Talk Space vs. Traditional Therapy for Emotional Issues

When we need to talk with a therapist having to wait for an appointment that health insurance may not pay for, traveling to the therapist’s office, and then sitting around waiting to be seen may deter us from seeking the help we need. Through apps like Talkspace immediate access to a therapist is available.

Talkspace offers three subscription plans. One texting session daily for $128 monthly, two sessions a day for $156 a month or for an additional $40 a month two daily texting sessions and a 30-minute video chat with a therapist once a month.

There are potential drawbacks to online therapy services. When in the same room with a patient a therapist can pick-up on facial expressions and body language that can provide greater insight into the patient’s emotional state. It is, however, possible that that the lag time created by texting affords therapist and patient additional time to contemplate what the other is saying.

Some people assume that services like Talkspace are a short-cut to recovery. Just because it takes place in a computer online therapy is not a quick-fix.

When you first become a Talkspace user you will be asked questions to help the service match you with a therapist who is the best fit for your needs. Once a match is made the therapist will contact you with more questions about yourself and a form to complete. The sooner you respond to these texts the sooner your sessions can begin.

The anonymity that Talkspace offers attract people who would not normally seek counseling. The majority of Talkspace clients report finding the service more effective than traditional therapy. The service offers access to 1,500 plus carefully screened therapists. Therapy sessions on Talkspace save the client 80% of the cost of a visit to a therapist’s office.

Sahm Adrangi – Business Ownership and Business Research

Business owner Mr. Sahm Adrangi is the founder and chief investment officer (CIO) of his business Kerrisdale Capital Managment which was created back in 2009. Kerrisdale Capital Management was launched with less than a million dollars, but today it is managing more than $150 million.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi aims to contribute to the business and financial sectors with his writing as well as through his company and its research. The Kerrisdale Capital Management does research that has the goal of correcting the broad misconceptions about companies working with stock options.

His name first emerged on the horizon in 2010 and 2011 when Mr. Sahm Adrangi exposed a number of businesses for fraudulent behavior. He was recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission. After that, Mr. Sahm Adrangi has been hard at work taking his company further and closer to success.

The company has a strong focus on a few sector although it participates in research in a large number of businesses and industries. Kerrisdale aims to establish itself as an expert in those few industries. One of these areas has been the biotech sector which holds a lot of promise for the future. The Kerrisdale Capital Management supports a wide number of businesses working in the industry. The other fields are the mining sector as well as the telecommunication sector.

Kerrisdale Capital Managment support some businesses in these three sectors, but it also shares reports and research that are skeptical or critical of other companies as Kerrisdale aims to bring attention to businesses whose theories and plans for the future are not as stable as they make them out to be and have some hidden cracks.

The founder Mr. Adrangi has been showing his investment in a number of projects. In 2013 Mr. Adrangi partnered up with the Lindsay Corporation Management in order to help the company optimize its capital allocation and cash deployment policies. His education Mr. Sahm Adrangi achieved from the esteemed Yale University. Mr. Sahm Adrangi majored with a bachelor’s in economics. After that, he proceeded to his career in business and started working for hedge funds and banks.