Livio Bisterzo’s New Partnership With Leonardo DiCaprio Is Expected To Generate A Lot Of Publicity For Hippeas

     We can no longer say the name Livio Bisterzo without mentioning his brand of healthy snacks. When he released the Hippeas Brand of chickpeas puff snacks, many could not imagine the meals could become an overnight sensation and in return make a lot of money for Livio Bisterzo. The snack is a healthier alternative to conventional snacks given the healthy benefits that chickpeas pack as legumes.

Many investors have seen the growth potential of the snack and have jumped into the Hippeas gravy train. One of the hawk-eyed investors who has pumped their cash into the Green Park Brands company is renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo has contributed an undisclosed amount to help the company establish a distribution mechanism and manufacturing capacity in different destinations on the globe.

Hippeas chickpeas puff snacks are already famous in the UK and US markets. With an appealing package that incorporates the subtleness and brightness of the yellow color, the meals have become a fad to most shoppers.

Hippeas’ snacks are a favorite among many people because they come in wide range of flavors. This range in flavors enables each customer to find their preference. This strategy has become one of the strengths of the brand.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s affiliation with the brand goes a long way in demonstrating the potential of the brand. Leonardo made his investment through his partner Strand Equity, and he remains confident that Hippeas is bound to experience even more growth.

In recent interviews with various media houses, Livio Bisterzo has always attributed the success of Hippeas brand of snacks to the commitment of his partners and him. According to Livio, the right partners enable one to remain on course. They also help in coming up with new ideas that can shape the growth of the company.

With more people adopting a vegan lifestyle, businesses that deliver green products are expected to increase their revenues. The variety of snack flavors at Hippeas has contributed immensely to the growth of the brand.

With the new relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Livio Bisterzo, we can expect Hippeas to attract even more publicity, opening the brand to bigger markets.

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