red kiss. Her lipstick is not only affordable, and the perfect representation of the high life but it is a product of Lime Crime. Lime Crime has built a reputation for fabulous, bright and original colors, so it should come as no surprise the signature red lipstick is their Red Velvet.

Red Velvet is a part of Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine collection. The inspiration for the color comes from luscious red roses, it is vanilla scented, richly pigmented and absolutely sensational. The lipstick is kiss proof, touch proof and addictive. This is the perfect match to the character played so well by Cheryl.

Madelaine admitted to Teen Vogue she has become obsessed with Lime Crime because their products do not rub off. The liquid matte formula is only one of the amazing products offered by Lime Crime, and the products are the reason the company has become so popular and successful. Madelaine also admitted when she is presented with a steamy scene featuring a kiss that must leave a tell-all trace, she has yet another secret. She uses Nivea Chapstick to add another layer on top. This provides her with a glossier and slicker finish.

Those individuals who do not already have a makeup bag filled with decadent Lime Crime products soon will. There are a lot of makeup products that make people look good, but Lime Crime makes people look amazing, feel fantastic, and keep coming back for more. The vivid colors are a major hit.

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