Richard Mishan Designs Defy Time, Age, and Normal

Richard Mishaan Design is home to exquisite interiors and design. The New York based firm is a global leader in the industry. Richard Mishaan Design uses personalized design to create elegant and iconic pieces.

The firm’s portfolio consists of big names in the hotel and tourism industry, property developers, individual home owners and other business. Their most notable project is the Trump World Towers. The design power house attracts those who are bold and have a rich taste in style. Over the last 25 years, Richard Mishaan Designs has consistently created top notch pieces that synchronize texture and tone. Richard Mishaan Designs has featured on Elle Décor A list and AD Décor.

Richard Mishaan draws his inspiration from specific situations and needs. Mishaan endeavors to meet customer specific requirements. His work is distinguished based on class and quality and reflects a mix of lifestyles. He blends old and new styles to create unique and elegant finishes. Colombia, Mishaan’s birth country continues to inspire his designs to date. He has also spent some time in Italy. Richard Mishaan is an alumnus of New York University and Columbia University School of Architecture.

As an apprentice at a New York firm, Mishaan honed his skills in fashion, interior design, and architecture. Twenty-seven years later, Mishaan is one of the most sought-after fashion designers. He is creative, detail orientated, bold, confident and passionate.

Unlike most designers, each of his piece tells a unique tale. He fuses exotic pieces including African tribal and neoclassical finishes and modern pieces effortlessly. Mishaan prefers layered and heritage abundant interiors. He actively collects pieces and boldly uses color. He successfully renovated and redesigned a UNESCO World Heritage site residence given the limitations on its preservation and maintenance of the building. Mishaan is an avid traveler and has penned two books Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.

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