Cancer is a disease that has been recognized as the leading cause of death regarding diseases in the world. Many have died because they do not have the required medication for the condition.The cost of treatment is high and as many such people do not have the money to go for specialized treatment so that they can curb the disease.


The main reason is that the doctors that can treat cancer are few as well as the resources for cancer treatment. However, the disease is now affecting many people around the world hence the need for scholars to conduct thorough research so as to come with innovative ways of controlling the disease.


The disease has mainly been attributed to the change in lifestyle in today’s living. Therefore, centers have cropped up which are geared towards ensuring that there is the development of a drug that can combat cancer.


There are those that have also developed interests regarding cancer research, and they have decided to work as professional scientific researchers. One of the well-renowned of the researchers is Clay Siegall who is a biotechnologist and a researcher. He is known for contributing significantly in the field of research so as to curb cancer and help cancer patients to survive.


Clay Siegal is also credited as the founder of Seattle Genetics which has had great contributions towards helping cancer patients. He is also a scientist who has enormous experience which has helped him to contribute regarding the development of the sector.


The biotechnologist has in the past contributed to the elaboration of a drug known as antibody-drug conjugates. It is a cancer drug that is used to introduce antibodies during the process of therapy so as to fight the disease. Clay Siegall has, therefore, come with a way that has proved essential concerning the minimizing of the effects of cancer to patients.


It is because of experience and real leadership that Clay Siegall has been able to shape the field of research. He is the head of the board of the company, and as such he has contributed significantly to the development of other undertakings that have dedicated their time to carry out research on cancer.



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